Economic Daily’s re comment on ant group’s second interview: strengthening the “fence” of financial technology development system


On December 26, the financial management department jointly interviewed ant group, pointed out the major problems existing in the operation of the group, proposed rectification requirements for key business areas, urged and guided it to implement financial supervision, fair competition and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in accordance with the principles of marketization and legalization, and further standardized the operation and development of financial business.
The interview is a concrete measure to implement the spirit of the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the central economic work conference. It shows that while adhering to the “two unswervingly” principle and supporting the development of private enterprises, the financial management department will further regulate the development of emerging financial businesses, guard against financial risks, and maintain fair competition and financial market order.
Since its establishment, ant group has played an innovative role in the development of financial technology, the improvement of financial service efficiency and the universality. However, with the rapid development of enterprises, the problems of fuzzy financial business attributes, regulatory arbitrage, amplifying cross financial risks, and damaging the legitimate rights and interests of consumers have become increasingly prominent. Starting from the overall situation of the country’s development, it is time for the financial management departments to set up rules and regulations in time, strengthen supervision, and tighten the institutional “fence” for the development of financial technology.
The development of emerging financial technology companies is inseparable from the era of reform and opening up. They benefit from China, the world’s largest market, the continuous improvement of financial infrastructure and the prudential and inclusive regulatory environment. Ant group, as an enterprise with great influence in the field of financial technology and platform economy, especially needs to consciously abide by national laws and regulations, benchmarking regulatory requirements, take the initiative to make rectification, return to the origin of serving the real economy and the people, integrate enterprise development into the overall situation of national development, and earnestly undertake corporate social responsibility.
Financial technology and Internet platform companies are new things, with rapid innovation and evolution and many new features. Therefore, it is necessary for financial management departments to strengthen international regulatory exchanges and cooperation. At present, ant group and other Chinese financial technology enterprises have gone abroad and played an important role in the process of opening the “door” of financial opening. Through interviews and other ways to strengthen supervision, enterprises can better establish the compliance awareness of strictly abiding by the requirements of financial supervision, the market awareness of maintaining a fair competition environment, and the service awareness of taking the protection of consumers’ rights and interests as the core. In the continuous standardized operation, enterprises can integrate with international supervision, enhance international competitiveness, and contribute to the formation of a new development pattern.