Tesla updates Boombox function: your Tesla can finally “fart” to scare people


According to reports, Tesla’s latest Christmas update will finally allow people to use the new Boombox mode. This mode can broadcast custom music outside the car. Like Tesla’s new features in the past, Boombox has both practicality and a low-key sense of humor: car owners can imitate farting and goat barking instead of the normal and boring car horn.
Boombox mode is a part of Tesla’s firmware 2020.48.26 update and a new feature that Tesla fans are looking forward to. Under the new mode, Tesla owners can choose several sounds through the toybox part to replace the normal horn sound, such as goat cry, applause, a small “Tada” sound, shouting, and of course farting.
Although Tesla owners have been able to create “fart” audio in the car before, Boombox mode can effectively allow the owners of new models to use the built-in speakers to make sounds to people who have no idea outside the car. Tesla cars manufactured after September 1, 2019 all have built-in speakers. According to reports, Tesla to add built-in speakers to the vehicle is a requirement of the national highway traffic safety administration. The agency “requires silent electric vehicles to produce some sound to remind pedestrians around.”. Here are some functional details of the Boombox mode:
“Turn your car into a built-in speaker and use a media player to entertain pedestrians when parking. You can also customize your car horn. Choose an option from the drop-down menu, or plug in your USB device and save up to five custom sounds. ”
Farting is not just a substitute for trumpeting. The update of Tesla’s “emission test mode” means that your car can fart at any time and kill pedestrians unprepared.
“Emissions testing mode can also be used outside the vehicle. If you want to set it, select the sound you like and place the mat on the external speaker. When ready, click the left wheel button or use the turn signal to play the selected sound. Tap application launcher > toybox > emissions testing mode > to access this function. ”
In addition to farting, people can use Tesla’s Boombox function to disturb people around them in other ways. Now, for example, a Tesla car can play the same music as an ice cream car. So this summer, if anyone really can’t help but play a prank with the children, drive the car to a nearby place, and then play happy songs to make the children think that the ice cream is in the attachment.
Car owners can upload five custom songs, which also means that people can play their favorite music outside the car while driving the Tesla. Some netizens also asked Musk on twitter if he could play the song “move bit” by singer Ludacris. Musk replied that you can upload custom songs / audio.
This year’s Christmas update also includes many other new features. Car owners can play three new games when parking. Improvements to the super charge display and scheduled departure features are also included in this update.