Lin Qi has a lot of plans for his future


Sina Technology News on December 26th evening news, the official account of WeChat network, through its official WeChat public address “YOOZOO”, published by the professor of Lake University professor Chen Long, “Lynch: ambitious young man”, said that Lynch did not steal the cheap years, but left many ambitions and dreams. In the hearts of those who refuse to forget him, he is a teenager who likes to run.
The article mentions that Lynch is not just a male student who can play games. Lynch also went to Hollywood to consult the six major film and television companies about the logic of IP. He has made many plans for the future of “three bodies”, including games, movies, animation, virtual idols and the second dimension.
The following is the original text of “reminiscence of Lynch: ambitious youth”, written by Professor Chen Long of lakeside University
Last time I saw Lynch on October 19th. That day, Lynch replied and talked about the opportunities and challenges of IP globalization in China.
He was the most outstanding classmate that day and the only Chinese I knew who had such a deep understanding of IP and had gone so far by his own efforts.
In the past, when I saw some excellent films and TV works made by Westerners, I was surprised by their almost weird and hard to defend imagination. Then I would think about who in Chinese works has such imagination. I think for a long time that no, except for the novel “three body”. The novel has a large number of fans in the world, including Obama, Zuckerberg and musk.
But most Chinese don’t know what this kind of work means. Its various copyrights, film and television rights have long been scattered in many places, and have little to do with the author Liu Cixin.
Lynch knows. He once said that the fate of the game industry is not knowing the future. So he put his eyes beyond the game and wanted to find a mission for his career. In 2014, he began to acquire and splice various copyrights and rights to use “three body”. In 2019, he spent nearly one billion yuan and finally completed it.
At the same time, I began to try a grand idea: let the IP globalization of “three bodies”. In doing so, he found himself a pioneer.
The first time I talked with Lynch about the logic of IP was in a teahouse in Pudong. He gave an example to illustrate how big the market is: several relatively simple series of Star Wars stories, box office of $10 billion, derivatives of $40 billion and total revenue of $170 billion.
In Lynch’s view, a truly successful global IP needs to have three characteristics: first, nationality, because good works actually have distinct nationality; second, embodying the spirit of the times and capturing the nerves of contemporary people; third, the human nature embodied in them has the world commonness.
For example, star wars, which was born in the 1970s of the cold war and the space arms race, embodies the spirit of the Americans at that time that they hope to overcome evil through technology and satisfy their curiosity about technology. Another example is Naruto, which was born in the lost decade of Japan. Its spiritual connotation is to endure and revive the family, combining the cultural elements of Japanese ninja with modern environment and technology. This story from 1999 comics, 2002 animation, to 2004 film, with derivatives, IP valuation in more than 10 billion dollars.
The reason why “three bodies” is favored is that it embodies the theme of survival and salvation, the clash of civilizations, and has the world and contemporary characteristics. Since Lynch got the copyright, he has been committed to promoting three body to the world. Now, this set of books has sold 4 million copies in the world outside China, and has maintained a monthly growth of 180000 copies. Among them, 800000 copies are in Japan, 960000 in German, and 1.8 million in English. Less than a year later, it has also won the Hugo prize, the world’s highest Science Fiction Prize. He invited Liu Cixin back to Japan, Europe and the United States to tour the world and tell a story about the universe in the eyes of the Chinese people. Fan Obama came out and met twice.
Lynch also went to Hollywood to consult the six major film and television companies about the logic of IP. He planned a lot of future for “three bodies”, including games, movies, animation, virtual idols and the second dimension. In order to make the three bodies more grounded, he asked university professors to make clear the concept of the three bodies and the public. He launched a two-dimensional image such as “Zhizi” in station B. He made audio books and a vocal drama in Himalayas. In terms of film and television internationalization, Naifei won the contract; in terms of game internationalization, two of Japan’s best game designers are loyal fans of trisomy. More than 300 three body stories have been developed in the world. He is also promoting the improvement of copyright law.
What does it feel like for a Chinese to push global IP? He left a word to the company: civilization to the years.
Lynch is not just a boy who can play games.
In his eyes, the relationship between China’s IP and the world, his vigorous planning, all let me feel surging. I checked what I said to him that day: Lynch’s combination of ambition and thinking.
I played with Lynch many times. He is an excellent forward, a dangerous runner, with a kind of domineering, good at shooting furiously and skillfully. As soon as you twist your waist, the explosive force comes out.
Lynch was 39 when he left. My deepest memory of being 39 is that Chopin left when he was 39. Not long ago, I was thinking, a lot of talented people left at the age of 39. Therefore, the years after the age of 39 are stolen and should be cherished.
The so-called Christmas Eve is just a celebration that the fire of life has not withered. But he left safely.
Lynch didn’t steal the advantage of time, but left a lot of ambition and dreams. In the hearts of those who refuse to forget him, he is a teenager who likes to run.
I look at his head in October, like a young man who has not been conquered by time. In August, in a small wechat group, he sent us a finger map, which said: “there will be many people living better because of your existence.”
We have changed the group name to: Qiqi, we love you.