Banyuetan is rated as the chaos of human laboratory: wandering on the edge of law and morality, it’s time to deal with it!


It’s time to govern the “adult experience hall” with the original title wandering on the edge of law and morality!
Yang Zichun, commentator of half moon talk
The “adult experience hall” which provides “silicone Doll” sexual service has sprung up in some cities. The debate about this new thing is rampant. Some people regard it as vulgar, some people agree with it, and some experts and scholars show their platform, saying that the emergence of such places is a manifestation of sexual civilization. In fact, this is a serious issue. It concerns the moral and legal bottom line, and the mental and physical health of social groups.
The investment threshold of “adult experience hall” is low and the operation cost is low. “If you don’t eat or drink silicone dolls, you can hire one person to look at one shop and make a steady profit.” A business operator said, “in 2019, when business is at its peak, there will be more than 20 orders a day, with each order up to several hundred yuan.” Driven by huge profits, adult experience halls with various flags have opened in many cities.
What makes operators “have no worries” is that “silicone dolls” are not “natural persons”, so they can not talk about “prostitution” and at most have something to do with illegal business. “We sell dolls. Don’t we allow customers to have a try before we buy them?” Said one of the operators.
China has not yet promulgated relevant laws to explicitly stipulate that such businesses are not allowed to operate. Driven by the interests, some businesses began to think awkwardly, gradually turning the “gray” business into “black”, and gradually challenging the legal and moral bottom line, such as “pornographic VR video”, “silicone doll sex service for children”, “black hotel” and so on.
It is not difficult to find that, whether it is sales or business, as long as the commodity is stained with “sex”, it is easy to breed secondary problems. When searching for “silicone dolls” on the online shopping platform, the product display pictures usually indicate “too realistic to display”. However, if you try to chat with the store and enter “high-definition pictures”, the business will automatically reply to a large number of high-definition pictures of the sensitive parts of “silicone dolls”. However, who were the photos sent to? Is the other party a minor? Businesses don’t care.
“Adult experience hall” reflects the real existence of such market demand to a certain extent. Some experts in sexual psychology say that at the social level, the “adult experience Museum” may help to reduce sexual crimes, but it lacks sufficient data support. “Silicone dolls” only satisfy the minority groups, but have no positive significance in reducing the illegal activities of prostitution and whoring.
It is an indisputable fact that the public is worried about the health and safety of the “adult experience center” in terms of communicable diseases. The elimination of viral infection requires professional medical disinfection methods, including high temperature and medical disinfectant inactivation, which is the basic medical knowledge.
In addition, the reporter also found “silicone doll for children” in the investigation. Sexual psychology is the result of the interaction between physiological conditions and social environment. “Paedophile” psychology belongs to “sexual deviation”. If it is not stimulated, it will not be put into practice. If the adult experience center provides “silicone doll for children” sexual service, external stimulation may cause users to have “pedophilia” tendency, or infringe on the real children in reality.
Whether the adult experience museum can be standardized is a test of local governance ability, and its “barbaric growth” should not be indulged. More importantly, the law is the last bottom line of social governance, and whether it can effectively govern the “adult experience Museum” is a test of the mainstream social values.