Alibaba releases “quantum development platform” and supports quantum algorithm and error correction exploration


Sina science and technology news on December 23 evening news, Alibaba released Alibaba cloud quantum development platform, open source self-developed quantum computing Simulator “Taizhang 2.0” and a series of quantum application cases. Ali said that this will strongly support practitioners in designing quantum hardware, testing quantum algorithms, and exploring their applications in the fields of materials, molecular discovery, optimization problems and machine learning.
Ali revealed that the progress of quantum chips in the past few years has further reduced the uncertainty of the practical way of quantum computing. With the increase of system scale, the test and verification of quantum system and quantum algorithm become more and more challenging. The method based on classical simulation is a basic tool, but it has its inherent bottleneck. For example, current storage technologies can store up to less than 60 qubits of quantum states. Alibaba cloud quantum development platform proposes an original distributed tensor network contraction algorithm, which opens up a new direction of quantum circuit simulation, and can realize simulation on a larger scale than other methods.
In May this year, the laboratory used “Taizhang 2.0” to simulate the quantum circuit claimed by “Google quantum hegemony” in 2019, and compressed the task of classic computing that took more than 10000 years to be completed in 20 days, which is four orders of magnitude better than other best solutions. Industry estimates that if further optimization of hardware resources, especially to improve the efficiency of GPU, the algorithm is expected to reduce the simulation time to less than 2 days.
“The implementation of quantum computing is very challenging. Academia and industry need to work together to overcome bottlenecks and accelerate innovation. ” Shi Yaoyun, director of the quantum Laboratory of Dharma Institute, explained that “open research is conducive to accelerating the advent of the quantum era, and it is also the best strategy for us to provide quantum computing services to customers and society as soon as possible.” (Mirs)