Low price dumping? Price hikes? Big data “kill”? New regulations on group buying in communities


Reporter / Zhao Wenjun, Qi Zhongxi
Low price dumping? Price hikes? Big data “kill”? New rules on group buying have been introduced!
The General Administration of market supervision, together with the Ministry of Commerce, held an administrative guidance meeting on standardizing the order of group buying in communities, which was attended by six Internet platform enterprises including Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, meituan, pinduoduo and didi. In order to strictly regulate the operation of community group buying, Internet platform enterprises were required to strictly abide by the “nine prohibitions”:
First, it is not allowed to abuse the power of independent pricing by means of low price dumping, price collusion, price bidding, price fraud, etc.
Second, it is not allowed to enter into or implement monopoly agreements in any form, such as fixing prices, restricting the production or sales of commodities, or dividing the market.
Third, it is not allowed to abuse the dominant market position such as predatory pricing, refusal to trade, tie-in, etc.
Fourth, it is not allowed to illegally implement concentration of business operators, eliminate and restrict competition.
Fifth, it is not allowed to carry out unfair competition such as commercial confusion, false propaganda and commercial slander, which will harm the fair competition market environment.
Sixth, it is not allowed to take advantage of the data to “kill cooked” and damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Seventh, we must not use technological means to damage the order of competition and hinder the normal operation of other market entities.
Eighth, it is not allowed to illegally collect and use personal information of consumers, which will bring potential safety hazards to consumers.
Ninth, it is not allowed to sell fake and shoddy goods, endangering the safe and reliable consumption environment.