Boycott Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming: traffic kills originality


Source: Beijing Business Daily
Reporter Zheng Rui
On the evening of December 21, a joint open letter from 100 film and television practitioners put the screenwriter and director Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming at the forefront of the storm. At the same time, the plagiarism which has been lingering in the film and television market for a long time has been put in front of the public. In recent years, film and television works are suspected of plagiarism from time to time, and there is no lack of fire, and even the film and television works known as “blockbuster” have fallen into the relevant vortex, leading to constant turmoil. In the view of industry insiders, the infringement of plagiarism on the film and television market is obvious. If it is ignored, the negative impact will be intensified, and there will be a risk of market deviation. The fundamental purpose of the joint name of 100 practitioners is to guide the market, the capital side and the Taiwan side to make rational judgments and move towards a benign development path.
The aim is not to kill
A letter signed by 111 film and television practitioners: “plagiarism should not be an example! ——Some film and television practitioners have sent an open letter to the media, which has set off a huge wave in the film and television market since it was released in the evening of December 21.
According to the open letter, recently, in the variety shows of some network platforms and TV stations, there have been plagiarized screenwriters and directors (Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming) who appear in the face of program tutors and guests, and hype the topics inside and outside the programs in order to chase the click through rate and audience rating and attract people’s attention. “We call on: severely crack down on and punish the writers and directors who have plagiarized and plagiarized. The media platform should carry forward the spirit of the times, publicize more artists with good moral integrity and artistic integrity, actively reject those who have bad deeds and do not repent, do not provide a stage for plagiarists, and expel them from the public media.”
After the main body of the letter, there is a list of 111 film and television practitioners jointly signed, including the names of song Fangjin, shuhuan, may, Bai Yixiang and Yu Fei, as well as the names of producers, directors and writers such as Gao Qunshu, Qiongyao and Zhuang Yu.
It is worth noting that when the open letter mentions that there are practitioners of plagiarism, they directly point out Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming, putting them in the spotlight, and at the same time, it also makes people recall the relevant plagiarism cases again.
According to public information, in April 2014, the TV play gongsuo Liancheng, which is being launched, was officially broadcast. Subsequently, Qiongyao reported that many plots of the play copied the plum blossom brand and formally sued. After the court hearing, it was decided that gongsuo Liancheng violated the adaptation right of meihualu. However, Guo Jingming’s novel “how many flowers fall in a dream” was ruled by the court as a whole to plagiarize the novel “inside and outside the circle”. In addition, another novel of Guo Jingming, the city of fantasy, has been pointed out by readers that there are similarities between Guo Jingming’s novel and clap’s comic book biography.
At this stage, this open letter has caused a high degree of heated discussion. According to micro blog data, as of the press release of Beijing business daily, the topic “111 film and television practitioners jointly boycott Guo Jingming” has achieved 360 million times of reading and 53000 discussions.
As one of the signers of the letter, Yu Fei, a screenwriter, told Beijing Business Daily that the purpose of issuing the letter is not to ban a certain practitioner or to prohibit the works of relevant practitioners from appearing in the market. The key is to hope that the market will not put too much resources on practitioners or works with poor plagiarism for the sake of flow, but pay attention to better works Products. “We accept the diversification of film and television works, but now there are some practitioners with plagiarism or high flow of works, which are in line with the idea of some capitals or platforms who want to make quick money. Therefore, they choose to further increase cooperation. On the contrary, they enhance the discourse power of such practitioners or works. Their fame is growing, and they have the right to have the potential, the capital to favor them, and even the dominant position appears The tendency of the market needs to be stopped in time. ”
Traffic > original?
This letter is not the first time that the film and television industry has voiced its voice, calling for not to pursue practitioners with plagiarism for the sake of traffic, but to give more voice to the original and related creators.
Just a week ago, the China Film Literature Association published an article entitled “the media should not pursue bad writers, but should promote the integrity of the screenwriter industry”, and said, “as a network platform and TV station with social and cultural responsibilities, openly pursuing such bad practitioners has set a bad example for young people, and has caused a bad impact in the industry and society.” We call on the media and platforms not to blindly hype for the sake of traffic, to establish more positive images, to encourage more originality, and to give more opportunities for the creators of Deyi Shuangxin to speak and speak.
In the face of the voice of some film and television practitioners and the successive release of several articles and open letters, Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Guo Jingming and Yu Zhengfang, but as of the time of publication, no response was received.
However, it is undeniable that the variety shows or film and television works including Guo Jingming and Yu are becoming popular recently. Take Guo Jingming as an example, not only will there be hot search topics in every new issue of the closed season 2 of actor please be in place. In addition, according to cat’s eye professional edition, Guo Jingming’s new movie “cold-blooded feast” has been broadcast 98.298 million times in 19 days. However, the film adopts the mode of VIP payment of 12 yuan and non VIP payment of 24 yuan, and the revenue behind it can be imagined And know.
“In the context of the market in which attention has become a scarce resource, in order to achieve the expected market effect, traffic has indeed become one of the factors considered when the producer and platform layout project, and at the same time, it will create a topic for the flow. As the flow is concerned by all parties, how to use the traffic reasonably becomes the key Director Huang Zhiyong said.
In Yu Fei’s opinion, the flow itself is not guilty or malicious, but the key lies in the people who use the flow, the method and the purpose. “If we choose practitioners who have plagiarism and do not take the initiative to publicly apologize for the sake of traffic, and as the judges and experts in the film and television industry, they will leave an impression that the market recognizes and accepts this behavior, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry ”。

According to public information, after the Beijing Municipal High Court made the final judgment on the infringement case of Qiongyao v. Yuzheng in 2015, Yu Zheng did not make an apology within three years after the judgment took effect. In this regard, the third intermediate people’s Court of Beijing carried out compulsory enforcement in accordance with Qiongyao’s Application in 2018, and published the main contents of relevant judgments in the case in Legal Daily. The cost is due to the positive bearing Bear. In addition, according to media reports, Guo Jingming did not implement the public apology in the judgment after the judgment of infringement case of “how many flowers fall in dreams”.
Since then, Zhao Zhongwen has published an apology to the court, and if the defendant has not completed the execution of the judgment, the defendant will make an apology to the court in a written statement.
Whose 100 billion market
In recent years, the word plagiarism has appeared in the film and television market from time to time, and some of the big fire movies and TV works have been involved in the storm of suspected plagiarism.
In May this year, the online drama “heavy fire on the moon” was officially launched, but then some netizens pointed out that some parts of the play copied the CG images of the online game “Final Fantasy 14”. Previously, the hit drama “love apartment” was also suspected of plagiarizing “friends”, “Big Bang” and “romantic history of mom and Dad”.
At the same time, the film and TV series of the original work of the same name, Qiao and the TV drama of the same name were also copied from the original work of the TV series of the same name. This also makes the original work suspected of plagiarism, whether the adaptation of the film and television series is also suspected of plagiarism has aroused discussion in the industry.
In this regard, Zhao Hu said that plagiarism of the original novel and adaptation of the film and TV series will occur, which requires specific case analysis and also needs to see the litigation object of the plaintiff. If the plaintiff only brings a lawsuit against the original work, the court will only compare the similarity of the original work, and will not involve the adaptation of the film and TV series. If the plaintiff files an adaptation, the court will only compare the similarity of the original work The court will compare the similarities of the adapted films and TV dramas when they are suspected of plagiarism.
According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the scale of China’s drama market has reached 99.1 billion yuan in 2019, and it is predicted that it will reach 121.3 billion yuan in 2024. In addition, China’s film market has also achieved rapid development in recent years, and the annual box office scale has reached more than 60 billion yuan.
Yu Fei believes that the development of the film and television market is inseparable from professional original ability, while the emergence of plagiarism proves that the professional ability and basic skills are not up to standard. At the same time, the high popularity of plagiarism also gives the market a wrong guidance. If we want to promote the sound development of the film and television market, we need to produce works with craftsmanship quality, and obtain the market and word-of-mouth double harvest, play a demonstration role, let the capital side and the platform side see the development space of high-quality works, so as to carry out the corresponding layout.
In addition, in Huang Zhiyong’s opinion, although many adaptations have received good market feedback, the driving force for the sustainable development of the film and television market is inseparable from the original ability, and the high-quality IP that can be adapted has gradually become scarce. If only relying on the adapted works can not support the market, the operators still need to hone their original ability to give the market continuous vitality.