Infringement of the rights and interests of users of QQ and Jingdong


In accordance with the network security law, telecommunication regulations, regulations on the protection of personal information of Telecom and Internet users and other laws and regulations, and in accordance with the work deployment of the notice on carrying out in-depth promotion of APP infringement on users’ rights and interests (mixg [2020] No. 164), the Ministry recently organized a third-party testing agency to inspect the mobile phone application software, and urged the existing problems The enterprise carries on the rectification. Up to now, there are still 63 apps that have not been rectified (see the annex for details). The rectification and implementation of the above apps should be completed before December 28.
This test found that app collects MAC address information of device without user’s consent; there are many problems in sending user’s personal information to third-party SDK. Some head enterprises still found problems in app testing, and the rectification was not completed within the time limit required by our department. Some app stores and mobile app distribution platforms are not strong enough to detect and deal with enterprises that deliberately evade the supervision of the Ministry by means of technology confrontation and replacement of “vest”. In the future, our department will take measures such as taking comprehensive off shelves, stopping access, administrative punishment and bringing them into the list of bad operation or dishonesty of telecom business, and severely deal with them according to law.
Appendix: list of application software with problems (the Seventh Batch in 2020). Docx
Information and communication administration bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology
December 21, 2020