China’s annual express business volume exceeded 80 billion for the first time, realizing four consecutive jumps


[80 billion pieces, the volume of express delivery business has jumped four times! 】According to the National Post Office monitoring data, on December 21, China’s annual express business exceeded 80 billion pieces for the first time. This year, China’s express business volume has jumped from 50 billion, 60 billion, 70 billion and 80 billion. In January, novel coronavirus pneumonia and Spring Festival double factors affected the volume of express business in China for the first time, a negative growth of about 16%. With the continuous promotion of the resumption of work and production, the growth rate of express delivery business turned positive and returned to the high-speed growth range of more than 30%. At present, the daily average of more than 200 million pieces of postal express industry has become the norm, and the daily average service users are nearly 400 million person times, and the role of service for people’s livelihood is more prominent. (reporter Zhao Wenjun)