Three more platforms have been taken off the shelves, and a large number of banks have quietly withdrawn


In December 19th, twenty-first Century economic report reporter learned that after Alipay, Du Xiaoman finance, Tencent financial management, Ctrip finance App also all set up internet deposit products, including Lu Jin, Jingdong finance, 360 fortune, Tianxing finance, and drip financial App Internet deposit products are still being sold.
Du Xiaoman finance and Tencent wealth management confirmed the above facts to the reporters of the 21st century economic report. “For the Internet deposit business, the Internet deposit products that we have removed from the platform will only be visible to the users who have purchased the products, and the users who have purchased the relevant products will not be affected.” Du Xiaoman financial related people said.
Three more platforms are all off the shelf deposit products
On December 19, 21st century economic reporter noticed from duxiaoman financial app that no Internet deposit products were on sale in its “bank selection” list, and the page showed that “46 banks have no products for sale at present.”
Until the evening of December 18, 21st century economic reporter also saw that its app products were still listed, including at least Zhongguancun bank, Yingkou Coastal bank, Zhenxing bank, Huatong bank, Xin’an bank, Huarui bank, Xiamen International Bank, blue ocean bank, Huihe bank and other bank products.
“We will strictly abide by the relevant policies and regulations and regulatory requirements, embrace supervision and adhere to the compliance operation,” Du Xiaoman told reporters of the 21st century economic report. In the future, we will continue to improve relevant business in accordance with the requirements of regulatory policies. ”
On December 19, Tencent’s “stable financial management” list showed that the “bank type” products that had been displayed had been removed. The comparison diagram is as follows.
Tencent wealth management related people to the 21st century economic reporter confirmed that its “banking” products have been offline. Historical information shows that at least Bank of Shanghai, ICBC, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Weizhong bank have promoted deposit products in Tencent Financial Channel.
In addition, Ctrip financial app also shows that its financial channel service is upgrading. According to its introduction, Ctrip financial bank direct supply service platform selects high-yield, multi-term deposit products, all transaction operations and capital processes are completed at the bank end, bank direct sales, safe and at ease.
It is reported that Ctrip was off the shelves at 22:00 on the 18th. Previously, its app page showed that there were 15 products in the bank deposit column, with deposit maturity ranging from 7 days to 5 years, and annual deposit interest rate ranging from 2.25% to 4.80%, which can be purchased normally.
The number of banks has fallen sharply
On December 19, according to the real-time display of various banks, the reporter of 21st century economic report sorted out that there are still some deposit products on sale, such as lufax, Jingdong finance, 360 you fortune, Tianxing finance, Didi finance, etc.
From the bank type, including state-owned large banks, city commercial banks, private banks, rural commercial banks, village banks, products are sold or sold out, and private banks are the main.
At the same time, the 21st century economic reporter noticed that compared with December 18, even if it was only one day later, the banks related to deposit products sold by various platforms were different. For example, on at least two platforms, Xiamen international bank products were still on display yesterday, but today they are not on the list, including sold out.
If the above-mentioned latest situation is compared with the situation sorted out by the 21st century economic reporter on November 19, the number of reduced banks is more, especially the number of urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks and rural banks. (for specific comparison, see the following “all sorts out! Who is the “King” of Internet deposit? 》Chinese chart)
“Alipay’s initiative to set up internet deposit products, which may mean that the regulatory authorities are in a direction of rectification for related businesses, we will discuss in a timely manner and make a comprehensive judgement on the future development plans of related businesses.” A city commercial bank that has promoted deposit products on the Internet platform told the reporter of the 21st century economic report.
On December 15, sun Tianqi, director of the financial stability bureau of the central bank, said at the fourth China Internet finance forum that the development of such financial business by internet financial platforms is an illegal financial activity of “driving without a license” and should also be included in the scope of financial supervision. We should strictly regulate all kinds of behaviors involving financial products and services on the Internet, app and other digital platforms; for Internet platforms engaged in financial activities, we must operate with license, not “driving without a license”; we should set up business access threshold and bring it into the scope of financial supervision.