State Post Office: regulating monopoly and unfair competition and strengthening the supervision of centralized operation


Original title: the Party group of the State Post Office conveys and studies the spirit of the central economic work conference
On December 18, Ma Junsheng, Secretary of the Party group and director of the State Post Office, presided over the enlarged meeting of the Party group to convey and study the spirit of the central economic work conference. He stressed that the whole system and the whole industry should quickly integrate their thoughts and actions into the Party Central Committee’s scientific judgment of the current situation and the deployment and arrangement of the Party Central Committee for next year’s economic work To carry out the new pattern, to carry out the new pattern, to build a powerful country and to develop vigorously. Dai Yingjun, Yang Chunguang and Zhao Min, members of the Party group and deputy directors of the Bureau, attended the meeting.
The conference conveyed the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang at the central economic work conference. Ma Junsheng pointed out that this year’s central economic work conference is a very important meeting held at the historical intersection of the “two centenaries” and the successful conclusion of the 13th five year plan, the upcoming opening of the 14th five year plan, the decisive achievements in the three major battles, and the historical intersection of the “two centenaries”. The meeting summarized the economic work of this year, analyzed the situation at home and abroad, and clearly put forward the overall requirements, development goals, policy orientation and key measures of economic work in the next year, and pointed out the direction and provided the follow for the development of postal express industry. The whole system and the whole industry should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the meeting, enhance the “Four Consciousness”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, achieve the “two maintenance”, plan the work around the construction of a new pattern, strive to promote high-quality development, do a good job in the work, take responsibility and make contributions, and present the centennial anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.
For the next step of work, Ma Junsheng put forward four specific requirements: first, seek progress in stability, consolidate the situation, and achieve a good start in the 14th five year plan. We should make every effort to do a good job in key businesses, key regions, key markets and key subjects, ensure the orderly progress of general and special postal services, smooth the network process, optimize the market structure, pay attention to improving the quality of development services, and facilitate production and life. We should concentrate on the formulation of the 14th five year plan for development. Second, we should grasp the key points and seize the key points to vigorously build a new development pattern. We will focus on promoting the project of “express delivery into the village, factory and sea”, deepen the structural reform of the supply side and demand side management, break through the blocking points, solve the difficulties, supplement the short boards and forge the long plates, and connect all links and aspects. In terms of expanding consumption, we should pay attention to open source and expanding the scope to connect the internal and external; in the reform and innovation, we should pay attention to the flow of network sinking elements; in the industrial upgrading, we should pay attention to strengthening the foundation and enabling the improvement of quality and efficiency. Third, we should keep the bottom line, resolve risks and strengthen the regulation of unfair competition. We will strengthen risk assessment and early warning and monitoring of safe operation, and improve the level of emergency response. We should regulate monopoly and unfair competition, strengthen the supervision of centralized operation, and strengthen the supervision of the collection, management and use of express data. We should effectively safeguard the stability of grass-roots outlets, standardize the market order, and take various measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of grass-roots employees. Fourth, we should improve our position, enhance our ability and take responsibility for our work. We should always put political construction in the first place, do a good job in business work from a political height, examine business problems from a political perspective, and correctly handle the relations between the government and the market, between the macro and the micro, and between the current and the long-term. We should conscientiously improve our ability to perform our duties and responsibilities, adhere to the principle of doing one line, being specialized in one line, and refining one line. We should be good at finding, researching and solving problems in our work, and strive to become experts. We should strengthen the construction of work style, pay attention to problem orientation and result orientation, uphold the honest, down-to-earth, down-to-earth and pragmatic style, and resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy.
The responsible comrades of the departments and offices of the Bureau and the main responsible comrades of the units directly under the bureau attended the meeting.