Meituan founded middle and senior management development department


Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of December 18, meituan released an internal letter today, announcing that in order to further strengthen the construction of leadership echelon, the company will set up a “middle and senior management development department” to strengthen the training and development of middle and senior managers, selection and transfer, evaluation and appointment, assessment and incentive, which is in the charge of Mu Rongjun, the founder of the joint venture. At the same time, it announced a series of organizational adjustments and appointments such as meituan platform, intelligent transportation platform, review division and professional committee. Wang Huiwen, co-founder and senior vice president of meituan, successfully completed the baton handover and officially retired as planned.
According to the content of the internal letter, the service experience department and relevant product technical teams, meituan search and NLP and voice related teams are adjusted to meituan platform. Li Shubin, head of meituan platform, was appointed chairman of the product Committee. Zhang Jinmao, head of the basic R & D platform, was appointed chairman of the technical committee. Together with other professional committees, technical committees and product committees will continue to play an important role in personnel training, echelon construction and organizational capacity precipitation.
To establish intelligent transportation platform, strengthen the infrastructure construction of LBS, enhance the automation and intelligent platform capacity of logistics distribution and transportation travel, set up transportation, map, unmanned vehicle distribution, visual intelligence and other teams, with Xia Huaxia as the person in charge; establish AI Committee, enhance the cooperation in AI field of the whole company, build Ai capacity, and appoint Xia Huaxia as the chairman of AI Committee. Yu Jianlin was appointed as the person in charge of the review division. All the above responsible persons report to Wang Xing. In addition, the UAV distribution team was adjusted to the home business group, and Mao Yinian, the person in charge, reported to Wang Puzhong.
According to the plan announced at the beginning of this year, Wang Huiwen (Lao Wang), co-founder and senior vice president of meituan, has completed the baton handover and officially retired.
According to the internal letter, “today is also Lao Wang’s ten years of joining the company. Thanks for Lao Wang’s all-out efforts, but also for Lao Wang’s training of batch of excellent managers for the company. Lao Wang will continue to be a company director after retiring and be a lifelong honorary adviser to the US group, and a special lecturer of “Internet plus University”. He will help change the company’s strategic planning, organizational heritage and talent development.
In January this year, Wang Xing, CEO of meituan, issued an internal letter to all employees, in which he announced that Wang Huiwen, co-founder, member of S-Team and senior vice president, would quit the company’s specific management affairs in December this year.
As for the decision to withdraw from specific management affairs, Wang Huiwen said at that time that he had been unable to deal with the relationship between work and family, health, business operation and personal interests. He was also worried that life would be dominated by inertia, lazy in the familiar environment and miss out on different highlights.
Wang Huiwen is Wang Xing’s college classmate and roommate. In 2005, he participated in the establishment of, and later founded, a second-hand housing website. In December 2011, Wang Huiwen joined the meituan. By December 18, this year, Wang Huiwen will have been in meituan for ten years.
Wang Xing’s evaluation of Wang Huiwen is: classmates and roommates with common interests are partners and comrades in arms who work together to start a business together, and they are lifelong friends who can collide with each other’s thoughts and have a dialogue with their souls. (Zhang Jun)