In 2021, the official of Taipei Computer show announced the return of the first PC exhibition to be held offline from June 1 to 4


The official announcement of the 2021 Taipei Computer Exhibition will be held offline from June 1 to 4
According to Sina digital news on December 17 afternoon, Computex officially announced that Computex will return in the form of offline physical exhibition in 2021, from June 1 to June 4, 2021. The venue is still in hall 1 / 2 of Nangang Exhibition Hall and Taipei International Convention Center.
As we all know, in 2020, due to the epidemic situation, many large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, such as Taipei Computer Exhibition, 2020mwc, ame China home appliance Expo, will be cancelled due to the epidemic situation.
Computex is the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest international computer show, which is located in Taipei World Trade Center. In June every year, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other international giants in IT industry will all appear.
Of course, the Taipei Computer Show is no longer limited to the PC field for a long time. In 2021, it will continue to expand, with seven themes running through the exhibition and surrounding activities: 5g, AI / IOT, edge computing, high-performance computing, network security, e-games, innovation and entrepreneurship.
According to the official, it will build a new global science and technology ecology with innovation mode, and help international customers and manufacturers break through barriers and expand the unlimited potential of science and technology.
At present, Taipei Computer Show 2021 has begun to accept the registration of exhibitors. (Yu Ze)