According to the news, iqiyi will issue ads at $17.5 per share


According to reports, iqiyi will issue ads at a price of $17.5 per share.
Before the US stock market on December 16, iqiyi announced that according to the market situation, the company plans to issue a total of 800 million US dollars of convertible bond principal. The company also plans to give underwriters a 30 day option to buy an additional $100 million in bonds. The convertible bond will mature on December 15, 2026. Generally, the company cannot redeem it before the maturity. At the same time, iqiyi also plans to issue 40 million additional ADSS (American Depository shares), each of which represents seven class a ordinary shares, and also gives the Underwriters a 30 day option to purchase an additional 6 million ADSS.