Li Deren, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences: Beidou system can help the construction of epidemic prevention and control service system


It was announced on December 16, during the 2020 big data technology communication and application Summit Forum from December 13 to 14. Li Deren, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Wuhan University, said in his speech “digital industrialization of industry”, 5g can be widely used in smart city, automatic driving, telemedicine, smart grid and other fields. He mentioned that we can have many industries. If we want to gather together, we can create new business models by using video, VR, AR, industrial Internet, Internet of things, etc.
Referring to Beidou system, Li Deren said that today’s pnt service (Beidou + and + Beidou) is based on China’s Beidou and other global positioning systems (GNSS) and their enhanced systems, which provide time and space reference, and cooperate with other auxiliary positioning and navigation technologies to improve their anti-interference ability and usability, and provide users with location, direction, and information through network communication means such as Internet and mobile Internet Speed, time information and time synchronization services. In the future, Beidou system, which can achieve accurate positioning, can replace the closure of the city in physical space, and build a national epidemic prevention and control service system based on space-time big data in cyberspace.
Li Deren also said that 5g Chinese are ahead of us, but the 6G communication Americans in the sky are still ahead of us, so we should not be careless. In order to integrate communication and navigation, remote sensing and sensing together, such 6G needs our efforts. Moreover, in the sky, if we want to fight for the position of orbit, the position of satellites and the frequency of satellites, the United States has already robbed most of the resources in many aspects, so we must see the situation clearly.