NVIDIA and Tencent cloud jointly launch cloud based AR / VR solutions


On December 15, NVIDIA announced at the GTC China conference today that its cloudxr platform will support Tencent cloud platform, allowing cloud users to stream XR content to remote VR and AR devices. With the cloud GPU computing power of Tencent cloud, any terminal device (including HMD and connected windows and Android devices) can be transformed into a high-definition XR display that can display professional quality images.
NVIDIA said that with cloud streaming, professionals can now easily set up, expand and access AR / VR content anywhere without being bound by workstations or external VR systems. Users can get HD streaming experience in the cloud without deploying workstations or external VR tracking system.
Cloudxr platform includes NVIDIA cloudxr software development kit, NVIDIA virtual workstation software and NVIDIA AI SDK, which can provide photo realistic images and has the mobile convenience of multifunctional XR earphone. NVIDIA cloudxr on AWS will go on the market early next year and will be released in private beta in the next few months.