Be alert to group buying in communities


The community group buying on the Internet outlet has recently stood in the air outlet of public opinion. Not only that, but also triggered a lot of reactions in the industrial and capital levels. For a time, the community group buying will eventually “chicken feather” discussion.
At present, the community group buying is still in the early stage. Under the temptation of subsidies, whether the mode of “pre-sale + next day delivery + self delivery” is true needs to be verified. What needs to be vigilant is that some players use the concept of community group buying to tell a “vivid story” to the capital market. There is no love war, and the subsidy war is difficult to maintain. Finally, it can only be left to suppliers, vendors and consumers.
What’s more, the community group buying has once again evolved into a monopoly game of one or two giants. “Those who eat others will eventually spit it out”. Finally, suppliers and consumers will be trapped in the mode and will be “poached” by the platform.
Looking back, community group buying, which is “blowing and raw” because of the epidemic, is actually the focus of the Internet giant once again. In other words, the new needs of some users in community group buying do not come from the needs of real life, but are stimulated and forced out by internet giants.
It has been described that the image of Internet giants “robbing for food” in person is like the eve of every tuyere arrival. At the present stage, subsidies are a powerful weapon to promote the community group purchase and expand the territory. This move is not unfamiliar to these Internet companies that started with subsidies, and even can be easily mastered.
However, community group buying is not only a flow business, but also puts forward higher requirements for supply chain resources and refined operation. The precipitation of these capabilities can not be realized overnight, which means that community group buying is a more cruel and strict consumption war. Under the pressure of financial statements and investors, how long can players carry the “banner of subsidy”? After the subsidy is stopped, do users’ stickiness and team leader’s enthusiasm still exist?
What should not be ignored is that the subsidised community group buying has begun to show a controversial side. Recently, a number of grain and oil companies have issued a paper to resist the low price subsidy of the community group purchase platform. The reason is that the low price sales of the community group purchase platform has impacted supermarket customers, and the grain and oil merchants have received a large number of complaints from supermarket agents and even asked for return. Another big controversy is whether the community group buying has taken away the livelihood of vendors. Although we should not hold a moral and static perspective, it is obvious that the awareness of social responsibility of Internet enterprises needs to be improved.
It is understood that at present, the main players of community group buying have started the “local push mode” in Beijing and Shanghai, and it has been put on the agenda to comprehensively march into the first tier cities. Some players said that they would speed up the opening of cities across the country and provide services. It is hoped that players will, while pursuing market share and single quantity, innovate their business models, increase technical empowerment, and ensure the quality of products. They will not “collect wool”, let alone “leave chicken feathers on the ground”.
As the people’s daily commented, “behind the dispute of” community group buying “, there is more expectation for the technological innovation of Internet giants. Don’t just think about the flow of a few bundles of cabbage and a few kilograms of fruit. The stars of scientific and technological innovation and the unlimited possibility of the future are actually more exciting.
Title Editor: Chang Tao, Luo Kun, Zhao jiaran