After the tiktok, the Internet lost its creativity.


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By Lin Wenlong and Cao Yang
Editor Lin Wenlong
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On December 11, the people’s Daily published an article commenting on the current hot community group buying, advising large Internet companies to “not only think about the flow of a few bundles of cabbage and a few kilograms of fruit”, but should use the data and algorithms accumulated on the Internet to promote innovation.
Unfortunately, Internet innovation has been weak for several years. The Internet companies and products that have been popular this year are not new, but old things.
Community group buying, because the Internet companies have entered the Bureau, in the second half of this year. However, this mode has appeared as early as 2015. In 2018, Zhu Xiaohu, the managing director of Jinshajiang venture capital, invested in the Shengsheng optimization of Changsha. In the same year, in an interview with the Beijing News, he called community group buying the micro innovation of the Internet.
Zhu Xiaohu also compared the differences before and after, saying that “the community groups that have emerged several years ago are mainly in the first and second tier cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing. However, the consumers in these cities have a wide range of choices, and the user stickiness is not so high. Now it is rising in the second and third tier cities. Consumers have not so many choices, and their user stickiness and repurchase rate are correspondingly much higher. This is an essential difference. ”
As for the group buying model, it has existed for a longer time. China’s first group buying website was launched in 2010. By may 2011, the number of group buying websites in China exceeded 5000. Then a thousand regiment war broke out, burning a total of 7 billion yuan. The meituan group, which was established in May 2011, has a market value of HK $1.7 trillion.
Wechat video accounts are also very popular this year. In January, they went online for internal testing. In June, Zhang Xiaolong sent a circle of friends to celebrate and celebrate more than 200 million people. Not long ago, the report of Founder Securities predicted that the peak value of dau of video number is 350 million, and the long-term space is estimated to be 600 million.
However, Tencent has been making short videos for a long time. On September 28, 2013, micro video was launched, focusing on 8-second short video. At that time, micro vision was hatched by Tencent microblog team, and the main battlefield was Tencent microblog. In 2014, micro vision was still a star product, but in 2015, it was marginalized by Tencent’s strategy. It was closed on April 10, 2017, and restarted again in 2018.
Tiktok and quick hand show the Tencent has developed short video anxiety disorder. In addition to restarting the micro vision, Tencent has made more than ten short video products since 2018, including Penguin watching and flash Kwai, but they are not operating. Zhang Xiaolong had to do it himself.
There are also Kwai live products that have become famous this year, but the live broadcast of Jingdong, Taobao live broadcast and quick live broadcast started in 2016. Tiktok is late, and live broadcast is also available before and after 2018. Before this, the show, live games and so on have existed for many years. YY live broadcast, which was launched in 2010, is considered to be the originator. Around 2016, a thousand broadcast war broke out, and Zhou Hongyi, Wang Sicong and others ended up one after another.
Station B has become an Internet upstart this year, with a market value of more than $26 billion, but this is a company founded in 2009.
In recent years, how weak is the innovation ability of the Internet? Take a look at the table below. A few days ago, trustdata released the mobile Internet industry rankings in October 2020, ranking by the number of active users per month. Among the top 20 apps, all are old faces.
Source / network fuel financial screenshot
Sina was the oldest, founded in December 1998, followed by QQ, and 1999, the youngest is the jitter, September 2016 is on line, followed by tiktok, and was founded in late 2015.
That is to say, after shaking, no national tiktok has been born. It also means that in recent years, the Internet has lost its creativity.
What is more alarming is that in recent years, the Internet giants have made use of massive data, advanced algorithms and abundant capital to create one outlet after another, but at the same time, they have also exposed more and more destructive effects. For example, bike sharing, long-term apartment renting, and P2P are also exposed. When the capital flows in, the scenery is infinite, and when the capital retreats, it leaves a lot of chicken feathers, which not only creates huge capital The waste of resources has caused great harm to the society.
In addition to solving the real needs of users, Internet Co has designed products for human weaknesses. In recent years, it has also been criticized for its tiktok, jitter and spelling. Information flow developer ASA Ruskin once said, “behind your phone screen, there are thousands of engineers trying to make software as addictive as possible.”
As one of the best product managers in China, Zhang Yiming has a deep understanding of human nature. He has repeatedly said that the reason for his success comes from delayed gratification. However, the products he creates make people fully satisfied at the first time. He added that algorithms have no values.
Tiktok and Kwai has become the “time killer” of the 90 users after the latest QuestMobile data show that the video frequency App has the most viscous distribution. Among them, the monthly average use time is more than 1000 minutes, and the monthly average use times are more than 250 times.
Now, people expect Internet giants not only to innovate in business models, but also to take the responsibility of promoting technological innovation. So, can the Internet find new things, new variables and new elements?
The driving force of Internet innovation
Wang Xing, the founder of meituan, is a recognized Internet thinker. When he founded meituan in 2010, he put forward a theory of “four vertical and three horizontal”. He believed that the Internet has been solving the four major needs of people, namely entertainment, information, communication and business. Then, he chose the business track. Meituan was an e-commerce company at first. According to Wang Xing, Taobao did physical e-commerce, with the core of delivering goods to the door, while meituan did virtual e-commerce, with the core of letting users go out for consumption.

The mobile phone tiktok, Kwai Fu, Iqiyi, Tencent video and cool dog music are more entertainment; Baidu, micro-blog, QQ browser, today’s headlines, UC browsers, Tencent news and Sina News, the main information; WeChat, QQ and WhatsApp Messenger, the core is communication; mobile phones Taobao, Taobao, and many spells are business platforms.
Three horizons are search, social networking and mobile. Later Wang Xing added an Internet of things, which became four horizontal. Wang Xing believes that every five years or so, there will be a major technological change, which will bring a lot of new business opportunities, and new giants will be born in these four fields.
Pinduoduo is a new e-commerce giant born out of technological change. E-commerce is an old battlefield. Taobao was founded in 2003, and Jingdong Mall was launched in 2004. It took more than ten years for Taobao to establish its dominant position. Originally, it thought that the smoke of gunpowder had disappeared. Unexpectedly, in 2016, a lot of pinduoduo appeared, and it was listed in less than three years. Now, its market value is more than 180 billion US dollars.
Huang Zheng once said that with the rise of pinduoduo, mobile payment, especially wechat red packets, has played a very important role. “Many people have change in wechat, but there is no place to spend it. What pinduoduo does is to help people spend money, which also enables pinduoduo to complete the original accumulation of users.”
Looking back on the history of Internet development, China was connected to the Internet in 1994, but the first wave of entrepreneurship brought about by the Internet did not appear until around 1998. First, there were four major portal websites, then Tencent was established in 1998, Ali and Ctrip were founded in 1999, and Baidu was founded in 2000.
The big wave of PC Internet continued until 2006, after which the development basically slowed down. Both UC browser and cool dog music were launched in 2004.
The first peak of mobile Internet start-ups appeared around 2011, and micro-blog, WeChat, today’s headlines, Kwai Fu, QQ browser, Tencent video, Iqiyi and other products were born.
From the perspective of global mobile phone shipment, before 2010, 2G mobile phones were still the main mobile phones. The sales volume of 3G mobile phones exceeded 2G mobile phones for the first time in the first quarter of 2010, with a penetration rate of 50%. Looking at China alone, due to the late commercial time of 3G, the domestic 3G mobile phone shipment volume only exceeded 2G mobile phones by August 2012, achieving 50% penetration rate.
Byte beat and Didi, founded in 2012, are completely rooted in smart phones at birth. Although meituan was founded in 2010, it was a website at the beginning, and it will not develop the mobile terminal until 2011.
Around 2015, mobile phone and Internet have been developing rapidly with the popularity of 4G and mobile payment. Taobao mobile, jitter, tiktok and WiFi master key are born.
Zhang Yiming once said, “there are many depressing times in history. If I was born in that era, I can’t do anything because the whole pattern, the whole society or the whole knowledge and technology are calm.”
According to the data, after 2016, the development of mobile Internet has entered a slow lane, with occasional movements and small waves. It was also in 2016 that Wang Xing first proposed the concept that China’s Internet had entered the “second half”. He said that the development of China’s Internet had largely depended on demographic dividend. Whether it was the rapid growth of early PC netizens or the surge of mobile Internet users in the past few years, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a bit rough and high-cost way for everyone to develop, because it uses With the rapid growth of households, hundreds of millions of smart phones are sold every year, and everyone’s business goes up with the tide. But now we can see that this era has passed, the annual sales of smart phones have not increased, and the growth of the overall Internet users has slowed down significantly.
Zhang Yiming believes that the second half is the post mobile era, and the biggest change is that the mobile era has passed its peak, and this dividing line is the most obvious. In his view, one of the most important decisions of the Internet in the “first half” was mobile. Among all the group buying websites, meituan is the most determined and most invested in mobile, so meituan has come out. On the contrary, Baidu’s transformation of mobile terminal is not firm enough, and then fell behind from bat. Today, Baidu’s market value is less than one tenth of at.
It is worth noting that before 2016, there was a blueprint for the development of the Internet in China, that is, the United States. The wave of Internet that has changed the world began in the United States. After learning from the more advanced technology and mode of the United States, Zhang Chaoyang has been a shortcut for Chinese Internet people. From search engine, e-commerce, social software, and sharing economy, the American innovation model has always been a sample of Chinese Internet learning.
In September 2015, as one of the invited guests of China US internet forum, Zhang Yiming went to the United States and sat at a table with Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Cisco CEO chambers and Amazon founder Bezos. The biggest significance of this trip to the United States for Zhang Yiming is that he found a truth: “American companies are paying more and more attention to the communication with Chinese Internet companies, and the starting line of Chinese Internet enterprises is getting closer and closer to that of the United States.”
Many entrepreneurs make complaints about the financial industry. In the past few years, if an entrepreneurial project fails to find a rival company in the US, it will hardly get financing. Pinduoduo, including pinduoduo, was once frustrated in financing because it could not find a benchmarking company in the United States. Today’s pinduoduo has become a new mode of e-commerce in China. In a dialogue with Li Zhigang, Huang Zheng introduced that there are not only more than 400 companies imitating pinduoduo in China, but also copycat pinduoduo companies in the United States. The United States has imitated China instead.
High speed rail, China online shopping, one belt, one road, 20 young people selected by the “youth and iron”, “”, “the new” four ways of the world. The latter three are Internet products, but online shopping has existed for a long time. Ofo, one of the representative enterprises sharing bicycles, was founded in 2014. Alipay, the two largest mobile payment company, was founded in 2004. WeChat payment started in 2013.

Although Ma Huateng believes that without the application innovation of basic research, it is like building high-rise buildings on the beach, the higher the risk. However, this kind of application innovation is still an important support for the prosperity of the Internet.
In the past two years, the U.S. government has been lobbying European countries and other allies to “encircle” Huawei, which is the leader of 5g technology. Since this year, China’s application led by tiktok has also been targeted. Analysts believe that being suppressed by the United States means that China’s Internet has become the birthplace of many innovations.
But, what’s going to happen in the second half? The Internet is not unified. Some people are optimistic about 5g, but they are still in the process of popularization; others are optimistic about artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, but the commercial application is still far away; some people are optimistic about biotechnology or lean management. Ma Huateng’s latest formulation is that “the development of mobile Internet in the past ten years will usher in the next wave of upgrading, which we call Quanzhen Internet”. Before globalization, it is the advice of heaven and earth. In his internal letter at the beginning of this year, Zhang Yiming chose globalization and education.
In the exploration of unclear direction, the anxiety about innovation is also pervading the Internet. In 2018, Tencent has no dream, which is actually an emotional explosion.
Infatuated with the old battlefield
The rise of byte skipping is a microcosm of the development of China’s mobile Internet. According to the latest news, the new round of byte skipping has reached 180 billion US dollars.
Among the four major needs of people, Zhang Yiming chose to connect information with people. Up to now, the vision of byte beating is still to be a global creation and communication platform.
This road is not easy because there are so many giants. When Zhang Yiming started to make today’s headlines, few people were optimistic about it. Even Shen NANPENG, who praised Zhang Yiming many times in the future, once said no to him.
Zhang Yiming believes that today’s headlines “gather news, pictures and stories together and push them to users according to their interests. This is a new business model.” But the Sequoia team has done a lot of careful investigation and found that almost all large companies want to make this product. Sina wants to do, Sohu wants to do, millet wants to do, Tencent wants to do, byte jumps a small company, opportunity is not big.
Later, when participating in CCTV programs, Zhang Yiming said that in the year and a half before the creation of byte beat, the whole industry was not so optimistic. “Our second round of financing was not so smooth. In my impression, I should have met more than 30 investors a month. I remember talking too much for a while and then losing my voice. ”
However, in 2014, today’s headlines have risen. By 2015, the number of front page users has reached 240 million, and the daily life has exceeded 20 million. Subsequently, Tencent launched daily express, trying to block today’s headlines. Today’s headlines are still very popular, but the daily express will be renamed “watch point express” in 2019.
Tiktok tiktok was also popular at the end of 2016. In 2018, the user data of the trembling began to explode, and by the end of the year, DAU had reached 250 million. Tiktok, tiktok volcano, has more than 600 million active users in the August 2020.
In 2017, in a dialogue with Bao fan, CEO of Huaxing capital, Zhang Yiming resumed the rise of byte skipping. “At the beginning, various Internet companies were competing around some old battlefields or transition stations, and did not look forward. Now it seems that app stores, PCs, and traditional search engine businesses are all transitional battlefields. They are still too infatuated with old battlefields or old things. Now it’s the same. They’re competing with the headlines. Are you too unimaginative? It should be looking forward. ”
Now it seems that the success of byte skipping is still because it is deeply rooted in the mobile Internet, so it has the opportunity to do what the portal website has done before.
Yao Jinbo, the city’s CEO, once said that the best time to start a business is when there are great changes in society, because there will be many opportunities in the changes.
Wang Xing also said that only when the times change greatly can the production factors have the opportunity to regroup, which is the best entrepreneurial opportunity.
In the dialogue with Bao fan, Zhang Yiming also believes that now (2017) is obviously in an era of dramatic change, an accelerated era, and many of them are changing, and most of them are good changes: whether it is technological progress or the critical point when the Internet develops to the point where artificial intelligence begins to appear. Of course, there are some regressive waves of globalization, but he feels that this is only an intermediate process. “Generally speaking, we are in an era of dramatic changes, and it is a positive era, where there are many positive new things and new technologies. This is very exciting in itself.”
Unfortunately, the upheaval of the times gradually subsided after 2017.
Zhang Yiming once thought it was the search business in the old battlefield, and it is also one of the directions for byte skipping to continue adding codes in the past two years. According to 36 krypton report, in November 25th, a Byman jumbled, “an insider said,” tiktok, jitter, watermelon and other product lines were integrated, and the search advertisements for bytes had been fully on-line. Prior to that, the byte beating search business had planned to create a revenue target of 30 billion yuan within three years.
In order to do a good job in search, byte skipping has attracted a large number of former executives of Baidu search. According to Tencent News “first line”, five Baidu executives quit in May 2019, of which four are the management of Baidu search company. Later, two of them joined the byte jump, namely Wu Haifeng and sun Wenyu. Wu Haifeng was the vice president of Baidu for 13 years; sun Wenyu, the executive director, was regarded as the “vice president of probation” for 12 years. After they left Baidu, Wu Haifeng’s director, Gao T and Gao P also left in large numbers. Some of them also add byte skipping. The incomplete list of “one line” includes Wu Xiaohui, Wang Xi, Li Meng, Tan Dai, Liu Hailang, etc. Among them, Tan Dai is the chief architect of Baidu search, who is T10 and has a good reputation in the industry.
This year, another big thing happened in search. On the evening of July 27, Sogou announced that it had received an offer for the privatization of Tencent. Tencent plans to purchase other shares of Sogou at a price of $9 per share. If the transaction is successful, Sogou will delist from the U.S. stock market and become an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent.

As early as March 2006, the search engine website of Tencent, sosou, was officially launched and started operation. However, it has not been able to shake Baidu’s position. When Tencent invested in Sogou in 2013, Tencent incorporated its Tencent search business and other related assets into Sogou. In June 2014, Sogou searched WeChat’s official account with its search business. According to public data, the total volume of search dog’s search for more than 1/3 came from Tencent.
In 2017, wechat began to layout search, and then upgraded to “wechat search”, and the related business became deeper and deeper. According to the statistics of CNNIC in June 2019, 43% of the goods or services searched through wechat.
At the wechat special session of Tencent global digital ecology conference held in September this year, Liang Zefeng, the product operation director of wechat search, introduced that with years of iteration, wechat search has gradually become a comprehensive search engine connecting account number, content, service, commodity, music, novel, brand and even video number, and its tentacles have gradually extended to various parts of the wechat ecosystem aspect.
A person close to Tencent said that after integrating with Sogou, it is expected that the share of revenue from search and search related advertising in Tencent’s advertising market will be greatly increased.
In addition to search, Baidu, Weibo and Tencent are starting to make efforts in video business this year, which is also a very old battlefield. The active B platform was established in 2009, and Kwai hung was founded in 2011, and Xiao Hong was founded in 2013.
In 2017, baidu launched a good-looking video online, and launched a short video. Subsequently, baidu launched a batch of short video apps, such as national small video, partner video and Xifan.
Recently, baidu mobile ecological business group will be good-looking video and national small video integration into a short video business department, by the original good-looking video general manager Song Jian. Song Jian is the former head of watermelon video. In August this year, he officially joined Baidu as the general manager of good-looking video and reported to Shen Shuo, executive vice president of Baidu group. It is reported that song Jian, previously the initiator of today’s top video business, has successively founded a series of video apps with tens of millions of users, such as Bobo video and Microba short video.
A person close to Baidu said that if you want to do search, you should dig Baidu people; if Baidu wants to do video, you should dig people with byte skipping. This shows that talents are limited and business has not changed. Does every company use the old people to do the old things, or does it show that the Internet has problems in innovation.
Tencent promoted the merger of douyu and Huya this year, and launched wechat video number at the beginning of the year. After several iterations, Tencent has a strong development momentum. In August this year, live broadcast, live delivery and other functions were launched one after another; in September, the video number promotion internal test, and now the circle of friends advertising can support the promotion of video number; in October, the video Number opened the wechat store to support access to the third-party delivery system.
It can be said that some functions of the jitter are also available on WeChat tiktok.
As everyone knows, Zhang Yiming has been trying to do social networking. As early as January 2019, he launched many flashlights, and in May of the same year, he launched a flying chat. But the two products did not cause much splash in the market. “Tiktok” is a product of WeChat. So, tiktok tiktok took the responsibility of social breakthrough. In March 2020, tiktok was put on the voice live broadcast dating board. In April, the public voice test of “connecting” and “Acquaintances” functions respectively pointed to strangers’ social interaction and acquaintance social interaction. Besides, the chattering tiktok is constantly adjusting the interaction of friends related functions, encouraging users to add friends and interact with friends.
Now, tiktok is opened, and the online interface is very clear on the message interface. Tiktok is also open to chat boxes. WeChat has the same function of shaking, including voice, expression, picture, video sharing, and even voice and video calls.
Ali had thought that the war of e-commerce was over in 2016. According to Zhang Yong, chairman of Alibaba, after the completion of wireless, Taobao would move from a universal commodity market to super consumer media. The development of community, content and local life will be the three major directions of Taobao in the future. However, pinduoduo was born, which slowed Ali’s step. First, it restarted juhuasuan, and then launched Taobao’s special price version to continue to compete in the old battlefield.
In addition, the local life is also full of wars. Ali organized a group to fight against the United States. And so on. It’s also an old fight.
Analysts said that there are big difficulties, the basic market can not be shaken, so as long as someone is likely to challenge the core business of large companies, a big war is inevitable.
Super app and Globalization
At the same time, there is one super company that can meet the needs of the Internet. Because, this means that traffic and commercialization really form a closed loop.
Entertainment, information, communication, can bring a lot of traffic, while business, can realize the flow.
Before the advent of the super app, this closed loop could only be used in cardiopulmonary bypass. For example Kwai tiktok generated traffic flow in Taobao, WeChat generated traffic, Jingdong or spells more cash.
On November 30, the mobile phone Taobao began to test its new version. The biggest change was to integrate the original content of Taobao and launch a centralized content platform “shopping”. The content of Taobao is from the show of talent buyers scattered on the commodity page before, and Taobao is encouraging content creators, ordinary users and businesses to produce original content.
According to the alphabet report, the logic of Taobao’s revision has something in common with the update of wechat. In recent months, wechat has opened many traffic entrances for the video number, and input a continuous stream of traffic to it, transforming the social traffic and content flow in the image and text era into video traffic, so as to irrigate a short video giant in wechat. The goal is that the mature video number can feed back the wechat ecology.
From this point of view, Taobao’s shopping and wechat’s video number are both intended to accelerate the flow cycle in the super app. At present, it is Taobao that uses primary entrance and secondary pages to transport traffic to shopping. However, shopping clearly carries Taobao’s expectation: when users form the mind of consuming content-based products in Taobao, shopping can become an internal flow pool and feed Taobao ecology.
Tiktok and Kwai are doing the same thing in this year.

However, there is an inherent paradox, from electricity supplier to content, or from content to electricity supplier, because consumers and traffic are different. As tiktok LatePost reported, “the jitter from media to transaction is not superimposed, but also doing leaps and bounds.” And Ali, even with a large entertainment, Taobao traffic problem is still difficult to solve.
At present, only wechat relies on a large user group, which is closest to the completion of super app. The latest data show that WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active accounts to 1 billion 206 million 100 thousand, is the largest social platform, and official account, video number and small program, it has been supporting the public’s information and entertainment needs.
According to the latest data released, the daily life of wechat applet exceeded 400 million, and Gmv of small program commodity trading increased 115% year on year. In 2019, more than 800 billion Gmv of transactions on wechat applet will be created. Tencent insiders disclosed that in fact, last year, the possibility of trading was proved on wechat, but the relevant team has not said to the public that they think the more important thing is to support the business with a more grounded long-term.
Both wechat applet and pinduoduo enter the incremental market. Pinduoduo relies on the consumption potential of the sinking market, while wechat live broadcast transfers the transactions of offline businesses to the online market. According to the “China e-commerce report 2019” released by the e-commerce Department of the Ministry of Commerce, the national e-commerce transaction volume will reach 34.81 trillion yuan in 2019, of which the online retail sales of physical goods will reach 8.52 trillion yuan, accounting for 20.7% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Wechat, which is making efforts to carry goods in private domain, is focusing on this 80% offline market.
And the practice of offline businesses + small programs enables wechat to realize the mutual noninterference between social networking and e-commerce.
The exploration of wechat in transaction also gives Taobao a good reference.
In this revision, the original “micro Taobao” function at the first level tab entrance was upgraded to “subscription”, and the position was adjusted to the left side of the original page “recommendation” on the home page.
According to the alphabet report, in addition to the change of location, different from micro Taobao marketing and content, subscription only focuses on marketing to operation, such as online shopping, live broadcast of merchants, etc. As for the business content to the operation position, it remained in the “attention” column of “browsing” instead of the old version of micro Taobao. This change is to make the private domain operation more targeted, but the more important significance is to separate the marketing field and content field of Taobao.
Obviously, behind the super app is the boundless business boundary of big Internet companies. Chinese entrepreneurs have a long time to realize that at the end of entrepreneurship, bat is inevitable. The expansion of the border also makes the competition between big companies more and more frequent. Ma Huateng once lamented that there was too much competition with ALI, which was a little perplexed.
In addition to doing it yourself, investment is also the starting point for big Internet companies. According to Zhang Yiming, the characteristic of bat is that they have to cast everything important.
According to new fortune, Tencent will make a net investment for every 100 yuan it earns from its operations. Alibaba will invest 80 yuan, Amazon will invest 63 yuan, Google and Facebook will invest 55 yuan, and Microsoft will only invest 30 yuan. Among the 586 Unicorn companies in the world, Tencent has invested nearly 1 / 10 of them, up to 52, second only to Sequoia Capital; and Alibaba (ALI, ant and Yunfeng) has invested in 44. 70% of China’s top 30 apps are under at.
In the list above, the top 10 were AT tiktok products besides vibrato and Baidu. Tencent invested a lot of money and Kwai Fu, and Ali invested in micro-blog.
About 10 years ago, “bat took away all the great opportunities for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in China” was a hot topic on the Internet. As early as 2015 Hangzhou yunqi conference, Ma Yun responded to this question. He said, “some people say bat is a big mountain. How can we have a chance? I tell you, if we don’t kill the landlords in the village, the farmers will get rich. Bat will continue to develop in three mountains or seven mountains, but you have a chance to win, because today’s entrepreneurial environment, all the infrastructure of entrepreneurship today, and the overall financing status are much better than those 15 years ago. Including the quality of everyone here today, the ability to start a business was something we couldn’t imagine at that time. ”
In 2016, in Wuzhen, when Luo Yihang, founder of pingwest pinplay, held a closed door discussion with Cheng Wei, Zhang Yiming and Wang Xing, Cheng Wei, who once worked in Ali, told the truth that Chinese Internet companies are all perverse.
Cheng Wei said that Internet companies in the United States can develop vertically and do a single business thoroughly, because they are born global companies and can do global layout and development. Therefore, the horizontal development of American companies is not much, that is, the appeal of diversification is not so strong. Relatively speaking, the sense of insecurity of China’s Internet is stronger. Part of this insecurity stems from the failure of internationalization, and the longer you grow, the fatter you have to be.
Zhang Yiming once said that China’s Internet population only accounts for one fifth of the global Internet population. If we do not allocate resources around the world and pursue products with scale effect, one fifth of them can’t compete with four fifths, so it’s inevitable to go out to sea.
Chinese enterprises have to face the global market sooner or later. Compared with domestic competition, the global market is more likely. But the road to sea is full of thorns. Bat and other Internet companies have long started global layout, but the effect is not satisfactory. Instead, tiktok, which is the byte beating company, has come out.
As early as 2015, byte hop began to deploy globalization. It released the overseas version of today’s headlines, named “topbuzz”, and fought overseas by means of “promoting new products” and “investing and acquiring”.
2017 is a year of rapid expansion of byte jump overseas. Tiktok launched the small volcano video overseas Hypstar and the overseas version of TikTok in the year, and also acquired short video platform Flipagram, mobile news service provider News Republic and short music video platform. 。

In 2018, Combined with tiktok, a new global short video platform is formed. It should be noted that the It’s tiktok’s kernel.
Tiktok is the most successful global product of Chinese Internet companies in recent years. According to sensor tower data, in May 2020, tiktok’s global download volume exceeded 2 billion. In the first, third and fourth quarters of 2019, tiktok ranked first in the list of the most downloaded apps in the world.
Prior to that, no matter Tencent’s QQ, WeChat or Ali’s Taobao or Alipay, China never had a App capable of sweeping the globe like it did.
Wei Haijun, founder partner of Daguan capital, believes that this is a milestone event for Chinese enterprises to go out to sea. Byte beat is becoming a global ecological enterprise step by step. This is a good thing for entrepreneurs in China, and it will also bring great demonstration and acceleration effect. “At present, only Google, Facebook, apple and other companies have global ecology, and domestic Internet and technology companies are still on the way to global growth.”
Unfortunately, after the news came out in early July that the trump government was going to ban tiktok, with the pressure of the trump government step by step, the situation turned worse. Zhang Yiming, who originally set globalization as the company’s strategic goal at the beginning of the year, had to turn to China in order to support a valuation of more than 100 billion US dollars. He successively increased e-commerce, education and other businesses, looking for new opportunities in the old battlefield.
In this fast iterative industry of the Internet, the development of enterprises is only in progress, not in completion. In the foreword of “Three Outlooks”, Ma Huateng wrote that now, an exciting opportunity is coming, and the mobile Internet will usher in the next wave of upgrading after ten years of development, which we call the Quanzhen Internet. From real-time communication to audio and video, a series of basic technologies have been prepared, and the computing power has been improved rapidly, which has promoted the mode of information contact and human-computer interaction to have more abundant changes.
This is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, which means the integration of online and offline, and the integration of physical and electronic modes. The door of the virtual world and the real world has been opened. Whether it is from virtual to real or from real to virtual, we are committed to helping users achieve a more real experience. From consumer Internet to industrial Internet, application scenarios have also been opened. Communication and social networking are becoming video, video conference and live broadcasting are rising, and games are becoming cloud. With the promotion of VR and other new technologies, new hardware and software in various scenarios, it is believed that another reshuffle is about to begin. Just like the transformation of mobile Internet, people who can’t get on the boat will gradually fall behind.
*The title and some of the pictures in this paper are from visual China.
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