Why do Internet workers fish?


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By Wei Jie, Zhou Jifeng, Jin Yu, Tang Yahua, Li Qiuhan, Su Qi
Source: rancaijing
It can be said that the whole process of being fished by the boss is a nightmare.
“Curious, are the students / departments who have been chatting with each other in the group early in the morning? Are they very free today? Is this very common?” Recently, according to a number of media reports, byte beat CEO Zhang Yiming saw in the company’s internal game exchange group that some employees chatted about the popular game “original God” during working hours, which made him feel dissatisfied. “Although the company does not prohibit occasional chatting during office hours, I am still very surprised to be so active in the game group for several consecutive days.”
According to the conventional trend of the story, the “workers” who have been criticized by the big boss should have been scattered and focused on their busy work again. However, in this incident, the wonderful thing is that an employee presented one of the byte beating values of “honesty and clarity” to fight back Zhang Yiming. The employee said that chatting during office hours is an unavoidable problem. We should calculate the percentage of time spent by individual employees in the group chatting in the group to work time, and whether the business of these employees is related to the game, and then see whether it affects it work efficiency. If it is just because the number of people in the group is too large to swipe the screen, and everyone does not spend too much time chatting in the group, there is no need to worry.
Although this interesting story of Internet people fishing ended with Zhang Yiming’s “retiring from the group”, the discussion on Internet people fishing will not stop.
Shen ran chatted with seven Internet people about their views on fishing, work efficiency and management methods. Some of them became masters of performance and could instantly turn fishing into business discussion. Some people explored the highest level of fishing – fishing with leaders. Some people had a deep insight into their own hearts and thought that fishing was a deep disappointment for the company. From a manager’s point of view, they will not focus on fishing. Instead, they will first consider whether the employees’ performance is up to standard. If they feel that fishing has affected their work, they will consider layoffs or workload adjustments.
No matter the employee or the boss, they do not deny that fishing is human nature. It is harmless to fish properly.
The key to watching Korean opera fishing next to your boss is to pretend to work hard
Li Hong, 25, marketing specialist of game company
Fishing is a must for me. Fishing is like a lubricant between me and work. It can be said that Internet people who can’t fish are not good workers.
When I turn on my computer every morning, the thought of “not wanting to go to work” almost occupies my whole brain, so I usually do something “OK but not necessary” to pass the morning. For example, eating breakfast, fetching water, going to the bathroom (there are too many people queuing in the company bathroom, so there is an excuse to fish) Half an hour passed.
My immediate supervisor is right next to my seat, but it doesn’t affect my fishing. The key to fishing is to pretend that you are actually working hard. You’re still surfing. You know who’s surfing. Many colleagues, including me, often fish in the name of work. For example, chatting in a group or with a colleague in a small window seems to be chatting about work. In fact, we are gossiping. In the name of looking for material, we can open station B and brush it. While leaders are not prepared for small window video sites, we watch Korean dramas while doing some mindless work
But sometimes the line between fishing and work is not so clear. Because we are a game company, playing games has become a business. Once I was holding the switch at work, the leader was a little dissatisfied, but in fact, I was making material with a screenshot.
To tell you the truth, there are thousands of ways to fish, and leaders are actually very easy to see through. Our work is still result oriented, and we speak with performance, so most of the time, leaders turn a blind eye. But not too much, grandiose fishing is easy to touch the boss’s minefield. For example, a colleague of mine has just started his first year of employment. Because he has no project, he is super free at work, and then he reads cartoons during working hours. The big boss saw it. The big boss remembers now that she thinks of “reading comics at work” as soon as she mentions it. Her promotion has also been affected and she has little sense of presence at work.
However, in my opinion, fishing is sure to touch. Proper fishing can make me relax a little in the stress and busy work. If you work after fishing, your work efficiency will be improved. And the work that should be done will still be done well. After all, performance should be used to speak. “Work” and “fishing” do not conflict, but complement each other.
Working 8 hours fishing for 7.5 hours
Xiao Ming, 29 years old, head teacher of education institution
How to say about Zhang Yiming? It should be very common for large companies to fish. Maybe this is my daily life, so I’m not surprised.
My occupation is a teacher in charge of the students’ daily management and answering questions. Because students’ study is managed by professional teachers, their lives are managed by dormitories and aunts, and their parents are managed by admission teachers. There are not many problems for students. My work is easy. In addition, some of the work can be handed over to new people to do, and some can be delayed later. Just do a little work that has to be done every day.
It can be said that my job is to fish. After the card, he began to be in a daze, tiktok and play games in the office. Besides, he also read novels, brushed and shook voices, and sometimes he gathered to fight landlords and mahjong players online. Every day, the brain state is, “I’m so bored. I’m going to work again. What should I do today?” I’m looking for a new way to play fish every day. If I work more than 8 hours a day, I should work more than 8 hours a day. Almost every time students come to ask questions, I’m still playing games. I can’t remember when my last job was.
Source / respondents

Fishing tools are mainly mobile phones, as long as you turn on the silent mode and lock the screen in time, you will not be found. In fact, even if it is found that there is nothing wrong, the leader will not say anything. Two days ago, we gathered together to play mahjong online. Two people opened their voices. Suddenly, the headmaster pushed the door in. Although we buttoned and locked the screen the first time, he should hear the sound of playing cards. He didn’t say anything, so he asked us to meet the parents. He turned a blind eye as long as he didn’t go overboard.
In fact, he didn’t know what I did every day, and I was the only one who graduated from 211 in the Q & a teachers. I had a strong problem-solving ability. Otherwise, I would not be able to get along with this fishing attitude.
I’d like to have a happy life.
If I have to say the essential reason, in fact, I use fishing to fill the void in my heart. Before, in school, there was a very fixed passing line. I knew what my study direction and purpose was, but I had no clear goal for my work. I work in Tianjin. I’m a native of Tianjin. I don’t have the pressure to buy a house or the burden of supporting my family. If I don’t go to work, I won’t starve to death. My work is illusory and has no motivation. By fishing to pass time, empty pain can be quickly filled through games and novels, so that you don’t have to be bored for a long time and think about meaning.
Sometimes after reading a novel or a customs clearance game, I don’t want to do anything. I will think about what I have gained in the past seven years, and I will find that there is nothing.
I know that this job can’t let me go fishing all the time, so I’m also taking the civil service examination at the same time. It’s a perfect match for me who has no idea of promotion. There is no end to fishing, and there is no end to emptiness. In fact, the examination of civil servants means that you have a goal in front of you.
Fishing and creation during working hours
Plateau | 30 years old sports video editor of Internet company
Every December to February of the following year is our fixed fishing season.
Because our team is in charge of football matches, we are busy to fly in summer, but the fishing period in winter is not without work, but we can finish it in 2-3 hours every day. Occasionally, there are some temporary urgent tasks, and we will fish separately in the rest of the time.
The working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, and the canteen is open at 11:30. Some colleagues may arrive a little late, sit in the work station for more than an hour, and then go down to eat. There will be a lunch break. In the afternoon, it’s usually working time. Then the gym opens at 5:00 p.m. and many people go to work out. They will take a bath after they are healthy. They will leave work at 6:00.
Without affecting others, I’ll watch some of the game’s replay highlights or live broadcasts to focus on industry trends. If I’m fishing, other people are exaggerating.
During working hours, I fell asleep and played all kinds of games. The most exaggerated thing is that a colleague opened several trumpets and used several computers to play games at the same time. Every afternoon, some colleagues occasionally go downstairs to smoke, buy water and breathe freely. One or two times a day is common. They are vomiting and chatting on the downstairs collectively. Some people make complaints about takeaway.
I like to drink tea. I often go to the work station to clean up the tea tray and teapot, and then sit down to the station to make tea. Another colleague likes to drink coffee very much. When he comes to the work station every day, he puts the coffee beans into the utensils, shakes them into powder, and finally makes a pot of coffee.
When I first arrived at this company, I still wanted to pay more attention to some top games. For example, I would watch the NBA in the morning, but I was also worried that the leaders would see it, because we didn’t need to report NBA. Once, the leader reminded me that “we should pay attention.”. Later, it was found that everyone was in this state when it came to the intermission period. Because this job does not earn a lot of money, many people think that the workload is proportional to the money.
Of course, I’m not a person who loves fishing very much, because the work is already very unsaturated. It’s hard to say how to fish again. So this period of time has become a golden winter for me to cultivate my interests and hobbies. Anyway, I will not let myself idle down, staring at the computer in a daze, or chatting with colleagues.
I like traditional folk art, and recently I’m addicted to talk shows. When I go to work and have a meeting, I try to write some paragraphs, outline my ideas, and then fill in the contents slowly.
This job is very suitable for me now, because I have a lot of social intercourse with clients in the evening. Sometimes I am very tired when I go back home after dinner. If I am required to arrive on time and can’t fish during working hours, I will be tired after a long time. Moreover, I usually have some things I like, such as doing football commentary. Most of the time is in the latter half of the night. Then I can go to the company the next day and have a little squint. All of my hobbies need to spend some time doing homework.
More money, less work, closer to home, this job accounts for at least the same, I feel very happy.
Watching variety shows being caught and pretending to be doing product experience
Tiemu | 35 year old Internet practitioner
I have been in state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises. I found that whenever I announce that I want to fish, my boss will come to me. This is Murphy’s law in the workplace.
In state-owned enterprises, employees need to show their extroversion and communication skills. If you sit in the corner and brush your mobile phone to catch fish, the boss will not be happy to see it, and colleagues will think you are a strange guy.
The correct way for state-owned enterprises to fish is to have a few people get together to play cards during lunch break. Even if it’s a little late in the afternoon, it doesn’t matter that the boss will even join in. In the game of cards, you should show your ability to calculate the game and influence other people’s cards, that is, logical ability and incitement ability. In fact, this is not exactly fishing, but another form of ability display, sometimes received unexpected praise from the boss.
In a foreign company, the boss is full of respect for everyone. As long as you finish your job, the boss doesn’t care what you are doing. As long as you don’t make a lot of noise, don’t brush porn, gambling and drug websites.

In the Internet business, it is another interesting experience. Because the Internet companies advocate overtime, and there is no overtime pay, it is easy for people to go to work fishing. The product form of the Internet itself, to some extent, takes some light entertainment color. Many products are used to brush time for users. Therefore, it is difficult to say where the boundary between fishing and experiencing products is.
When I was in the Internet company, there was an interesting thing about fishing. Most of us do TV. My team makes video recommendation. There is a 70 inch super TV behind my work station. That time was just make complaints about Tencent video. After a night’s dinner, I began to watch the Tucao meeting with relish.
With Li Dan talking on the program, I also laugh in front of TV. All of a sudden, an older brother sitting at the back of the TV looked up at me. The look was very strange. I was not sure what it meant.
But automatic speaking on the next second, I said to myself, “well, it can make complaints about this program, which is consistent with the user’s historical behavior. The recommendation model is effective.”
Then I glanced back and found that our CEO was visiting the building privately. Believe it or not, she didn’t criticize me in person or ask my name.
I think fishing can be regarded as the nature of office workers, but how to fish reasonably, in different workplace environment, the evaluation criteria are also different. However, no matter what the scene, other people are working, you make a big move to fish, it is very bad behavior.
My experience is that introverts fishing alone is not always desirable, but if the fishing results are applied to work, it will be different. For extroverts, we should get colleagues from all departments together to fish, smoke, drink, play cards and play ball games. Not only will leaders not interfere, but they will become leaders sooner or later.
The highest level of fishing is to let the leader follow you
Qiu Kun, 25, an employee of a start-up company
Many people refer to fishing as a derogatory term, which is linked with being lazy and playing slippery. But I think fishing is a way of working for many young people nowadays.
I was in a start-up company. When I started to choose a seat, I chose a corner position. The left side was the window, the back side was the wall, and the front and right sides were all work stations. Other positions were either too close to other people or close to the corridor and door. My simplicity was the golden section of fishing.
But in fact, I seldom fish during working hours, usually after work. Because although the company’s default off-duty time is six, it is actually eight or nine. It’s very serious for startups to work overtime. Everyone doesn’t leave after work every day. Some people don’t finish their work. Some pretend to work overtime to show the boss. Others dare not go. I’m the one who dares not to leave. Several times, I left just after work. Later, I was talked by the department leaders and criticized my work was not active. Later, every time I waited for the leader to leave, and even when the work was finished, I had to wait until eight or nine o’clock.
But it’s really boring to stay in the company after work. I can’t help but fish. I like to play online games, but the company’s computer configuration is too low, every time online card into a mosaic, teammates talk like rap, so I can only go to the nearby Internet cafes.
In order to avoid being discovered, every time I go to the Internet bar, I don’t take anything, and the company computer is not turned off. For example, I stay on a PPT page, fill the cup with hot water, put a bag of open snacks on the table, and even sometimes don’t take my mobile phone, which makes me feel like I’m not off work and just go to the bathroom.
This effect is very good. Every time I go to the Internet bar more than 6 o’clock, play games for two hours, return to the company to get things at more than 8 o’clock, just in time for the large army to leave work, I can also say hello to the boss, both ends are correct.
But there is also a problem. After all, people are not in the company. Sometimes the leaders ask me for something. I don’t come back after waiting for more than an hour. I don’t answer the phone, and the leaders begin to doubt it. So we have to grasp this frequency.
The highest level of fishing is to let the leader follow you. Once at noon, I was found by the leader when I was fighting King glory in the company. At that time, it was already working time. I shrank in the corner and thought that everyone could not see it. But the leader suddenly came to my side and scared my mobile phone to the table. At that time, the leader didn’t say anything. Later I found the opportunity to give him the honor of Amway king. He also said that all the people around me were playing, and those who didn’t play were out of date. After two weeks of brainwashing, he began to form a team with me, and we fished together
In fact, the boss also fish. He plays online fight against landlords. Sometimes when I pass by his office door, I can hear the background music of fighting landlords coming from inside. Anyone who has played the game can understand it. And two times in the elevator, I also saw him with his mobile phone playing against landlords, not looking around the kind.
It’s normal to touch a fish occasionally at work. It’s a way to relax and communicate with colleagues. Especially when we play games, we get familiar with each other very soon. It’s better to fish online than pretend to work overtime.
I’m not touching fish. I’m disappointed with the company
Jacky | 29 years old, an overseas e-commerce brand market
The sad thing about fishermen is that they have a lot of time, but they don’t know what fish to touch.
Speaking of fishing, I feel that our whole group is touching. Looking around the work status of colleagues around, some take their mobile phones and laptops and pretend to go to a meeting. In fact, they stay in it for an hour and don’t know what to do in it. Some turn on the PPT, which is half done, pretending to be looking for information and data, but actually reading posts, Some even play the new “cyberpunk 2077”, a two-day ppt that has been delayed for a week.
Of course, I am also a member of the fishing army. I usually open the nail chat window or put half of the forms on the desktop to see the release of new electronic products and stock funds. In this way, I can switch to the work interface instantly, at least without major problems.

Maybe you don’t believe that I used to be a very efficient person, and I was an overseas e-commerce brand. I often had to wait for the customers’ time on the other side of the ocean. It was common for me not to sleep when I was promoted. But I never complained. Not only that, I often do extra things, such as actively looking for friends to survey the European and American markets, doing data analysis, and finally finding yoga pants as a popular item for the company.
But this year, everything is different. The epidemic situation is a big reshuffle for our industry. In addition, the old diseases accumulated by the company broke out suddenly. The company is on the verge of death. Even the boss himself has been staying abroad and has not appeared in the company. Colleagues from the beginning of a sudden relaxation of careful fishing, to now is a common practice.
In addition to the changes in the company, the trend of my colleagues has repeatedly affected me. Several colleagues that I liked before left one after another. Those colleagues who were generally recognized as having average ability in private were promoted by the boss. In addition, I found some problems in my health this year. My health worries will constantly distract me. So far, I still stay in the company and have not left because it is convenient to ask for leave in the hospital. But this matter has been hanging in my heart, I know I should act, can’t continue like this.
In fact, the Internet industry itself is an industry that pays great attention to self-energy and time management. It is not that the longer the working hours, the more work they will do. Internet companies should consider how to motivate and improve work efficiency.
I think this is also reflected in the incident that “the byte employees are caught by Zhang Yiming when fishing”. If the employees really want to fish, they can avoid discussing in groups with bosses. Everyone is not a fool, in the heart has the discretion, generally will not affect the work result. To catch fish, you have to sail the boat first. Instead of grasping the group, you should think about how to improve efficiency.
Dealing with fishing, never challenge human nature
Benjamin | former director of hotel operations, 38 years old
Zhang Yiming is still too “tender”. If the boss talks about fishing as a matter, it will appear that the boss is stingy. It will also expose the boss’s mind and show that there is no city government. This kind of thing needs to work hard in the dark. Moreover, according to my many years of work experience, I found that the more confident and senior a leader is, the less he will be able to look at anything particularly detailed. He has his own unique and obscure judgment criteria or methodology to evaluate the company’s situation.
First of all, why do employees fish? Firstly, their workload is not saturated. Secondly, everyone has procrastination. If the deadline is not imminent, many employees will touch the fish for a while, and then push forward a little work. Finally, when they find that the time is too late, they start to work overtime.
From the perspective of management psychology, fishing is human nature, because the happiness of fishing is immediate feedback, which can quickly bring pleasure to people, while work is to delay satisfaction. Work needs to overcome many difficulties, and after a period of hard exploration, we can obtain “reward”. It’s hard to resist the temptation of instant feedback. In view of this, what managers can do is to help employees split their goals, split big goals into small ones, and make a job look less “long, difficult, and endless.”
If I feel that fishing has affected the overall progress of work, I will readjust the workload. Those who fail to do so will surely start to complain that KPI is too abnormal, and they will consider resigning. If I can’t finish it, I will dismiss him if he doesn’t go and affects the progress of the team.
On the one hand, it is necessary to set an example to others and re form a tense atmosphere within the team. On the other hand, if one person is missing, the workload will be redistributed. Although the rest of the staff do more work, they can get more salary and bonus and feel that there are more resources. It’s called human management.
What’s more, if I were Zhang Yiming, I would never expose myself, because it is a rare and vivid place to truly observe employees! I will continue to hide in the group to observe the employees, and then based on the observation, evaluate the workload, re set goals or lay off some employees who are lagging behind in performance.
An intelligent manager must be human-oriented and result oriented. I don’t agree with the “anti fishing method” of installing timers in the toilet and shielding the network from chasing TV dramas. Most of the work is not like the assembly line workers who don’t use their brains to screw screws. Instead, they need to think and need creativity. These methods are purely human tools. If so, now the technology is very developed. Why not consider using machines and people How about intelligent workers to replace the work of these people?
If you use too rigid methods to prevent employees from fishing, it will make employees feel uncomfortable and work with resistance, which is not good for work. I have also been an employee. I know that chatting with my colleagues will make me feel very happy. The two sides may even encounter some inspirations in the seemingly fishing communication, and finally turn into very good products or plans.
In addition, when considering whether an employee is fishing, the boss should also consider the nature of the employee’s work. For example, I used to have a customer development colleague. He would chat with other people happily every day, find all kinds of people to drink, appear drunk in the office, and date beautiful girls. This may seem like fishing in other people’s eyes, but it is actually a way of working.
*Both the title and the illustrations in the paper are from pexels. At the request of the interviewees, Li Hong, Xiaoming, Gaoyuan, Tiemu, Qiu Kun, Jacky and Benjamin were pseudonyms.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)