Several suppliers forbid group purchase and supply to communities


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Qian Qinghua, chairman of Huahai Shunda: received customer complaints
Source: Daily Economic News
Every reporter Zhao Wenqi
Discussion on community group buying platform continues to ferment.
On December 12, it was reported that Cangzhou Huahai Shunda grain and oil seasoning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huahai Shunda”) issued a “notice on forbidding supply to community group purchase platform suppliers”. The company said that it had received complaints from various parties, such as the community group buying platform represented by buying more vegetables and meituan preferred, and even some products were far lower than the ex factory price, The impact is serious and damages the interests of customers. The following requirements are made for the dealers to operate the community group purchase platform.
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In response, “daily economic news” reporter contacted the chairman of Cangzhou Huahai Shunda grain and oil seasoning Co., Ltd., Qian Qinghua, who told reporters that the above announcement was true. According to him, the company’s business department received a number of complaints from suppliers in the afternoon of December 12. Several community group buying platforms attracted customers through subsidies, which triggered a price war in the market. Therefore, the company issued the above announcement.
Qian Qinghua provided a notice to reporters that any customer operating community group buying platform must have the authorization of Huahai Shunda, otherwise it will be regarded as fleeing goods. The notice also mentioned that, regardless of whether the platform is subsidized or not, the price shall not be lower than the retail price of Huahai Shunda terminal, otherwise, it will be regarded as low price, and the distribution right will be cancelled if the influence is bad.
“It’s hard for us as manufacturers to do it.” Qian Qinghua told reporters frankly. In his opinion, some community group buying platforms use big data to analyze the products that community residents just need, and then subsidize the sales of these products. The sales price is far lower than the normal market price. To crack down or even destroy the normal business order, the next step is to monopolize the community channels.
According to public information, Cangzhou Huahai Shunda grain and oil seasoning Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is the first batch of comprehensive agricultural industrialization enterprises integrating production, processing, packaging and sales. Its products mainly include spices, dried fruit products, seafood, dried edible fungi, coarse grains, sugar, starch and other 11 categories of 300 varieties.
In addition, the reporter of “daily economic news” learned that in addition to Huahai Shunda, other suppliers have successively issued similar suspension notices, including Luohe Weilong Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Weilong”).
Wei long said in the “notice on prohibiting the supply of goods to community group purchase platforms”, recently, the company has received many complaints, such as “buy more vegetables” and “meituan preferred”, which have serious low prices, and even some items are far lower than the ex factory price, which seriously affects the interests of customers. At the same time, set the guiding price for the star products of the company in the notice.
Photo source: provided by interviewees
As of the press release, the supplier’s “no supply” notice mentioned in the “buy more vegetables, meituan preferred” and other community group buying platforms did not respond to the “daily economic news” reporter on this matter.