CEO of Qualcomm salutes Apple: M1 chip confirms our vision for the future of computing


Sina digital news on the morning of December 12, Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, expressed his appreciation for Apple’s M1 chip in an interview with the media. Amun said the success of the M1 chip “confirms” Qualcomm’s vision for the future of computing.
Apple M1 chip
Asked what lessons could be learned from the M1 chip by companies like Qualcomm and Microsoft, Amun said, “we are very happy with the release of M1 chip, which is a big event. Pay tribute to apple because it demonstrates our belief that mobile users are defining what they want from the PC experience. “.
Amun also stressed that Apple’s transition to arm chips will help promote the development of the entire industry. It is worth noting that Qualcomm has just released its latest flagship processor, the snapdragon 888.
“When Apple joins this circle, you will find that the ecology is changing. For example, I believe that this week, the week before Adobe released new apps, these apps were all arm native. Once these applications become arm native applications, it will have higher performance and better compatibility.
Overall, this is a very good signal. The ecosystem will change, which also proves that Microsoft and Qualcomm are on the right path. It’s about battery life, network connectivity, and a different multimedia experience. ” Amun said.
In the interview, Amun talked about 5g’s future, and his view is still very optimistic. Earlier, it was reported that Apple had begun to develop modems for cellular networks to replace Qualcomm.