Ren Zhengfei: Huawei and glory should not be linked together. Glory should be Huawei’s strongest competitor


E-mail of president’s Office
Email address [2020] No. 141
Issued by: Ren Zhengfei
Speech by president Ren at the farewell party
November 25, 2020
We will be separated, had been together for more than ten years, in the heart has reluctantly sad and excited. We are in a great era and also in the most difficult period. We were originally a small grass. After two years of hard work, we may become a small iron tree. The iron tree will blossom. You have to go, there is nothing to send you, except for the autumn wind to send cold and blow down the yellow leaves.
1、 Why strip glory
Huawei, under the wave after wave of severe sanctions from the United States, has finally made us understand that some American politicians are not trying to correct us, but to kill us. We have the ability to overcome Huawei’s short-term difficulties. We don’t drag innocent people into the water because we suffer. However, agents and distributors distributed in 170 countries will dry up due to lack of water in the channels, which will lead to the unemployment of millions of people; the suppliers will also have overstocked goods and sales will decline because we can’t purchase, which will drag down the stock market. What’s wrong with them? Why can’t we bear some sacrifices? You are going to share weal and woe with them, so that the dry channels will be filled with water when the water source is not cut off. But you are not the Savior. You should put your religious piety to the customers, faithfully protect the interests of customers, and sincerely respect the commitment to suppliers. The spirit of contract is the foundation of your invincibility. Glory is to produce medium and low-end products. Under the leadership of Zhixin company, glory will resume production quickly to solve the difficulties of upstream and downstream partners.
We have been together for more than ten years, and we have managed to transform a group of naive, romantic and young intellectuals into “soldiers” who can work hard. In the past, some of our methods were too raw and cold. I’m sorry. Today to see you off, is the same reluctant to part. As the autumn wind rises, Apricot Leaf rehmannia, go out] Maybe it’s colder wind, we can’t shelter you from the wind and rain any more. Take good care of yourself all the way.
2、 How to do it well
First of all, restore the supply of the channel as soon as possible. If the channel is dry for a long time and the grass is withered, it is difficult to restore life. Water, water, water, why do the Dai people call this slogan, which shows that the water in the channel is the water that can save lives.
Fully embrace the global industrial resources and establish the relationship with suppliers as soon as possible. Supply is a complicated and complicated problem. You are more difficult than any new company. How to overcome the difficulties is the matter in front of you heroes.
Adhere to all advanced learning, including learning from people you don’t like. We should unswervingly embrace globalization and strengthen the embrace of enterprises in the UK, the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The United States is a powerful country in science and technology in the world, and many of its companies are excellent. You should cooperate with them firmly and boldly; at the same time, we should cooperate with our domestic partners to grow with them.
You should maintain the fine tradition that has already been formed. Cadres and experts should be globalized, professionalized and diversified. In addition to the localization of staff, we should carefully divide powers, so that you can’t play a game of chess in the whole world, which will lead to a large number of vassals and support soldiers with self-respect. A reasonable elimination mechanism is a supplement to activating the positive motivation of the whole team. We should not only respect people, but also assess scientifically, but also adhere to the responsibility and result orientation. If we are separated from the large team, we will have difficulties. We should be cautious and resolute, and we can’t accommodate ourselves.
Adhere to the goal and direction of struggle, adhere to do something and do nothing, adhere to innovation unswervingly, and never allow the entropy increase of the team.
3、 To be Huawei’s strongest competitor in the world, surpass Huawei, and even call down Huawei, which has become a slogan of self motivation.
Adhere to improve themselves, and strive to move forward in the right direction; adhere to make the organization full of vitality, employees have a strong will and the desire to win. We must firmly oppose internal corruption and all acts of corruption and theft.
Adhere to the past beneficial habits and systems, scientific process, comprehensive management of the team, calm and steady progress. There will be setbacks. Don’t panic. We should give full play to the power of collective thinking, make bold decisions, and do not act arbitrarily. Unite and move forward.
Today is our “divorce” ceremony, so I won’t say much. Once the “divorce” is over, we are adults. We should deal with the separation rationally, strictly abide by the compliance management, strictly abide by the international rules, and realize their respective goals. Can not be like young people, marriage and love, hot and cold, entangled, can not draw a clear line. Don’t worry about Huawei. Think about your future. In the future, we are competitors. You can hold “foreign guns” and “foreign guns”. We have new “made in Hanyang” and new “broadsword and spear”. It is not certain who wins or loses? Do not be polite to Huawei. It is not difficult for us to beat down our heroes in the competition.