Musk: the new Tesla Roadster will have “special colors”


According to reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the electric car company will provide “special colors” to consumers when it releases the new roadster pure electric supercar.
In 2017, Tesla introduced its next-generation roadster for the first time, when musk said it would be on the market in 2020.
Now, 2020 is almost over. Obviously, roadster will not be launched within the year as expected, but on the bright side, we are at least a little closer to the official launch of the “halo” car in Musk’s mouth.
When Tesla showed off the new roadster prototype three years ago, the car had already shocked everyone and made people think it would be an incredible model. But soon after, musk said that after mass production, the car would even be more beautiful than the prototype. After that, the outside world is eagerly waiting for Tesla to launch the new generation roadster in mass production.
When the new Tesla Roadster goes on sale, it will offer “special colors” to consumers, musk said today. “The new roadster will have special colors, just like our first vehicle,” Musk said
Some people may not know that the first car Tesla released was a two door sports car, which was the original roadster.
In 2011, the first roadster was discontinued, and a few years later, Tesla announced that it would launch a new generation roadster. The first roadster was released in orange, metallic blue, green, metallic black, matte black, electric blue, metallic yellow, polar white, metallic silver, and metallic red. As for the new roadster, Tesla has only released red and grey prototypes.