Gaode taxi launches “good taxi”: it says it will help 1 million taxis to be digitized a year


Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of November 26, Gaode map announced the launch of the “good taxi” plan to work with transportation authorities and taxi enterprises to create a better integrated ecology of patrol network. According to the plan, “good taxi” will help 1 million cruising taxis complete the integration transformation of patrol network within one year, help 300 taxi enterprises upgrade their intelligence, reduce the idle driving rate of cruising taxis by 20%, and increase the income of cruise taxi drivers by 30%.
One of the characteristics of “good taxi” is to help the patrol taxi industry to fully digitize the management of vehicles and drivers. Based on the map positioning data, real-time traffic data, urban traffic brain and other infrastructure that can serve the city’s intelligent travel, Gaode map provides a “good rental” patrol network integration digital upgrade solution.
Three digital systems + driver service map help taxi industry Digitalization
The “good plan” was launched this time, and the “good taxi” patrol network integration digital upgrade solution was launched simultaneously, including three digital systems and driver map, which will help the taxi industry to comprehensively digital upgrade.
The intelligent system of “good taxi” management can help the government and enterprises to establish a big data platform, master the taxi operation in real time, predict the taxi demand, and dispatch vehicles scientifically. Starting from the urban comprehensive transportation system, the taxi can develop in coordination with other public transport modes, and realize the overall intelligent traffic dispatching.
The “good taxi” cruise network intensive system has opened up the status of empty and loaded taxis, ceiling lights, meters, etc. with the big data capability, it can intelligently dispatch orders for drivers, reduce the empty driving rate, and increase the order quantity and income of drivers. At the same time, the online driver service incentive system is established to link the driver’s income with the service.
“Good taxi” digital system can make Yangzhao taxi more intelligent. By scanning the smart code, Yangzhao passengers can realize digital services such as route selection, itinerary sharing, online payment, electronic invoice, anonymous evaluation, lost and found, making it more convenient and safe to take a taxi.
In order to better serve the daily operation of drivers, goldmap also announced the launch of the first driver service map, integrating the location service capabilities of Gode map, providing affordable meals, public toilet guidance, as well as the route recommendation and discount of refueling, gas filling and charging. Synchronous online self-service shift handover function, after the driver sets the handover position and opens the function, it can intelligently distribute the orders along the way with the shift handover location for the driver, so as to reduce the idle driving caused by vehicle collection and increase the order and income.
The same as online car hailing, the “good taxi” has been implemented in many places
The aggregated taxi mode of Gaode taxi will provide a number of support for taxi enterprises in terms of traffic, technology and service. The platform will adhere to the uniform standard for equal distribution of orders to ensure that cruise vehicles and online car Hailing enjoy the same opportunity to obtain users and orders. At the same time, taxi enterprises access the Gaode taxi aggregation platform with their own brands, which can share 100 million class traffic from Gaode map and its partners while ensuring the exposure of independent brands on the passenger side. In addition, Gaode taxi will also help taxi enterprises to build an independent driver platform, help them carry out more refined and digital management, improve service quality and give more care to drivers.
In May this year, under the guidance of Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, Shenzhen taxi industry and Gaode map jointly created “Shenzhen taxi”. According to the data, since the official operation in August, 8 million people have successively used “Shenzhen taxi”. The online booking orders from “Shenzhen taxi” have brought nearly 10 million yuan of income to drivers every week, while the cruise car drivers on “Shenzhen taxi” drive The staff member has the responsibility to cancel the online order if there is no one.
In Beijing, Gaode taxi has also cooperated with a number of taxi companies to launch “jinyinjian travel”, “Xinyue taxi”, “BAIC taxi”, “northern travel”, “Yuyang travel” and other service products. Liu Weijia, the operation director of Beijing jinyinjian Taxi Co., Ltd., said, “since jinyinjian’s travel has been launched, orders have broken through million orders, and the average daily income of drivers has increased by 30%.”
In addition, the “Tianjin taxi” co operated by Tianjin Transportation Bureau and Gaode map has been launched recently, and will be connected to all taxis in Tianjin. The “Huizhou taxi” in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, has also been connected to all taxis in Huizhou urban area. According to the data, online booking orders from Gaode have accounted for 30% – 50% of the total number of cooperative cruising taxis. (Zhang Jun)