Do you dare to eat imported frozen food? Experts: no food infection was found


Original title: do you dare to eat imported frozen food? For each disease, the experts have not found the epidemic situation
Every reporter, Zhou Chengcheng, every editor, Chen Xing
On November 25, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on cold chain food and food safety in autumn and winter.
Recently, the positive detection rate of nucleic acid in imported cold chain food has increased significantly, affecting more provinces, involving products ranging from seafood to livestock and poultry meat products, and the scope of imported materials contaminated by virus has expanded from cold chain food to containers. Therefore, consumers are very concerned about the safety of frozen food.
“Daily economic news” reporter asked at the press conference: “is imported frozen food safe now? Can you still eat it? How to effectively avoid being infected by imported frozen food
Zhang Liubo, chief expert in disinfection of China Center for Disease Control and prevention and director of center for disinfection and infection control of Institute of environment, responded that up to now, what we have seen is mainly circulation link, which is caused by transportation and operation. No infection caused by eating these cold chain foods has been found.
Staff of Shanghai Hongqiao pinhui health food center wipe frozen food packaging with disinfectant on November 26, Xinhua photo
Do a good job in disinfection of overseas shopping products you buy
In Zhang Liubo’s view, consumers need not be too nervous about frozen food at present.
In response to a reporter’s question from the daily economic news, he said that the surface of frozen food packaging should be disinfected, and it is safe to contact these surfaces after disinfection.
On November 8, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council printed and issued the work plan for comprehensive preventive disinfection of imported cold chain food, which made it clear that after the new coronavirus detection and sampling work was completed according to the requirements, the preventive comprehensive disinfection treatment should be carried out in the links of port inspection, transportation, unpacking and warehousing, wholesale and retail, and before the imported cold chain food contacted with domestic personnel for the first time.
At the same time, Zhang Liubo also stressed that if you buy some overseas products, the surface of these food packaging must be disinfected and protected. At the same time, after touching these foods, wash hands and do a good job of hand hygiene. During the epidemic period, we must pay attention to it. It is better to eat cooked food. When handling these frozen food, it is necessary to prevent splashing and pollution to the surrounding environment. After treatment, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the environment and surface.
Li Ning, deputy director of the national food safety risk assessment center, also said that the new coronavirus is a respiratory virus, which is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets and close contact with people, and the possibility of infection through the digestive tract is very low. Although new coronavirus nucleic acid was detected in cold chain food and its outer packaging in many places recently, the overall positive rate was very low, mainly due to the contamination of food packaging. According to the epidemiological analysis, the infected people are high-risk people who repeatedly contact with the outer packaging of imported cold chain food under specific environment, such as porters.
Have confidence to prevent a return of the epidemic
If consumers are exposed to cold chain imported food, how should they be disinfected?
Zhang Liubo pointed out that the first thing to do is to do good hand hygiene, wash hands immediately after contact, according to the “six step” hand washing is generally OK. If you don’t feel comfortable washing your hands, you can add hand disinfectant. This is one of the most necessary measures. Cooking utensils that may come into contact with frozen food, such as knives and chopping boards, should be cleaned in time to prevent splashing.
Zhang Liubo said that for knives and chopping boards, you can use the method of heating, scalding, boiling and soaking in 60 degree water for a period of time. Of course, when it is dry, spray 75% alcohol or 500mg / L, 1000mg / L chlorine disinfectant, the disinfection effect can be completely achieved. Some tables can also be considered with alcohol, chlorine disinfectant for wiping disinfection.
Zhang Liubo stressed that it is necessary to collect the residue in time and send it to the garbage collection point in time. “If the garbage of frozen food can be packaged in a small way, it is best to send it out in time.”
In addition, the Spring Festival will not be long before, and the mobility of personnel will increase during the Spring Festival holiday. There are also people who are concerned about whether strict epidemic prevention measures will be taken in the early stage of the epidemic.
In response, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that there was a large flow of 600 million to 700 million people on national day, and there was no rebound. Now it’s winter, and then there’s a big flow of people during the Spring Festival. As long as there are no infected people in the crowd, there won’t be a major epidemic.
Wu Zunyou said that summing up the experience of the past 11 months, we are confident to prevent the recurrence of the epidemic and prevent the occurrence of a serious epidemic like that at the beginning of the year. To achieve these, we need to comprehensively apply scientific prevention and control measures, which can be summarized as scientific prevention and control, precise implementation, concentrated efforts and highlighting key points, so that the prevention and control measures are “precise and ruthless”, can be found in time, and the epidemic situation can be controlled in the minimum range at the first time.