Cheng weidiebian: the more painful the process is, the better the result will be


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Chu Songzhu
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On October 26, CCTV reported didi for more than two minutes. Cheng Wei, who appeared three times, looked shy and honest. Since the beginning of this year, there have been as many as eight news reports on didi and Cheng Wei.
Cheng Wei is interviewed by news broadcast
This is a Versailles literary age in which elites like to emphasize health and body management. Cheng Wei looks like a young product manager, so it’s hard to keep the workers away from them. Didi was deeply involved in the storm of security incidents. At that time, Liu Qing returned to Weibo to face the query of the whole network, and Po lost a lot of Cheng Wei. For Didi, the past two or three years have been a time of vicissitudes. Cheng Wei’s mood is changing.
2020 is the year of gengzi and the eighth year of Didi’s establishment. Although make complaints about “trickle down Tucao”, Cheng Wei’s last speech is not funny. He has made some achievements in eight years, but more importantly, he has made minor contributions to society. The industry chain has driven 18 million job opportunities, 300000 female online car Hailing drivers, providing jobs for 15000 veterans. Cheng Wei interprets Didi’s value with numbers.
In fact, Didi can also talk about a lot, such as Didi’s efforts during the epidemic. After Wuhan announced the closure of the city on January 23, Didi set up a special “medical security team” and completed more than 200000 medical personnel transportation support tasks in one month. Behind the data is the story of countless drivers’ contribution. The investment of platform resources and human resources has made such a story.
Cheng Wei didn’t care so much about these things before. The 2016 Internet Conference was the peak of Wuzhen’s discourse. At that time, Cheng Wei, Zhang Yiming and Wang Xing talked about innovation, growth and internationalization. At that time, Cheng Wei also focused on building the world’s largest one-stop travel platform led by Chinese people. At present, Cheng Wei is concerned about safety and social responsibility, as well as business growth and long-term development of the enterprise.
In Cheng Wei’s own words, “didi is different from the previous years. We have a stronger sense of safety. We insist on the experience first. Our organization has been tempered. Countless hardships have tempered us. This is Didi’s most precious wealth.” Cheng Wei has experienced extensive social criticism of Didi, and has obviously completed a transformation.
In 2018, two vicious cases of hitchhiker drivers pushed didi to the forefront of the storm. Public opinion tilted his anger to Didi, and Cheng Wei became a bloody capital demon from an excellent young entrepreneur. For the young men who came out of Qianshan County, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, the gap is huge. After all, Cheng Wei is belligerent and experienced many battles. He still stands up to face it, but the enemy this time is not his competitor, but himself.
As an online car Hailing platform, what kind of responsibility should didi take? This is not only related to the legal rights and responsibilities of sharing economy, but also related to the social ethics of platform enterprises. Wang Gaofei, who is also the CEO of a platform enterprise, has repeatedly “played a negative tune” with the public opinion, insisting that the society should face up to the fact that online car Hailing is safer than taxis.
Instead of being confined to self pity, Cheng Wei chose to invest 3 billion allin security with an attitude of facing up to the blind spots and hidden dangers of safety management. From the unicorn of the Internet to the determination to become a social enterprise, this is Cheng Wei’s butterfly change. Diebian needs to break away from the cocoon room. Cheng Wei has been dormant for a long time. What he has broken free is worth learning from all Internet platforms.
severe winter
It’s not surprising that people have a stereotype that didi has savage development. Even Cheng Wei himself said that didi was born in a wolf nest in a sea of blood. There are dozens of conference rooms in Didi’s headquarters. Although the decoration styles are consistent, the names are disorderly: West Railway Station, c980, seven days and seven nights, wolf totem, etc. Behind each name, there is the bloody rain didi has experienced.
C980 is an old computer store in Zhongguancun, where didi was born. Cheng Wei, who left Alibaba in 2012 and started his own business, found an office with 800000 startup funds. In order to save intermediary fees, one building after another sweeps the street, and finally chooses the c980, which is the most cost-effective. This room once made job seekers think didi was a fraud company. At the same time, Beijing has already won the a round financing of Sequoia Capital of 3.5 million US dollars.
Like all the conventional entrepreneurial stories, Cheng Wei encountered countless difficulties at the beginning of his business.
After searching for 189 taxi companies in Beijing, there was no one willing to cooperate. In the end, they got to Yinshan taxi company in Changping by a casual dinner. After the app was launched, there were no passengers using the app, so they could only give employees 400 yuan a day to take a taxi around the third ring road with didi to ensure that the drivers would not be lost
Three months later, the start-up capital of 800000 yuan had already burned out, and Wang Gang’s additional investment of hundreds of thousands was about to come to the bottom. Cheng Wei, who was at the end of his tether, seemed to be going back to work. However, the novel mechanical psychedelic plot appeared. Zhu Xiaohu, the top VC investor in China, took the initiative to come to his door. Didi completed a round of financing and got 3 million US dollars to continue his life.
As an investor who has been paying attention to the local travel field since 2010, Zhu Xiaohu has been waiting for two years to invest in Didi, which is in a difficult starting stage. The reason is that didi led by Cheng Wei has the best team matching degree. Behind the story is that Didi’s team has been refined and shaped, and then Didi’s victory at Beijing west railway station further verifies Zhu Xiaohu’s view on Didi’s team.
The competitor’s rickety bidding early bound the strategic capital airport with equity. Cheng Wei had to retreat and seek the second place. He entrusted people everywhere to find relationships. Finally, he got a booth in Beijing West Railway Station as a breakthrough in promotion.
The difficulty of ground pushing in the west railway station is far greater than that in the airport. There is no car storage pool for taxis, but there is only a two or three hundred meter channel. The time for the driver to pass through the channel is only one minute. Within one minute, a ground pusher should judge whether the driver has a smart phone and whether he is a potential customer. He should also take the mobile phone to install and register and teach him to use it.

In an era when smartphones were not yet popular, Didi would quickly ask the driver if it was a Nokia after shaking down the glass. If the answer is no, ask him to send his mobile phone directly to connect with the data line and quickly copy the installation package from his notebook. Before the driver leaves the lane, he will fill a flyer to tell them how to use didi app.
Relying on this tactic of millet and rifles and screening one car by one, Didi finally achieved the goal of registering 10000 drivers in one winter from November 2012 to February 2013.
Didi was launched in Beijing West Railway Station in 2012
At the same time, the cold winter ignited a fire for the development of Didi. The first snow in Beijing in 2012 came earlier than before. On November 3, the Siberian cold wave hit Beijing. A large number of people who couldn’t get a taxi chose didi taxi. Didi ordered more than 1000 orders on that day for the first time. 2012 is a snowy year. There were three heavy snowfalls in Beijing that winter. After each heavy snow, Didi’s user volume doubled.
Ali’s “Chinese Iron Army” is the Huangpu Military Academy promoted by China’s Internet. Cheng Wei, who was born in Zhonggong, built a didi pushing team with iron and steel will, which helped didi catch up with others, quickly defeated the rickety car bidding, and became the handlebar of Beijing Taxi app. However, China’s Internet has never been ruled by feudal lords. There can only be one winner. This powerful push team is now fighting for Didi’s community group buying business.
The day after getting Tencent’s round B financing, Cheng Wei came to Shanghai from Beijing, but at that time, he didn’t know what kind of storm he was going to set off.
Huge waves
Cheng Wei looks elegant, but he is one of the most wolf like entrepreneurs in China. Perhaps the most suitable description of didi and Cheng Wei’s “wolf nature” in the early stage of entrepreneurship is Cheng Wei’s flower name when he was in Ali: “Chang Yuchun”. Chang Yuchun is good at breaking into the enemy’s camp by himself. He is very brave and brave. He leads a hundred thousand people to run around the world.
It is also because of this strength that didi won the two wars with kuaidi and Uber China. In the past, a popular piece of “Cheng Wei shudder” completely recorded the ups and downs of the war.
In 2012, several dozen taxi companies competed with each other in the mobile travel market. By the end of 2013, with the acquisition of Bumblebee by Kuai, the taxi taxi market in China showed a pattern of coexistence of didiqui and didiqui. China’s market is very large, but taxi software, a highly homogeneous industry, can’t accommodate two giants. There are plenty of ammunition and a quick war.
Cheng Wei, who has a stronger wolf nature, is the first to attack. Each customer who uses wechat payment is five yuan cheaper. The effect of subsidies is very obvious, Didi taxi orders on wechat end increased 50 times in two weeks. It was found that the fast drop off subsidy strategy worked quickly together with Alipay’s main fund to follow up the subsidy activities, and the drop subsidy strategy was counted. No matter how much the drop subsidy was, it would immediately increase the subsidy of one yuan.
The two companies have continued to cross raise subsidies, and almost all taxi software has been free for some time. Didi and fast are killing red eyes, Didi server was unable to carry such a large number of orders. Cheng Wei gave the CTO Zhang Bo a death order that he had to take. Zhang Bo and his technical team did not leave the office for seven days and seven nights. Zhang Bo expanded 40 servers to 1000 servers, ensuring the normal service of didi app. Later, the name of didi conference room “seven days and seven Nights” came from this campaign.
However, the endless subsidies did not bring about the expansion of their respective market shares. Finally, in the fifth month of the campaign, Ali, who was commanding the taxi by remote control, took the opportunity to stop fighting. Didi and kuaidi took the opportunity to stop fighting. The five-month subsidy war cost didi and kuaidi a total of 2 billion subsidies, which can be called the most tragic war in the history of China’s Internet, and also let both sides Start thinking about the possibility of a merger.
The arrival of Uber China accelerated the merger of didi and Kuai. At that time, Uber was the king of global taxi companies with a valuation of 42 billion US dollars. Since its birth in 2009, Uber has been attacking the world with great aggressiveness. It not only has a stronger global capital, but also has the technical support that domestic taxi platforms, such as dynamic bargaining intelligent dispatch, do not have. Cheng Weiben thought that the war with Kuai was the finals, but he didn’t expect Uber, the real finals opponent, had been waiting for didi for a long time at the top of the world.
At present, Didi Kuai’s merger process has been speeding up and finally landed on Valentine’s day in 2015. Didi, with a larger market share, is in the leading position in the new company. Fast CEO LV Chuanwei subsequently sold out all his shares, and Cheng Wei became the CEO of the new company.
On the day of didi Kuai’s merger, karanik flew to China and gave Cheng Wei two choices: to accept 40% of Uber’s investment or be killed in a battle. This kind of posture is very similar to the strong ship and gun of imperialism in 1840 to open the door of China, but China has not been the Qing Dynasty for a long time. Once again, Chinese and American Internet enterprises began to compete with each other.
In response to the entry of Uber China, Cheng Wei mobilized market, business, PR, HR and financial personnel to form the “Wolf Totem” project to discuss the operation plan for Uber. During that time, Didi exuded “wolf nature” on everyone. In order to save time, Cheng Wei took the lead in running into the company every day.
First of all, in terms of technology, Didi completed the implementation of intelligent order dispatching algorithm in two months, and then continuously promoted distributed computing and high-performance computing, and didi gradually caught up with or even surpassed Uber in technology.
Secondly, in terms of money, karanik’s way of dominating the world is to get more money than competitors, and then quickly beat the competitors. In order to capture the Chinese market, he prepared a billion dollars through financing. But on the third day after Uber completed the financing, Didi announced a new round of financing of $3 billion, with nearly $4 billion in cash reserves, which enabled didi to resist Uber’s fierce attack in the subsequent second round of subsidy war.

Third, in terms of layout, Cheng Wei, who likes the history of war, used a move to “rescue Zhao from Wei Wei” by investing in LYFT, a taxi Hailing software of Uber’s competitors in the United States. In addition, Didi has also invested in grab, Ola, 99, a taxi software in Southeast Asia, and created a total war in Uber’s territory.
By 2016, Uber China burned more than 2 billion US dollars. Not only did it not kill Didi, but its global territory was eroded in an all-round way. With the cooperation of didi and Uber co investor sun Zhengyi, Uber China and didi merged, and all brands, businesses, data, channels, personnel and equipment of Uber China were merged into Didi.
So far, Didi has won all the battles since the start-up, with a market share of more than 90%. Cheng Wei is on the “iron throne” of the car Hailing platform of Relying on his wolf nature, he led Didi’s team to survive again and again in the fierce wind and waves. He announced in a high-profile meeting in Wuzhen that “the home game is over, and then play away.”.
It seems that Didi, who keeps fighting in horse enclosure, has eliminated all the opponents who can threaten him, but in fact, its biggest enemy is itself. At the 2016 Internet Conference, Cheng Wei also focused on the strictest online car Hailing regulations just introduced by the government. Although it has been foreseen that the security problem will bring trouble to Didi, who has already gained absolute superiority, this trouble is beyond the imagination of all people at the beginning.
Sphenoid transformation
“Didi is a 250 mile high-speed car, and someone will bump into you on the road with extremely complicated road conditions,” Cheng Wei said. Any error in the operation of any detail, any curve or even a stone is likely to make us lose all our previous efforts. ” Even today, no Internet company has fought as many battles as Didi.
Didi won countless battles because of its wolf nature, but Didi’s super high-speed development actually covered up too many of its own problems. Just like the Qin state before the unification of the six kingdoms, it could continue the farming and war system by expansion, but after the reunification, it did not adjust the wartime farming and war system in time, which eventually led to the death of the second. Cheng Wei, who is familiar with the history of war, was aware of this problem. As early as the end of 2015, he called out the slogan “we must not only win the market, but also start to cultivate our internal skills”.
However, as long as “scale and growth” is still regarded as the core KPI, this kind of reflection is bound to be superficial. Even if the ultra-high-speed car starts to slow down, it also has a huge forward inertia. After dominating China’s taxi and special car market, Didi is still expanding in an all-round way. It has launched such travel functions as free riding, Valet driving, public transportation, cycling, and time-sharing rental. The safety of hitchhiking has finally become the heel of Didi’s Achilles.
In 2018, Didi had two homicide cases of hitchhiker drivers in three months in a row, and the defect that the safety system was not perfect began to be exposed. The cost of life makes war victory and attack bike on the brink of supervision and public opinion. After that, the free ride service went offline indefinitely, and Cheng Wei blamed himself and was confused.
Since then, Didi suspended all previous KPIs, and refitted the technical engine built during the war to “ensure safety”, so as to meet the needs of the people from “taxi to car” to “safe and comfortable driving”. In 2019, Didi will invest more than 2 billion yuan in car Hailing safety, and the number of security personnel in each business will exceed 2500; in 2020, a further 3 billion yuan will be invested for safety and scientific research.
In order to ensure safety, Didi, on the one hand, strictly screen the driver’s background horizontally and improve the platform rules and mechanisms, including the introduction of similar national legal system design. We have established a complete set of system including establishing rules, implementing rules, publicizing and educating rules, sampling rules, etc., and continuously improve the system according to the feedback, and focus on the long-term.
On the other hand, various high-tech technologies are introduced into the vertical scheme design, which combines various scenarios to give full play to the power of big data and AI. For example, Didi escort on the passenger terminal can provide real-time position protection for passengers. In case of abnormal phenomena such as route deviation, abnormal stay, and early completion of the order, the system will take the means of pop-up window reminder, security experts’ intervention in research and judgment, assistance in alarm and so on.
In order to further upgrade the safety of products, Didi safety team also specially studied criminal psychology, deeply deconstructed the “crime triangle theory”, became familiar with the psychology of both parties in the process of crime, abstracted out problems first, and then gave specific product upgrading scheme. For example, the voice broadcast of “warm tips” by police representatives in Didi’s itinerary is the safety function created by didi based on criminal psychology.
In addition to the continuous upgrading of software safety attributes, Didi also equipped travel vehicles with hardware equipment – Orange vision on-board equipment. This hardware scheme for safety guarantee can only be opened when the driver receives the order. It can automatically identify whether the driver is tired driving, send out a reminder, judge whether the car is too close to the vehicle in front, and carry out corresponding early warning. Didi can only access the video in the car as the basis of liability when there is a security dispute between the driver and the passenger, so as to ensure the travel safety of passengers and drivers on the premise of not infringing the privacy of passengers. If there is no dispute, the data will be automatically destroyed after a period of time.
On November 20, 2019, Didi’s hitchhiker will go online again. Passengers need to carry out face recognition, Safety Knowledge Q & A, random photo verification and other steps before placing an order for the free ride, which makes didi ride the most cumbersome hitchhiker complained by netizens. But behind the cumbersome process is the comprehensive upgrade of Didi’s security system. The investment and bitterness are not enough for outsiders.
The two years of Didi’s dormancy and striving for safety are also two years of surging new economy. Meituan landing in the capital market has unlimited scenery, and byte hopping occupies the C-bit of mobile Internet traffic. Didi, which used to keep pace with “TMD”, is much bleak. Its valuation is stagnant and its business is cautious, so it has to shoulder more social responsibilities.
Is it necessary for a company to shoulder heavy social obligations? Since the donation of Wang Shi in 2008, the Chinese business community has formed a tacit silence on this issue. Didi has done these works, on the one hand, is the social responsibility that platform enterprises must bear, but it is also the sincerity from the heart of Cheng Wei and the team.
“Tao Te Ching” says that happiness and misfortune depend on each other. It may not be a bad thing for Didi, the leader of the travel industry.

Original intention
On November 10, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the anti-monopoly guide on the field of platform economy (Draft for comments), which stipulates that the most senior Internet dogs should know their own business. Obviously, the introduction of antitrust guidelines has been carefully considered. Behind this is the rapid development of Internet Ecology in recent years, which has brought unprecedented impact to the traditional corporate governance model.
The new Internet economy has brought convenience to users, and new formats such as payment, takeout and e-commerce have created great social value. However, when the market is gradually saturated and the industry oligarchy is gradually formed in each subdivided field, some super enterprises gradually become a new generation of information infrastructure. The energy and influence of these enterprises have gone far beyond the boundaries of enterprises in general sense. If we do not have a new mentality to examine ourselves, it will be sooner or later.
From this level, Didi just hit the south wall earlier than other Internet giants. Travel is closely related to safety. Since it has become the leader of the whole industry, Didi must take the responsibility of guarding. Didi, which was not prepared in the past, is now tempered in the fire.
In 2019, Didi carried out special safety improvement, with an investment of 2 billion yuan. In 2020, Didi plans to invest 3 billion yuan in safety. Didi would rather sacrifice profits, slow down the development speed, and ensure the safety of passengers to the maximum extent.
Didi is still using the technology and data accumulated by the platform to complement the social ecology. In 2018, Didi travel and the Ministry of transport jointly launched the intelligent urban traffic management solution “didi intelligent transportation brain”. The newly launched D1 customized online car Hailing brings more imagination to the future of online car Hailing based on the demand of 550 million passengers and tens of millions of drivers on didi platform and the data of 10 billion trips. What’s more, as Cheng Wei mentioned in his speech on the eighth anniversary, Didi is still putting more emphasis on social projects such as employment and poverty alleviation.
Cheng Wei speaks at didi D1 world’s first customized online car Hailing Conference
Cheng Wei has not changed his original intention to travel. But now we pay more attention to security, user experience and social responsibility. This year, many Internet companies have fallen into the sea of public opinion. What is missing is actually the responsibility for social responsibility. This lesson will be filled sooner or later. The lesson is painful.
In fact, all enterprises are like opening an account in the Bank of public opinion. Doing well is like saving a sum of money, and not doing well is like overdraft. In the short term, saving money or overdraft has little impact on enterprises. But as time goes by, when enterprises really encounter problems, it is particularly important to deposit or overdraft in the public opinion bank.
Some Internet enterprises have done well in the past, but they have gradually lost the ability to set topics for corporate image because of overdraft in the public opinion bank. Didi was once in debt in the public opinion bank because of a vicious incident. However, Cheng Wei and didi have always been on the road with a mentality of not asking about the future of good deeds.
Butterfly transformation takes time. The more painful the process is, the better the result will be.