Apple and Facebook have little competition. Why don’t they look up to each other?


It is reported that some well-known large enterprises have become competitors because they have the same business, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, Boeing and Airbus, McDonald’s and Burger King.
From this perspective, in the global technology market, the “Festival” between two companies is intriguing: Facebook and apple.
The two companies are both large technology companies, and there is little else in common.
Almost all of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, which contributes only a small part of Apple’s revenue, while most of Apple’s revenue comes from devices and Its App Store app store.
Therefore, the two companies are not real competitors, they just don’t like each other.
For years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Facebook sees users as a product, making money from advertising and playing with their privacy.
At the same time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Apple’s products were expensive and criticized Facebook for ulterior motives.
The New York Times reported last year that Apple even cut off Facebook’s developer tools.
Last week, the latest chapter of the dispute made the relationship between the two companies even worse.
Sprinkle salt on the wound
Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would launch a feature called “app tracking transparency” to give people better control over their data.
Crucially, the feature allows users to choose not to collect data and whether advertisers can track their activities.
It’s a huge problem for Facebook, because it’s selling targeted ads to make unimaginable profits. Facebook has publicly said it would hurt their business.
Now, Apple has postponed the proposed changes (new features) until next year to give developers time to prepare.
Last week, apple executive Jane Howard outlined in a letter why the change was delayed. “Facebook executives have made it clear that their intention is to collect as much data as possible. This disregard for user privacy continues to grow. ”
Facebook, on the other hand, countered: “they use their market dominance to choose the data they collect, while making it almost impossible for competitors to use the same data. They claim it’s private, but in fact it’s for profit. ”
It’s like salt on a wound. Apple has long been proud that its business model is more noble than Facebook.
According to reports, as early as 2010, apple co-founder Steve Jobs warned Facebook to pay attention to privacy issues.
In 2018, Apple CEO Cook said he could have emulated Facebook and used data to sell advertising, but “we chose not to.”.
Similarly, Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee doesn’t like Facebook either.
“Apple’s culture is about empowering customers, while Facebook’s culture is about exploiting users,” mcnami said. Historically, Apple had good reason to criticize others, but chose not to, even though they saw how rude Facebook was. ”
But from Facebook’s point of view, do they make sense? Is Apple really trying to use its market dominance to keep competitors out of the door?
Although Apple’s advertising business is relatively small, Morgan Stanley expects Apple’s advertising revenue to grow significantly in the next few years.
So, does it want to prevent Facebook from collecting user data just to make money for itself?
A little bit of the brain will find that this is a very strange thing to do.
Some things should not be shared
One of the most common TV ads in the United States this fall was Apple’s privacy campaign.
People of all kinds show strangers embarrassing things they find on the Internet.
The slogan is: “something shouldn’t be shared – the iPhone helps you stay that way.”
Obviously, apple thinks privacy is popular, and it would be strange to destroy it.
Unfair to developers
However, Apple has always been seen as a monopoly by various political factions.
At present, Apple has been involved in a series of legal proceedings. There are accusations that Apple abused its dominant app store to impose unfair terms on developers.
There are also allegations that Apple has not paid a reasonable share of the tax, which Apple has denied.
The battle between privacy and innocence will certainly annoy Zuckerberg.
In 2014, when cook first publicly criticized Facebook for treating its customers as products, Zuckerberg hit back, telling time: “I’m frustrated that many people seem to increasingly equate the advertising business model with some degree of disconnection from customers.”
“What, you think because you pay apple, you think you’re standing with them in a way? If you really stand with them, their products will be much cheaper. ”
Perhaps Zuckerberg is right. Apple is one of the richest companies in the world right now.
A false war
The odder part of this mutual contempt is that the two companies are also interdependent.
Without Facebook (along with WhatsApp and instagram), the iPhone would be much less attractive to many users.
Instead, if people can’t use Facebook on their iPhones, will they look for other social media platforms?

It makes sense for the two companies to have a healthy, strong partnership. But this is not the case.
Carolina milanesi, an industry expert, is one of many people who believe that the two companies just see the world in different ways and that the hostility between them is limited to cultural and personal aspects.
“Philosophically, they are so different,” milanesi said
“Look at Apple. If they are so dissatisfied with Facebook’s actions against its customers, why should we use Facebook as an app on Apple’s devices?”
Obviously, this hit the heart of the problem.
So far, the relationship between the two companies has not been good. But this is a false war, and their relationship is actually symbiotic. However, Apple’s current proposal (new sexual features) is far from false. There is no doubt that their obsession with privacy is bad for Facebook. Apple’s new rules will hurt Facebook.
On the face of it, of all the possible competition in the big tech world, Facebook and apple seem to be the least likely. Google is Facebook’s obvious competitor; Microsoft and Google are Apple’s competitors.
But privacy issues have sparked a fire between Facebook and apple that won’t go out. In 2021, it is likely to see more intense competition.