Xinba live broadcasting room overturned, Wang Hai: engaged in cracking down on counterfeit goods for 25 years, this kind of thing must be told


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Original title: Xinba live broadcasting room overturned, Wang Hai said in his own words: engaged in cracking down on counterfeit goods for 25 years, this kind of thing must be told
LAN Shuo
Kwai Pak, a “fast brother”, has recently been involved in the “rollover” of live goods.
Recently, a “small golden bowl of bird’s nest ready to eat with rock sugar” sold in Simba’s live studio has been questioned by consumers as a “fake”. With a report by Wang Hai, a professional cracker, “sugar bird’s nest” has been pushed to the peak of public opinion.
According to the test report released by Wang Hai, this bird’s nest contains 4.8% sucrose, 5% carbohydrate and 1.4% sialic acid, and contains no protein and amino acids.
According to Wang Hai, Xinba’s bird’s nest is a flavor drink, not a bird’s nest. The flavor drink belongs to the food that does not meet the food safety standards, and consumers can ask for a refund of 10. Wang Hai also pointed out that if the purchase price of 4.2 yuan, deceive consumers that selling at a loss or selling with a discount is fraud.
As the incident continues to ferment, some people think that bird’s nest is originally an “IQ tax”, which is the same everywhere you buy it; some consumers say that Simba studio should bear the responsibility together with the merchants; and some netizens said that shopping in the studio is risky and needs to be cautious.
What is the controversy of “bird’s nest in sugar water”? Time financial reporter recently conducted a variety of interviews on this matter.
True and false “small gold bowl”
According to time finance and economics, the event originated on October 25. Simba’s Apprentice “Shida Meili” promoted a “small golden bowl with bird’s nest in bowls” (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaojinwan”) under Mingzhi brand in the live broadcasting room. The price of the live broadcasting room was 258 yuan for 15 bowls, and 17.2 yuan for each bowl, which was about 56% cheaper than the normal price of tmall flagship store.
Xinxuan disclosed that the supplier of the commodity is Guangzhou Rongyu Trading Co., Ltd., and the company is not involved in any purchase and sales activities. After deducting the relevant platform fees, the company obtains 12.6% Promotion Commission.
According to the public data, the commission rate of Li Jiaqi, Weiya and others in the head live broadcast is about 20%, and “12.6% is at a normal level, which depends on the ability to bring goods.” An e-commerce practitioner told reporters.
According to relevant information, the sales volume of bird’s nest sold by Simba studio on that day was 40 million yuan. According to the commission rate, about 5 million yuan of income could be obtained.
In response to Wang Hai’s post, Xinxuan’s official microblog said in response on the morning of 20 that the company does not involve any purchase and sales behavior, and will conduct in-depth self-examination on the bird’s nest incident. If it is found that the product has quality problems, it will cooperate with relevant departments to protect the rights and interests of consumers.
On November 22, time finance reporter contacted Wang Hai himself about the dispute caused by this matter. In Wang Hai’s opinion, this incident involves two aspects: one is that the bird’s nest sold in the Simba live broadcasting room does not contain protein and is essentially sugar water, which causes false publicity; on the other hand, this ready to eat bird’s nest does not meet the production standards of bird’s nest, but the merchants sell it according to the bird’s nest, which is totally deceiving consumers.
Wang Hai told time finance and economics reporter that the sales of instant bird’s nest in Simba studio on that day was 40 million yuan. According to the food safety law, businesses should give consumers a penalty of one false bird’s nest. At that time, Simba’s live broadcasting room called it “compensation for one false bird’s nest”, but no relevant reply has been given. “A lot of consumers have come to us to protect their rights, and our lawyer team is also preparing for relevant work.”
“I have been fighting against counterfeiting for 25 years, and I feel that cheating the public must be told.” Wang Hai said.
When you open the “Mingzhi flagship store” of tmall, you can see that the price of “Xiaojin bowl” is 398 yuan / 10 bowls, with the highest monthly sales volume of 701, and the delivery place is Xiamen, Fujian Province. When the reporter asked the customer service about the product test report, the other side did not respond positively, saying only that “the products are produced in accordance with the National Health Commission standards, the health department regularly carries out the quality inspection record, and the food laws and regulations are strictly implemented”.
(there are only 2 items left in the shop. Source: screenshot of Taobao)
It is understood that the main company of Mingzhi flagship store is Guangzhou Rongyu Trading Co., Ltd., but the manufacturer of the bird’s nest is Dazhou Xinyan (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
The reporter contacted a staff member of the new swallow in Dazhou and asked the other party that “there are doubts on the Internet that this kind of bird’s nest is fake”, and he said that “we are all produced according to the standard”. Since the “sugar water bird’s nest” incident, for product quality problems, the staff told reporters: “several people have called to ask.”
Tianyancha app shows that Dazhou Jinyan is an enterprise integrating artificial incubation and breeding of swiftlet, wild population recovery, construction of swiftlet tourism theme park, processing, production and sales of bird’s nest and its products, which is known as “the only dust-free bird’s nest workshop in China”.
In response to netizens’ microblogging reports that “mainland Jinyan has been frozen due to criminal involvement”, the above-mentioned staff told the time finance reporter: “no such thing, we are now operating normally, you can come and see.
Information shows that Xinxuan’s official microblog was certified as Guangzhou Hexiang Trading Co., Ltd., and the statement document was signed as Guangzhou Heyi e-commerce company. However, the reporter repeatedly called the two companies and failed to get through.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, time finance visited Xinxuan live broadcasting base in Baiyun District of Guangzhou. A staff member told reporters: “if it is a product quality problem, you can contact the merchants. We are not responsible for this.”
Because of the weekend, only a few staff members were on duty in Xinxuan office, but the atmosphere of the double 11 was still there, and the indoor was full of colorful bars of “breaking through 6 billion yuan, starting on the double 11”. Xinxuan live broadcasting base and office are located in two places. The former owns a building, which is very bright and conspicuous in the surrounding buildings.
(source: Time Finance)
“There is no production standard for ready to eat bird’s nest”
For consumers, the most concerned about is whether the bird’s nest is “genuine”. The reporter learned from a number of industry insiders that this “small golden bowl” instant bird’s nest has nothing to do with bird’s nest in essence.

On November 22, Yun Wuxin, a doctor of food engineering and a popular science writer, pointed out in an interview with time finance and economics that at present, there is no strict production standard for ready to eat bird’s nest. The manufacturer adopts the “instant bird’s nest group standard”, which is similar to the production standard for solid drinks, just like the orange juice drinks.
“Dry bird’s nest as a raw material has a quality grade standard. At present, the standard content of sialic acid in super grade bird’s nest is 10%, 7% – 10% for grade I and 5% – 7% for grade II, while there is no standard for ready to eat bird’s nest.” Cloud has no intention.
Since there is no production standard for ready to eat bird’s nest, it means that Wang Hai and Simba have no right or wrong in terms of “authenticity”. So, is there any other problem with the bird’s nest “little golden bowl”?
Yun Wuxin pointed out that the bird’s nest sold in the Simba live broadcasting room has an obvious violation of the regulations. Calcium lactate is not allowed to be added to the bird’s nest. However, it has no safe use range, that is, it is non-toxic and harmless to human body. Therefore, the merchant is “very clever” and can simulate the colloidal shape of bird’s nest by adding calcium lactate and sodium alginate, thus misleading consumer.
Calcium lactate is a white to milky white crystal or powder with good taste. It is widely used in dairy products, beverages, food and health products. Sodium alginate is a kind of natural polysaccharide, which has the stability, solubility, viscosity and safety required by pharmaceutical excipients. Because of these two key ingredients, ready to eat bird’s nest can “look like bird’s nest.”.
Lin Yue, an analyst in the catering industry and chief manager of Lingyan management consulting, also told time financial reporter that at present, the domestic bird’s nest products are mixed up, and some brands have become popular through channels such as online shopping and wechat, but in fact, there are more gimmicks. “There is no requirement for the composition ratio of bird’s nest in the industry, which leads to many products playing fringes’ ball and using low-cost raw materials to apply the name of bird’s nest to sell at high prices. In essence, they are ordinary leisure food or drinks.”
In terms of product name, Yun Wuxin said that the promotion of the name and efficacy of bird’s nest has nothing to do with bird’s nest. The product label is a gray area at present, and there is no relevant naming standard.
For Wang Hai’s “4.2 yuan cost price”, Yun unintentionally told reporters that the cost problem can not be used as a reasonable judgment standard in the food industry. The cost price of any daily consumer goods is very low. As long as there is free market competition and marked price, it does not constitute the reason of “cheating consumers”.
Bird’s nest “IQ tax”
Bird’s nest is the nest of swiftlet of swiftlet family and other birds belonging to the same family. In the traditional Chinese concept, bird’s nest is regarded as a tonic, protein and sialic acid are its two most important nutrients.
Is bird’s nest on the market a “IQ tax”?
Lin Yue told reporters that in the eyes of some consumers, bird’s nest is synonymous with precious food materials, and there are even claims of beauty and immunity enhancement. However, there are great differences among different places of origin, different products and different grades of commodities. Consumers without in-depth study are easy to follow suit blindly and pay the IQ tax.
On the same day, Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, pointed out to the time finance reporter that the bird’s nest industry has been developing at a high speed in recent years. The main reason is that with the upgrading of the whole consumption and the change of consumption thinking of the new generation, the bird’s nest bears part of the cognition of “Beauty Management + weight management + health management”.
“But at present, the production level of bird’s nest is not strictly implemented in accordance with the national standards, which leads to the blurring of the boundary between flavor drinks and health products. It is most important to issue relevant standards as soon as possible.” Zhu danpeng said.
The reporter noted that the “six story building” of medical science popularization once pointed out that the “sialic acid” in the bird’s nest was once pushed to the altar. In fact, the human liver can synthesize sialic acid, and it is not necessary to rely on the bird’s nest. In addition, people eat bird’s nest every time up to 3 G ~ 5 g, the amount of sialic acid is even less.
On the other hand, bird’s nest is not completely safe. “Six floors” said that throughout Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, bird’s nest is gradually becoming one of the most serious causes of allergic reactions. A study of 868 children with acute allergies found that bird’s nest has become the biggest allergen.
Simba make-up accident?
Simba’s name is Xin You Zhi, and is recognized as the Kwai V anchor. According to public information, during the “double 11” period, the personal record of Simba exceeded 3.292 billion yuan, and the overall team sales reached 8.8 billion yuan. On the day of double 11, the sales of Simba studio reached 750 million.
Under the direct broadcast outlet, the anchors are looking for deeper cooperation with capital, Simba is no exception.
On September 29, last year, shengxunda announced that the company transferred the equity of shengxun yunshang to Guangdong Xinxuan Holding Co., Ltd. in September 2020, shengxuda and Xinxuan holding respectively held 51% and 49% of the shares of shengxun yunshang, and shengxun yunshang became a joint operation subsidiary of both parties.
But this move quickly attracted the attention of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that Sheng Xunda would like to explain the specific process of the equity transfer and the fairness of its pricing, and explain the purpose of cooperation with Xin Youzhi and others, whether the company speculates on the company’s share price based on the concept of wanghong, and whether the company can effectively control shengxun cloud business after the equity transfer is completed.
The reporter noted that the equity of shengxun cloud business held by shengxunda has not actually contributed, and has not actually carried out business since 2019. However, the net assets of shengxun cloud business by the end of August 2020 is -21155.45 yuan. In the above equity transfer, the transfer consideration of shengxun cloud business is 1 yuan. After the transfer, shengxun cloud business is mainly engaged in live e-commerce business.
In addition, a few days ago, beauty media reported that Simba’s self-made cosmetics and skin care brand mrsimba has been officially launched through the live broadcast room, but the investigation shows that mrsimba cosmetics products may be suspected of false advertising, and some products of the brand focusing on the concept of bird’s nest are also suspected of being put on the market without filing.
It is worth noting that the sales volume of mrsimba reached 278 million in 14 days.
Source: time finance