Who stole the nuts you bought online?


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By Zhang Dongwei
Source: Zhang Dongwei (ID: zhangdongwei 19750613)
Buying nuts online has suddenly become unreliable.
1、 Big V’s nut anxiety
On November 22, we media “Lu Hongyan”, founded by Cheng Lingfeng, a former well-known science and technology journalist, sent out an article with a frightening title, which was called “draw people’s daily to pay attention to online shopping platform and spell XX”.
In this article, for example, the sales volume of nuts on “spell XX” is over 100000. “Once weighed, the jar has 100g, and the net weight of the jar is only 150g. But the title and shopping page are all 250g “.
The plot is a little familiar.
Because not long ago, on October 5, there was a new media big V @ Marella, reflecting the problem of “nuts are not enough to be weighed”. However, what mareira reflects is another e-commerce platform Taobao tmall.
Marilla defended her rights on her microblog, saying that all the nuts she bought on Taobao were not worth mentioning.
According to the content of the microblog, he sat at home eating nuts bought online during the national day and ate them in less than 10 minutes. Idle extremely boring, took out a scale to do a test, the results found: 250 grams of pine nuts per can, 83 grams of plastic cans, 3 grams of aluminum cover, 14 grams of inedible packets, 151 grams of pine nuts (including 1 gram of fresh-keeping bag). In other words, the pine nuts themselves account for only 60% of the total weight.
Why is it that V has been defending its rights for two consecutive months?
To this end, on November 22, Lu Jiu finance, a financial we media founded by Guo Kaisen, former editor of sina science and technology, pointed out in the article “public relations war of e-commerce triggered by a nut”: behind the two big V’s continuously breaking public welfare for consumers, there is an inexplicable mystery, “it is very likely that it is a PR war between e-commerce platforms”.
From the content of “Lu Jiu finance and economics”, the two e-commerce platforms have been successively pointed out that behind the nut problem, there is the same discourse pattern:
First of all, they talk about nuts snacks that consumers buy most often, so as to arouse “the most masses”;
Secondly, the goods and businesses involved are sold on the two platforms at the same time (not in the third one);
Finally, the words are given to the “behind the scenes shareholders”, such as maelera’s voice in micro-blog, which means that micro-blog shareholders are Ali, while Cheng Lingfeng reflects the problem in WeChat official account, and does not forget that Tencent has invested a lot of money.
—The implication of this kind of language routine is that if the complaint article can not become a popular article, it is the platform suppression.
The two major sects of the Jianghu fall in the same move one after another. Is this really the topic created by double 11? Or is it a secret war between public relations?
Within a month, Taobao and pinduoduo both fell on the same nut commodity. Photo source: Lu Jiucai
2、 Learn to hype with big V
What can be written in November? Of course, it is the topic of e-commerce online shopping.
The Internet industry has always been a popcorn generator, traffic harvester, and hot spots occur frequently every day, especially in the electric business sector in November.
Whether it’s the marketing evening sponsored by major e-commerce platforms during the double-11 period, or after the double-11, the major media should continue to supervise the after-sales and refund of e-commerce platforms. In a word, in November, as long as you find the right angle to write about e-commerce, the topic effect and flow rate will be guaranteed.
From this perspective, both Taobao and pinxx have the same logic of “creating hot spots”.
If Taobao, a shareholder, is complained about on Weibo, it is easy to arouse public anger once it is restricted. Photo source: Lu Jiucai
For example, the consumers’ psychology that “there are always people who want to harm me” is accurately pointed out and published at the appropriate time point.
This is more accurate than ordinary writers. One is published before the double 11, and the other is published after the double 11. From the rush purchase period to the regret period, the traffic is full of hot spots.
For another example, if you want to have traffic, you must Title The party. The purpose should be high, the starting point should be accurate, and never be generalized.
If you are an author and want to attack the nut incident, there are three headings:
The first: online shopping nut routine more, less than two
The second kind: many shops are not enough to sell nuts, especially Taobao
The third kind: Taobao Jiang Fan, why do you want to cover up merchants, sell less than two nuts?
By contrast, the third type of naming is clearly the largest.
Marilla knows this very well. It is clearly an industry phenomenon, and she has to focus on an enterprise or even a person. A few years ago, there was an event of Netease towel brother, which was also fermented in this way: an entrepreneur’s design was copied by other businesses. Instead of looking for the plagiarist to protect his rights, the entrepreneur yelled: “Ding Lei, please give the entrepreneur a way to live.”.
Lu Hongyan (Cheng Lingfeng) is even more advanced. After all, he is an old media person and has operated successful media public relations projects. Taking advantage of the current good situation of network environment governance and rectification, he directly directs authoritative media such as the people’s daily. He has a great momentum and is worried about the country and the people.
However, behind these petitions for the people, there is a shadow that can only be understood but can not be expressed.
According to the analysis of a number of media industry personage, behind the recent continuous e-commerce events, there is obviously the driving force of human operation.
Let’s sort out the recent e-commerce disputes
(1) Before double 11, Taobao encountered nut incident
(2) After double 11, pinxx encountered nut incident
(3) Some East live broadcasting room is doubted to brush traffic
China’s three major e-commerce platforms have been pickpocketed respectively. Are they fighting with each other in the same industry or are there other behind the scenes?
No matter what the truth is, these big V’s have won anyway, and both the amount of explosive text and the reputation of public welfare have been reaped.
Jingdong is also a hard nut
Hilton pillow, would you like to try it?
Do you want a pillow, Hilton?
3、 Who will solve the nut problem?
There is a saying in the society that “no business without adultery”.
In fact, if the ancestors can die by now.

Because the original body of this sentence is “no sharp, no business”. When buying rice and noodles in the ancient market, the merchants had to pile up a “tip” of the measuring bucket and give it to the customers to show the profit. Conscience merchants are called “top merchants”, and high-quality goods are called “top goods”.
From “sharp merchants” to “unscrupulous merchants”, we can’t just use the words “the world is declining, people’s hearts are not old”, but we have to find the origin of the way after all.
E-commerce platforms are victims of counterfeits.
Because any commodity is not produced by e-commerce platform, e-commerce platform has no right to supervise and enforce the law on producers.
Platform found fake providers, no right to enforce the law or ban, can only close stores. But closed stores will change their names to re register.
If the society wants to distinguish the source of fake goods is to make fake goods, not e-commerce companies. Demanding that there is no fake goods on the network as a channel is tantamount to giving up the root and seeking the end.
As consumers, we are actually taxpayers. We buy every cent of goods and services, are included in the consumption tax.
So, who should be responsible for these short weight commodities? Who should really bear the main responsibility of territorial supervision? After all, online shopping is a technology platform, and it is easy for relevant departments to track the producers, producers and distributors of commodities.
Here, we have to say that the relevant departments should also be very aggrieved: because there is no legislation or regulation, there is a mandatory standard for the “net content” of nuts snacks.
Over packaging, at least two things have been called for 20 years. One is to buy a mooncake box and the other is to tie a crab rope.
However, there is no solution.
According to the data of the industrial and commercial department, the ratio of the number of consumer complaints generated by online shopping relative to the transaction volume is only one tenth of that of offline shopping malls. However, the accusation of online shopping by public opinion is somewhat harsh.
As a consumer, I often shop on pinduoduo, and nuts are also my regular choice.
When you place an order, you can see that the price of “500g with cans” is cheaper than that of “500g in net package”. If you want to give it away or keep it convenient, you will choose the former. If you want to eat it yourself, you will naturally choose the latter.
You have to have a number when you spend money, right?
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)