Two rounds of travel War: Qingju meituan Hailuo Changsha hand to hand


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The end of bike sharing is uncertain, and the war of sharing motorcycles has been quietly started in Changsha. The legend that hello makes millions every day stirs up the heartstrings of Wang Xing and Cheng Wei. Didi and Qingju leave the scene one after another, setting off a frenzy of car investment in Changsha. With the ensuing scramble for people, land and prices, everyone is bound to get it at all costs.
Author Ma Hui
Source: leopard change
“More than ten meters of containers, loading two or three layers, clattering to unload.”
When inspecting the road, Wang Han would be surprised by his friends’ investment. At the most ferocious time, “20000 vehicles in a few days” and “450000 vehicles in a month”.
“A 100 meter street, 80 meters is their car, a bus stop, so many cars are U-shaped, people can’t pass.”
Wang Han is a meow walking to make complaints about the operation.
“Kill the dead.”
Kicking, burning QR code, reporting
Wang Han’s “territory” is being nibbled by meituan. The streets of 100 meters and 80 meters are occupied by orange motorcycles, “what can we do for other families?” The lane is occupied, Wang Han can only ride his own car, the most day, he rode 89 cars.
It was April 2020. Hello, meituan and Qingju launched new cars one after another. They launched new cars on the streets of Changsha, but the streets were not enough. They began to compete with each other in terms of strength.
Kicking is a common thing. “When you swing the car, kick your car over to increase your workload.” This kind of competition is most often between the boss and the new “younger brother”.
At 7:00 p.m. in dongpailou street, there are many motorcycles to squeeze out of the yellow line, so it is necessary to ride one by one for operation and maintenance
The most direct way is to surround the car, which is the usual way of ground warfare. In the past two months, meituan has made the most efforts to launch vehicles, and the most common way to encircle them is “our car in the middle. There is a circle of meituan outside that can’t move.”
The competition for territory is the most intense in hot spots, because the turnover rate of cars is more than twice that of cold spots. Near shopping malls, subway entrances, schools and hospitals, meituan, Qingju, and hello are all competing for.
Often, in order to seize the hot spots, the dispatching vehicles of each home arrive at 8:00 a.m. and unload the trucks quickly. The yellow line planned on the ground is limited. When it is unloaded a lot, a brand will occupy hundreds of meters of streets. Other families can only narrow the range of vehicles or move cars. If it exceeds the yellow line, it will be photographed and fined by the traffic police.
In order to get rid of the competition, people will “inadvertently” take photos and send them to the traffic police group, “the cars we have arranged are in the front, and the ones they haven’t arranged are in the back. “Increase the workload of competing teams or make them perform worse in front of traffic police.” in general, meituan, Xiaoliu and meow, are not managed by meituan, but are committed to it. ”
Some people will directly destroy the car, spray paint on the QR code of the car, or burn it with fire. Some operation and maintenance personnel found that “a row of them have been sprayed”. He suspected that it was the company’s behavior and asked the shooter to get off at night.
Wang Han can feel that with the addition of big players, the competition is becoming more and more intense. In the past, if 20 units could be stopped in the yellow line, only 5-6 units could be stopped. Now there are 60 or even 80 units. In the past, he put 150 cars a day, but now he has at least 200. In the past, he only had to straighten out some cars on the road, and now he has to tow everywhere.
The number of shared motorcycles in Changsha is increasing exponentially. According to the statistics of baobian, the number of motorcycles in Changsha has exceeded 400000. Among them, 140000 are halo, 120000 are meituan and nearly 140000 are Qingju. In the second half of 2019, meituan and Qingju have only 1000 motorcycles.
Travel giants rush into Changsha overnight.
The net profit of one day is millions
In 2020, Hello, Qingju and meituan will make frequent efforts in the field of shared motorcycles.
Wang Xing stressed the characteristics of motorcycles – “high frequency, high cash flow” in the conference call of meituan Q2 financial report. Compared with bicycles, motorcycles are easier to ride by users. According to meituan’s data, in Changsha, a small yellow car is ridden 13 times a day at most, and hailo’s motorcycle is more than 20 times.
People in the industry and leopard have calculated an account. The riding time of motorcycles is generally 15 minutes, and the unit price is about 2 yuan. Take a motorcycle with a platform turnover rate of 6 times as an example. The profit of a motorcycle is 12 yuan. The turnover rate of a motorcycle is half of that of a passenger unit price. The profit of a motorcycle is 3 yuan, which is four times lower.
In terms of cost, a motorcycle is about 3000 yuan, and the daily loss is 1.5 yuan. If we take 100000 motorcycles as an example, the net profit of one day is 1.05 million yuan, and the cost will be recovered in about 9.5 months.
Compared with bicycles, it takes three years to recover the cost. Motorcycles can be called rapid turnover, and the larger the investment, the faster the profit. High frequency and higher customer price have laid a broad profit space for motorcycles.
It’s his motorcycles that make him rich. Hello, an early employee told Bao Bian that he had made profits for a long time, and the amount was not small. “A day’s net profit is several million yuan, which was said by an executive in a meeting.”. At that time, when the halo project was celebrated, Maotai was the drink.
How about the profit situation of Hello? The official didn’t give a clear answer.
At that time, the salary of the Hello staff was also very good. On the road, a hello scooter was taken away. High riding rate, fast power consumption. “People who change electricity can’t do it. It’s normal to spend four or five hundred yuan a day.”
In the first two years, many of Hello’s employees paid more than 10000 yuan.
Local forces in
Local forces were the first to smell business opportunities, more than 10 small brand companies began to focus on the streets of Changsha.
In the heavy assets, heavy government and heavy operation motorcycle market, there are enough funds to buy cars, there is a strong relationship, can get the exclusive operation of the city, and have a perfect operation system, can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.
In the absence of too much market competition, and the government does not set a threshold, it is not difficult for small brands to enter the board, return to their original value and even make profits.
Even, small brands can make a fortune with the help of time difference. In the second half of 2019, Xiaolu took the lead in launching pedal models, bringing Changsha into the era of motorcycle 2.0 with its own efforts. Pedal motorcycles are more family motorcycles, with wider cushions, front baskets and pedals, and even the back seats can carry people.

The effect of model upgrade is obvious. At that time, hello almost occupied the entire Changsha market, but after Xiaoliu came out, the rate of grabbing orders was very high, “if there is a small walk, we only ride a small walk.”
In the hot spot area, the turnover rate of small walk is as high as more than 10 times.
At a subway station outside the Third Ring Road in Changsha, motorcycles account for half of the road
Soon, the small brand meow travel also launched the same model, the market response is very direct. One night, a meow operation and maintenance personnel was stopped on the road wearing overalls. The other side asked him, “can I ride this car?”
At that time, the factory was still waiting to see if the traffic police would stop the car After finding that the government almost acquiesced, we still did not dare to change the car model, “for fear of stimulating the government.”
It also made the small brands have a very relaxed time. In half a year, the number of meow’s motorcycles has expanded from 1000 to 30000, from only pilot in Furong district to all over Changsha, and even developed Hexi, which is still a bicycle market.
The emergence of the crisis is the promulgation of the new national standard, among which the most important one is that the policy strictly stipulates the difference between motor vehicles and non motor vehicles.
Zhang Zhen of the brand public relations department of Hello travel told Bao Bian, “if the policy stipulates what we can and can’t do, then we can let go.”
Soon, hello’s little alpaca, meituan’s yellow car and Didi’s new moped were lowered.
Moreover, the Changsha municipal government is more tolerant of the policy of sharing motorcycles. Almost all the provincial capital cities of the same size as Changsha will control the number of brands and investment of motorcycles, while Changsha has no restrictions.
Remove the shackles, the giant’s melee immediately began.
At present, the average daily volume of halo motorcycles is 4 million, followed by didi meituan, with 3 million and 1 million respectively.
By Q2 2020, more than 320 cities will have halo motorcycles. Meituan will also step up its layout and put 300000 motorcycles into the market. Didi Qingju also moves frequently. In April, Qingju completed $1.15 billion in financing. With financial support, Qingju launched three new cars, two of which are electric vehicles. It is said that Didi’s two rounds of business are the Department with the largest number of employees this year, and motorcycles have also become the main business of Didi.
Price war
The big factory enters the Bureau, the day of Hello is not so comfortable.
In the past two years, hello has occupied 90% of the market in Changsha. The entry of Qingju and meituan quickly diluted the color on the street.
In June 2019, Qingju first dropped a thousand mopeds in Furong district, penetrating into the urban area from the border. Five months later, meituan, based on the data of Moby, launched a competition in Changsha. From 1000 to 120000, meituan only took 18 months from Qingju to 140000.
In the motorcycle industry, the more cars are paved, the easier it is for users to ride, and the more profitable it will be. Cast car, is all players seize the market must use technology.
In May, Xie run witnessed the great feat of adding 100000 motorcycles in Changsha City in a month. He was a regional director of hailo. In October, when the car throwing was fierce, he began to control the number of cars put in, but meituan and Qingju were still adding more cars.
“During the creation period, meituan did not stop.” Green orange strength is not small, “three hanging unloading one night, unloading to the next morning.”
Compared with small brands, the invasion of meituan and Qingju has a direct impact on the dominant position of Hello.
On Cai E road, at 8:00 a.m., there is meituan on one side and hello on the other
On the street, yellow and green motorcycles are very conspicuous. From time to time, the operation and maintenance group of halo pays attention to the competition, and sends video of the car dropping. A ceiling car is unloading, and the protective film on the bicycle has not yet come and can be torn. “Meituan has put in the car again.”
After the quantity is spread, meituan and Qingju directly fight a price war. For Hello, the price is 2 yuan per 15 minutes. Meituan has lowered the price for Changsha. The starting price is 1 yuan, and 15 minutes is 1.5 yuan. In order to gain market share, meituan promotes free riding one day a week, and Qingju uses cash back from riding.
The discount between the two families has continued until now. Meituan, the latest five rides, is 2.2 yuan. Qingju bicycle enjoys a 60% discount, while Hello still costs 1.3 yuan per ride.
The price war is not only aimed at users. Qingju gives the highest operation and maintenance salary in the industry. It costs 180 yuan a day to attract competing operators to join Qingju. The operation and maintenance group of Qingju has increased from 26 to 56. In addition, the warehouse staff, dispatching master, electricity exchange personnel, etc., in one and a half years, the operation team of Qingju in Changsha has reached 700 people.
After the price war, the territory of Qingju and meituan gradually expanded.
hard business with low profit
Hello enjoys the good time in the market, which is broken by the rapid attack of meituan and Qingju.
In the past, the rollover rate of Hello’s bicycle was between 12 and 13 times. Now it’s only half. However, hello Changsha also said that the turnover rate was evenly distributed by the number, not by other meituan and Qingju.
Although the overall unit volume has improved, the rush of bicycles still reduces the profit-making efficiency of each company, and the company needs to spend more energy on operation and maintenance.
At the end of October, baobian was in dongpailou street, north of IFS in Changsha. His motorcycles were crowded to the center of the road. A Qingju bicycle operator was called to help. He rode one car on the left and six new ones were parked on the right. It was not until 10:00 p.m. when the off-duty users rode away, he did not leave work.
In Pozi street near May day square, hailo was equipped with 6 operation and maintenance vehicles and 2 dispatching vehicles. However, it was still too busy. Too many cars were put in by each family, which finally led to the cancellation of the spot.
The staff of Hello Changsha are not without emotion. They have experienced a bicycle war. They are more like “people climbing out of the dead”. However, a motorcycle war shows them the madness of the past.
In the 5-month battle of giants, the days of small brands are becoming more and more difficult.
Wang Shen (pseudonym), the operation director of meow walking, occasionally meets his peers of small brands. They complain to each other, “no one rides the car. It’s hard to do business and lose money.”
As the giants end up, small motorcycles are drowned in the yellow, green and blue sea, and the turnover rate decreases. As the giants occupy the space and occupy the hot spots, the operation and maintenance costs of the bicycles are increasing day by day.
Wang Shen stressed in the conversation, “orders plummet, profits plummeted.”

In April 2020, the local brand xiaohuangya launched a new car and tried to overturn the market. However, two months later, it announced that it would withdraw from Changsha and transfer to a prefecture level city under Hunan Province. The same type of Xiaobin travel also disappeared in the streets of Changsha.
For the withdrawal of small brands, Wang Shen is not surprised. “To eat a provincial capital city, you need capital, just like you want something for 100 yuan. If you take 50 yuan to buy it, can you buy it?”
The opportunity to share motorcycles is shrinking with the naked eye, but Wang Shen didn’t expect that the elimination competition would come so fast.