Beijing News investigates the trap of boss direct employment


A reporter from the Beijing News found that many companies were suspected of sexual recruitment, including “intermediaries” who were looking for women for “clients”, or bosses who personally tried to find women in villas, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
Source: Beijing News Investigation Team
“If you have chest, let me feel it.” On a black business bus near a hotel in Sanyuanqiao, a reporter of Beijing news is being “interviewed”, a 30-year-old man said as he tried to reach out to touch the interviewee as a candidate.
Since this year, netizens in many regions, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have encountered “erotic Recruitment” in boss direct employment. This kind of recruitment information often carries the banner of “assistant to the chairman” and “life assistant”. The description of the job content is simple and vague, and the actual requirement is to provide sexual services.
In early November, the Beijing News reporter applied to more than 20 similar recruitment enterprises in boss direct employment, including “assistant” and “secretary” positions. Seven enterprises obtained further contact with reporters. However, during the interview, a reporter from the Beijing News found that the above-mentioned companies were suspected of engaging in erotic recruitment, including the “intermediary” who specially searched for women for “clients”, some bosses who personally tried in villas and used their hands on the candidates, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for “clients”.
The above-mentioned interview sites are not official company offices. In the secret interview of Beijing News reporter, the interview places required by the recruiter include hotel cafe, private villa and even business “nanny car”.
It’s called recruiting assistant. It’s actually a broker who is hunting for customers
In the first ten days of November, an organization named “World Fortune elite Association” recruited the post of “special assistant of China Rolls Royce club” on the boss direct employment, with salary ranging from 10000 yuan to 15000 yuan per month. Beijing News reporter initiated communication as a candidate.
According to the company introduction on boss direct employment, the “World Fortune elite” is “a comprehensive organization for the lifestyle and family affairs management of high net worth and super rich families in China. It started from the family club in England and has a great reputation for providing services to the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family. In China, it only serves family customers with net assets of more than 100 million yuan per capita.”
The page shows that the work content of “China Rolls Royce Club recruiting special assistant” is “responsible for assisting leaders to carry out relevant Club resources and cooperation affairs, handling public relations, organizing dinners and high-end entrepreneur gatherings, social management and activity research and development, arranging and accompanying conference activities, as well as daily assistant related work
The page of “special assistant of China Rolls Royce club” on boss direct employment. Software screenshot
On November 8, boss directly hired “Mr. Fang”, who showed the title of president of the company, contacted the reporter and asked for the date of birth and life photo. Through the “wechat exchange” function of boss platform, the reporter sent his own wechat to “Mr. Fang”. A person who claimed to be “Dongge” added the reporter’s wechat and asked for his resume and photos.
Dong Ge introduced that he is a “headhunter” who is specially looking for girls for clients. The salary of assistant is 100000-300000 a month, and the requirement is “to be able to accept ambiguous relationships no more than three times a month.” Then he added that there is no need for a good appearance, just a good character. “After an interview, you can sign a labor contract, which will guarantee you.” but this is not a full-time job. “You need to contact one day in advance. The most important thing is to keep each other secret.”
Dongge said that if the client’s interview is passed and the candidate gets the salary, he needs to send him a red envelope of 3000 to 5000 yuan, “this is the rule, and the rest is the customer’s commission to us.”
Dongge told reporters that candidates can also discover the beautiful girls around them, introduce them to “do the periphery” and extract Commission.
Dongge arranged a secret interview with the Beijing News on November 12 and asked the reporter to wait in the coffee shop of a hotel near Sanyuanqiao in Chaoyang District. According to its introduction, the client engaged in the real estate trade, has paid a large amount of deposit to Dongge, asking Dongge to recruit “personal assistant” for him. Before leaving, he stressed to reporters, “don’t let me lose the chain. This is a turning point in your life. Hold on to it. Maybe I will lean on you in the future
At more than 12 o’clock at noon, the Beijing News interviewed reporters secretly, according to the information provided by Dongge, came to the coffee shop of the hotel. After waiting for a moment, the reporter received a phone call from Dongge, “there is a black car in front of the hotel, get on the bus and say.” This is a black business car. The driver is sitting in the driver’s seat. In the second row, there is a man about 30 years old.
The man was dissatisfied with the slow speed of the reporter’s car. “In our work, you have to be obedient. In this society ruled by law, can I abduct you away? ” He said, “the introducer recommended to me that you were obedient, but now I see myself, how can it be different from what he said? Are you nervous? ”
Later, the man carefully asked the reporter about his income level, length of stay in Beijing, emotional experience and sexual experience, during which he was not allowed to interrupt or ask questions. “Let’s talk about our work,” he said. “We’re having sex three to five times a month. How much do you think you are worth, 100000, 150000 or 200000? ” The driver said, “the chairman has no idea about money”, and took out a stack of money.
After several conversations, the man expressed satisfaction, “I can order it now, and I will use you.” He asked the driver to find a hospital to take a reporter for a physical examination. “Do you have breasts? Let me feel it. ” As he spoke, he tried to reach out and touch the journalist’s chest. The reporter refused and got out of the car to leave.

The boss direct employment page shows that the “World Fortune elite club” is fully known as the world fortune elite club (Beijing) International Business Club. Its office is located in Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and is called “China Rolls Royce Club Beijing Club”. Beijing News reporter inquired about Rolls Royce’s two service centers in Beijing. The other side said that there was no official club in Beijing. When calling “Rolls Royce car home” customer service hotline, the operator said he was not clear.
The page of “World Fortune elite club” on boss direct employment. Software screenshot
The reporter inquired about Tianyan and found that the world fortune elite (Beijing) International Business Club was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and the largest shareholder is Mao. Business scope: to undertake exhibition activities, conference services, organize cultural and art exchange activities (excluding performances), sales of aircraft, yachts, cars, etc. He was listed in the abnormal business list on August 17, 2015 for the reason of “unable to contact through the registered residence or business place”. After the change registration of the residence or business place was handled, it was removed on July 13, 2018.
According to the trademark information, the company has registered more than 50 trademarks including “louse”, such as “louse Ladies Club”, “louse gentlemen’s Club”, “louse angel”, “Queen Charlotte dance”, etc.
On November 17, a reporter from Beijing News called the registration number of the world fortune elite Association in Tianyan search. The person answering the phone said that his side is “Rolls Royce club”. The reporter asked whether the post of “China Rolls Royce Club Recruitment special assistant” on the boss direct employment of “World Fortune elite” was open to recruitment. The other side gave a positive reply and invited the reporter to add his wechat for further details.
When the reporter added the wechat, the name of the other party’s wechat was “Mr. XX”, which was the same as the last two words of the name of Mao, the largest shareholder of “World Fortune elite”. The head image used in the wechat was consistent with that of “Mr. Fang” who posted recruitment information on boss direct employment.
A recent circle of friends of “Mr. so and so” was released on November 11, which was located in the “Beijing ยท China Rolls Royce Club (Beijing Club)” located on Huihe South Street. He wrote that “the Rolls Royce Club of China is full of high-quality friends”. The picture shows a woman in cheongsam performing in front of the background board with the words “China Rolls Royce club”.
Interview in villa area, “President” extends salty pig’s hand
On the boss direct employment platform, Chinese Ethnic Group Co., Ltd. is recruiting “life Secretary” in Beijing. The position requires that the candidate should have a high school degree or above, work experience of “less than one year”, and the job description is “standard Mandarin, self-motivated, polite, honest and trustworthy”, with a monthly salary of 5000-6000 yuan.
On November 8, the Beijing News reporter communicated with the recruiter “Mr. Li” on the boss direct recruitment of the post. The other party quickly replied, saying that this was a direct recruitment of the Chinese ethnic group and that he was not an intermediary, inviting reporters to “exchange wechat”.
Mr. Li, who added the reporter’s wechat, claimed to be the company’s personnel and asked for the reporter’s resume and recent photos. After that, Mr. Li and the reporter agreed to have an interview in the villa area of Beijing CBD International Golf Club in Chaoyang District three days later, and said that the interview position was “the boss’s assistant”, and the boss would interview in person. When asked about the specific content of his assistant’s work, Mr. Li said, “you meet and talk to him”, “I’m just an assistant and have no right to decide.”.
The reporter raised concerns about safety and asked for an interview in a public place such as a coffee shop. Mr. Li directly refused, “the boss doesn’t go to the coffee shop,” and said, “there are drivers and assistants. What’s unsafe about the interview?” Later, Mr. Li sent the number of the boss “Mr. Li” and asked the reporter to contact him.
The page of recruitment of “life Secretary” in boss direct employment of Chinese ethnic group is 202. Software screenshot
The official website of Beijing CBD International Golf Club said, “the course is located in the golden area in the east of Beijing. It only takes 12 minutes to drive from Wangfujing Street, the most prosperous commercial center in Beijing.” On the day of the interview, “general manager Li” asked reporters to go directly to his villa by telephone. Villa area is located in the center of the club on the island, reporters from the gate into the road without any obstruction.
The reporter entered a two-story villa with huge calligraphy and paintings on the wall on the first floor and various Buddha statues on the table. A male assistant was working. “Interview” in the second floor of the inner hall tea room, which placed a tea table and sofa, surrounded by several large solid wood cabinets. The reporter and “general manager Li” were sitting on the sofa on both sides of the tea table.
Mr. Li is in his 40s, with a northeast accent, a bald head and a floral shirt. He said that he recruited a personal life assistant, whose work content is to take care of his food, drink, play, clothing, food, housing and transportation. He needs to accompany him to the Wine Bureau, learn etiquette and reception, and do not need to be responsible for work affairs.
Since then, Mr. Li asked the reporter about his height, weight, native place, life and previous work experience. In this process, “President Li” with a smile, constantly looked up and down the reporter.
After the interview, the reporter got up and left. “Mr. Li” suddenly stepped forward and pulled the reporter into his arms and stroked his hair and arm for about 10 seconds. After the reporter revolted, he left immediately, “general manager Li” said with a smile that he would contact again later.
The reporter of Beijing News reported to the Chinese ethnic group on the boss direct employment page. Software screenshot
According to the mobile phone number bound by Mr. Li’s wechat, the reporter found that the number was the business information registration number of Sino US Huaxin International Investment Co., Ltd. The legal representative of the enterprise is Li. The reporter used a payment software to query the mobile phone number of “Mr. Li”. The results showed that the user name was consistent with the name of Li, the legal representative of Sino US Huaxin International Investment Co., Ltd.
The part-time “pimp” of domestic company can introduce the maintenance and reception
According to a survey conducted by Beijing News reporters, domestic companies that employ private nannies on boss direct employment are also involved in erotic recruitment, and recruiters can introduce foster care or short-term escort work.

A Beijing Chaoyang District housekeeping company’s recruitment page shows that the company is looking for private nannies with salaries ranging from 10000 yuan to 15000 yuan. On November 5, the Beijing News secretly interviewed the reporter to communicate with the recruiter on the boss direct employment, and sent his own micro signal to the other party through the “exchange of micro signals” function. A “Shen” who claimed to be a company sales person added a reporter’s wechat and proposed to meet with reporters to communicate the job requirements.
A domestic company in boss direct employment recruitment “private nanny” page. Software screenshot
Shen told reporters that the position of recruitment is high-end housekeeping, which requires candidates to be able to wash and cook, master household skills, and be beautiful. The reason is that the client is the boss of a film and television company. He often entertains stars at home, hoping that housekeeping can win face for himself. “It’s up to you to develop with your customers.”
During the conversation, Shen asked the reporter to send a number of natural life photos, together with the reporter’s personal information, including Sanwei, etc., to the film and television company boss. He told reporters that the boss is very demanding. He was not satisfied with a few of them before. He wanted to be young and beautiful, but he needed to be able to cook and high-end storage and sorting. He also needed the reporter to obtain the certificate of domestic economics and nutritionist.
As for the Commission, Shen said that if the two sides successfully signed the contract, the reporter would pay Shen 10% of his first month’s income as an intermediary fee, but if he signed up for the training course of the housekeeping company, he could be exempted from this fee.
According to Shen, another easier assistant job is “short-term business assistant”, which mainly follows the boss to the business trip, takes care of the boss’s daily life and provides sexual accompaniment. Long one or two months, short one or two weeks. “The competition is fierce.” He said.
According to the chat record provided by Shen with another intermediary surnamed Chen, Chen is willing to help Shen to make a connection and introduce the short-term escort work in Shanghai for the reporter. “Generally, those who are good-looking, the younger generation born in the 90s and after the age of 00, all spend 150000 yuan a month. The price depends on the girl’s condition. ” Shen transferred this part of the chat records to reporters and asked for swimsuit photos to show the body to customers.
A chat record provided by Shen to the reporter with another intermediary surnamed Chen. Wechat screenshot
“Erotic Recruitment” occurs frequently, and the boss direct employment platform does account freezing processing
According to a survey conducted by Beijing News reporter, since this year, micro blog users in many regions, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have reported that they have encountered “erotic Recruitment” in boss direct employment.
Netizen Chuanchuan reported that in May this year, she graduated from university and delivered her PR post to a consulting company in Yunnan through boss direct employment. The CEO of the company added her wechat and asked for a picture of her life. During the conversation, the CEO said that “it’s inevitable for public relations to be sexually harassed by customers.” he asked whether Chuanchuan could accept it, and said that the actual work of public relations was to accompany customers to drink, and would face “behavior breaking the bottom line.”.
After Chuanchuan refused, the CEO also said that if he did not accept public relations, he could apply for the Secretary of the chairman of the board, “only serving the chairman”. He said that the secretary needs to take care of the chairman like a maid and sleep in a room. If he is taken in by the chairman, it will be Sichuan’s blessing, and even the CEO who introduces her will be rewarded.
In May, Guangzhou netizen Yanyan applied for the position of secretary assistant in boss direct employment, and was directly taken to dinner with customers by the boss. “After the customer left, he suddenly shaved my nose and touched my head.”. The boss makes a fuss on Yanyan on the road and asks Yanyan to be his girlfriend and Secretary for 8000 yuan a month.
The colorful experience of netizens. Screenshot of microblog
In June this year, youzhihu netizens disclosed that senior employees of a well-known company openly recruited life assistants on the boss direct employment platform, asking candidates to provide sexual services and offering a monthly maintenance fee of 16000 yuan. After the incident was exposed, another employee of the company said that the employee involved had been dismissed.
As for the phenomenon of erotic recruitment and sexual harassment in boss direct employment, on June 1, boss direct employment customer service commented and replied in a micro blog that the applicant claimed to have suffered sexual harassment, “the platform resolutely combats all abnormal job hunting recruitment behaviors. If you encounter abnormal job seekers, you can report it on the chat page of the website, or feed back relevant information to the editor Your feedback is handled to protect your legitimate rights and interests. ”
The reporting function in boss direct employment page. Software screenshot
Beijing News reporter inquiry found that boss direct employment in its platform security job guide prompts, “if you encounter harassment or attack in the interview, please keep the evidence while protecting your own security, and report to the platform complaints.” The reporter also found that the frozen account names were displayed in the illegal account processing announcement of the platform, and the reasons for the ban included “publishing night class positions” and “publishing part-time model information”.
The handling announcement of illegal account number on boss direct employment. Software screenshot
The reporter called boss direct recruitment customer service about the recruitment Party’s qualification and sexual harassment during the interview. The other side said that the platform would conduct qualification certification for the company and recruiter who published the position, and the recruitment information could only be released after the approval. If the applicant finds that the position is inconsistent with the published position during the interview, he / she can make a complaint and report, and the platform will deal with it after the review.
On the afternoon of November 17, the Beijing News reporter reported the relevant posts released by the world fortune elite Association and the Chinese ethnic group. About 30 minutes later, the reporter received a call from boss direct employment customer service to inquire about the specific situation. Boss direct employment customer service told reporters that when encountering sexual harassment, they can choose to report on the post release page on the platform. After filling in the reporting information, the staff will give feedback within 1-3 working days. Customer service also reminds reporters to be vigilant in the follow-up process of job hunting, and consider whether to call the police according to their specific situation.
Half an hour after the call from the customer service, the reporter received a reply on the platform saying that the recruitment account of the Chinese ethnic group had been frozen due to its violation of the rules.
The reporter of Beijing News reported the world fortune elite meeting on the boss direct employment page. Software screenshot

As of the press release, the post of “China Rolls Royce Club Recruitment special assistant” of “World Fortune elite club” is still open for recruitment.