The global game console industry is expected to generate $45 billion in revenue this year


Source: CCTV finance and Economics
According to the latest statistics of newzoo, a research and analysis company for global game and E-sports market data, according to the latest statistics of newzoo, more than 700 million people around the world use game consoles to play video games this year. The console game market is expected to generate 45 billion US dollars, or 295.2 billion yuan, in revenue this year. For console platform manufacturers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, console games are now more profitable than they were a decade ago. Not only that, compared with selling game CDs in physical stores, the profit margin of digital games is bigger. According to statistics, before, game developers could earn $35 and rmb230 from a $60, about 395 yuan game CD. Now, every time a player downloads a digital game software with a price of $60, developers can earn $45 or about 295 yuan. (CCTV finance and Economics)