Li Xueqin’s response to being named by China Consumer Association: not involved in the operation, not aware of the live data statistics process


Forenoon of November 22nd, Sina Technology News released the WeChat official account of the China Consumer Association recently released the “double 11” consumer rights and public opinion analysis report. In this report, the Chinese Consumer Association named three well-known people: Wang Han, Li Jiaqi and Li Xueqin. Among them, Li Xueqin participated in a live broadcast with goods suspected of false machine brush data. Subsequently, Li Xueqin studio issued a statement, saying that Li Xueqin and his team did not participate in any live broadcast operation and had no knowledge of the live data statistics process.
“After seeing the report of the Chinese Consumer Association, we immediately communicated with the inviting party of the live broadcast cooperation to verify, and asked the other party to feedback the truth as soon as possible and properly handle the problem,” the statement said