“League of heroes” national challenge finals open in Wuhan


On November 21, the finals of the national challenge competition of the first hero city E-sports Carnival “League of heroes” opened in Wuhan hanxiu theater. This competition first adopts the 3 + 2 (three men and two women) mixed system mode. From the audition of each competition point to the finals, nearly 30 E-sports associations in China and dozens of foreign E-sports associations participate online and offline.
In terms of competition system, the final of the first hero city E-sports Carnival “League of heroes” national challenge competition adopts the double defeat elimination system. Eight teams complete the winner group competition on the first day, and determine the winner group champion. In the first round of the winner group, CSC team from Changsha, Ka team from Wuhan, X2K team from Guangzhou and BSG team from Zhengzhou successfully defeated their opponents and advanced to the second round of the winner group.