Eggshell reception point: a large-scale queuing show to cheat users to terminate their contracts


Source: slightly larger reference Author: Anna Qin, editor: harano
A total of 110000 tenants and 40000 owners in Beijing have been affected by the shortage of eggshell funds. In the past half a month, this angry force has poured into eggshell headquarters on the second floor of Chaoyang capital.
As the event goes on, eggshells need more people to receive those who come to ask for their opinions. A few days ago, eggshell has set up 12 reception points in various districts of Beijing. Beijing tower yingzhitong property company, opposite to the No.3 courtyard of material college, is one of the reception points in Tongzhou District. Since November 18, it has received the handling matters of tenants and owners of eggshell Tongzhou District.
At the weekend, “slightly big reference” went to the above reception points and found that the rent refund that could be solved on the app had become offline for the tenants. They queued up at the reception point, registered, picked up their number, and stood in the cold wind to wait.
To put it simply, the staff of the reception point only deal with two things: one is to tell the tenants to handle the rent refund. The tenant who is told to take over the house by the owner can handle the rent refund without responsibility, and the eggshell will return the house deposit and rent; the tenant who has not been found by the owner can only handle the rent refund and only refund the deposit. The other thing is to ask the owners to pay the rent temporarily.
The staff have been emphasizing that when the property of the eggshell apartment is unsealed, the new enterprise or new bank injects capital, and after the last thing is discussed, the financial department can go on account and pay the money. They use some irrelevant things to support such a statement. For example, eggshell is a company listed in the United States, and its share price has soared recently. For example, the employees of eggshell paid social security just a few days ago.
The tenants and owners who came to the consultation listened to eggshell staff’s words with suspicion. These words could not answer their doubts. It is an indisputable fact that eggshell cash flow is short. But they have no choice. Believe it or not, they will not be better off than they are now.
Photo: waiting for tenants and owners to queue up on the floor of eggshell apartment headquarters
According to the “slightly larger reference”, before the eggshell apartment broke out the crisis of fund shortage, the long-term rental apartment brands such as free and I love my family had participated in the bid taking of the eggshell project, and they withdrew freely. With the subsequent fermentation of the eggshell incident, Xiangyu no longer participated. “The brand value of eggshell has been seriously damaged, and receiving a dish is equivalent to only receiving a pile of debt.”.
The Beijing municipal government has set up a team of eggshell apartments, led by the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, to try to avoid the end of eggshell bankruptcy, the people said. “The purpose of the office is to hope that the owners can give eggshells and tenants more time. After all, the owners have received a month’s deposit for eggshells, plus the cost of early decoration, there is not much loss at this stage.”.
In a crisis, reason and trust are scarce. The challenge for the eggshell team is how they can find more solutions without enough time. What’s more, is there a real owner willing to bid for a long-term apartment brand that has no owners or tenants who want to continue to renew their contracts?
In fact, when eggshells set up numerous reception points in Beijing to handle the problem of tenants’ rent withdrawal, the possibility of avoiding bankruptcy is reduced. Helping tenants to cancel their rent is a reverse screening mechanism, so that those who have other choices, can leave the eggshell and have the ability to find another place to live, or whose lease term is fast approaching, can first terminate the relationship with eggshell.
The remaining users who have not terminated their contracts are often annual, half yearly and rent loan tenants. They are people who are deeply trapped by eggshells. The eggshell can select two types of tenants who are seriously affected and those who are not.
However, no matter what kind of tenants, they do not know whether breaking the contract with eggshell is a relief for themselves, or it is better for them not to terminate the contract with eggshell. A tenant who has terminated the contract with eggshell at the reception point said that his lease term will be until January next year. No matter whether the contract is terminated with eggshell or not, it is very unlikely that he will get back the remaining rent and deposit. It might be useful to have a try according to eggshell’s statement.
Perhaps useful, is the common psychology of people swept into the eggshell storm. They are actually fighting with all the people who are owed money by eggshells for the possibility of recovering their losses. This is a competition between victims and victims. Everyone is looking for the opportunity to get back the debt before the other victims. After all, everyone knows there is no money in the eggshell.
It’s like playing the pirate barrel game together. No one knows where the knife in the hand stabs the pirates, which will trigger the toy mechanism to play. But if they don’t try, the other people will win, and they will have nothing.
Eggshell is also familiar with this set of psychological play.
They have been “encouraging” users to apply for rent refund. The condition given is that they can get back the rent. The tenants who use the rent loan of micro banks can also apply for stopping the loan after the rent is withdrawn. The most confusing condition is to cancel the contract first and have the qualification of queuing up for refund.
And just a qualification is enough to make these helpless people waver. No one wants to have a seemingly refundable option, put it in front of you without cherishing it, and then regret it after losing it.
Of course, to attract users to terminate the contract, there must be some immediate conditions to be seen. For example, after the rent tenant has handled the cancellation, they can apply for credit protection to the official account of the micro public bank, and the general application time is 7 days. In this way, credit protection can be obtained before March 31, next year.
However, these issues do not involve money, and no one can make it clear whether the rent loan will be repaid after the credit protection period is over. Eggshell’s argument is that they need to aggregate the rent and loan arrears of tenants across the country and pay them to the micro banks. The crux of the problem is, isn’t eggshell going to have these follow-up problems just because there’s no money?
The information provided by everyone in this storm is limited and correct. Those employees at the reception point will tell the tenants that after the eggshell company’s finance is unsealed, the remaining funds will gradually solve the problem of arrears after paying the wages and taxes. But no one will say if the eggshell has any money left.
The tenants in the process of decision-making do not know whether to terminate the contract. They have inquired from various channels they have learned about whether the tenant has received a deposit after the termination of the contract, or that after the termination of the contract, there is no need to repay the rent loan.

So far, they haven’t found the answer.
The office hours of reception points in eggshell areas are from 9:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. However, at 4:30 p.m., there was no one in the three reception rooms of the reception point of the material college. Two QR codes were pasted on the empty glass, one for the tenant to register and the other for the owner to register.
Less than 10 meters away from the door of the reception point, many young people stood in the cold wind, and they were discussing with people they didn’t know around to get back the rent and deposit from the eggshell.
Don’t interrupt the girl in the down jacket.
Before that, Lanyu girl was discussing with the girl next to her to terminate the contract with eggshell. After several times of communication with eggshell, she got the information that if the contract was terminated, the rent loan she borrowed from the micro banks would not be paid back.
But apparently, their conversation was interrupted by the sudden opening of the black feather girl, and they looked at the stranger together.
It seems to have received a puzzled signal from the opposite side. The black feather girl continued: “that’s the eggshell routine. The bank has already paid the rent you paid with rent. There is no way to stop the loan when you terminate the contract. Eggshell is trying to cheat you to terminate the contract. As long as you terminate the contract, no matter what happens, it has nothing to do with the eggshell.”. The girl’s tone revealed a rush, and because she was eager to persuade her partner, she unconsciously raised her voice.
She was saying something rather warm in an unfriendly tone, trying to help a tenant who was as deeply involved in the eggshell rent dilemma as she was to identify the final pattern of eggshell.
The eggshell tenants are working too hard. Most of them, in less than half a month, have a rapid increase in their knowledge of contract disputes and bank loan precautions.
Many people have been able to answer the concerns of some tenants in the same predicament in wechat group. They are more helpful than the information given by eggshell staff.
But knowledge and information can not solve the problem, just like the black feather girl who just spoke. Although she has a firm attitude when giving advice to others, she has no way to deal with her own problems.
She rented the house in eggshell for four years. Before that, she had been paying quarterly. In August this year, she renewed her contract with eggshell. For the first time, she tried to pay the annual rent of eggshell. “Eggshell offers too much discount. I can get a discount of 6000 yuan a year by paying for it.”. She said that at that time she really thought the discount was a welfare for old tenants. Now she knows that she is only a batch of leeks that have been cut.
Leek has become the favorite address for eggshell tenants when they laugh at themselves in the group. They change the wechat group name to a variety of strange names that have nothing to do with eggshell, which is to avoid the wechat group being reported. One group leader said that the two rights protection groups he had built before were reported.
Their names in the wechat group also reveal their banter on their own leek identity. Their group nicknames are divided into six months’ payment, annual payment, rent loan, and the owner’s door-to-door and no-door-to-door.from these five words, they choose the combination suitable for their current situation. For example, the black feather girl, whose nickname in wechat group is annual payment but not paid, will be due in August next year.
Heiyu girl’s wechat signature is: unexpected encounter in life is a surprise in your efforts. What she is most busy trying to do now is to get to the end with eggshell. She said that she would leave the strongest experience in her life to eggshell, because she had no money to rent a house.
She is the epitome of the majority of eggshell tenants, with a tough attitude, to solve their most counseling situation.
But in fact, her hard gang did not exceed 12 hours. At 2:00 p.m. on the 22nd, she went to the reception point of the material college to cancel the contract. She said that she was afraid that she would not be able to keep up with this batch, and no one would take care of her in the future.
Because capital meets the so-called dream of some entrepreneurs, a group of young people will be homeless in the winter of 2020. Their distrust of society is reflected in many people’s vows that they will only rent the house with monthly payment in the future.
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