The situation is 100 times worse than expected


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By Amy Wang
Source: new culture business
This young man has novel coronavirus pneumonia, P2P, new crown pneumonia, but unexpectedly, the Internet long rental apartment has been forced to a dead end.
“At noon, I just paid 20000 yuan of annual rent in eggshell. In the evening, I was driven out of the door by the landlord. I sat in KFC 24 hours a night with my luggage. I once thought of death.” Xiaoxin, who was born in Beijing after 1995, told her story in a group like this. He tried to make the eggshell apartment customer service call, and also tried to go to the eggshell apartment headquarters in Beijing, but they all had a “closed door” and was pulled to an eggshell apartment rights group by Xiao Xiao, who had the same experience. Only then did he have a little hope.
It’s not the worst thing to be driven out after paying the rent. What’s worse is that Xiaoxin still has to continue to pay the “rent loan”, otherwise it will affect personal credit.
Young tenants like Xiao Xin and Xiao Xiao are not in the minority. Up to the time of publication, the number of rights protection groups investigated and visited by reporters all over Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places, with 5000 people defending their rights. Most of them are landlords and tenants, not including the unpaid employees and suppliers of eggshell apartments. The rights protection groups understood and sneaked into by reporters are only the tip of the iceberg for people suffering from economic and rights losses caused by eggshell thunderstorms.
Ironically, due to the news that the eggshell apartment may be accepted by my love family, the shares of eggshell apartments listed on the New York Stock Exchange of the United States soared 75% and 90% in two days, from $1.37 to $4.50.
On the one hand, it is the carnival of the capital market, on the other hand, it is the users who have no access to thousands of rights. For more than half a month, the eggshell apartment app was paralyzed, the housekeeper lost contact, the tenant’s deposit could not be refunded, and the landlord’s rent could not be collected. Besides, there was no sign of any solution. Eggshell apartment did not issue any statement to solve the problem. It only said through Sina official blog on November 16 that eggshell apartment was not bankrupt and did not run away. It just fell into the crisis of tight capital chain Bankruptcy.
The new culture business not only focused on the exchange of people in the group, but also interviewed some members of the group separately. Among the group members, tenants account for a relatively high proportion, mainly young workers born in the 1990s, and there are also a small number of landlords and eggshell housekeepers, and their demands and losses are not the same.
Eggshell business has been suspended: no aftersales, no new business
The reason why the tenant paid the annual rent, but the landlord forced to catch up on the ground that he did not receive the money, is that the eggshell apartment model is to collect a preferential annual rent from the tenant, and then call the landlord on a monthly basis, so as to generate capital leverage.
“I just renewed my rent in September. In October, I began to lose my internet connection. Later, my cleaning aunt didn’t come to clean the house, and then the landlord came to drive people.”
Xiao Zhang said that he learned at that time that the landlord had not received the rent for more than a month. At the time of the accident, it was just early November, and the eggshell was also sent to deal with it. The housekeeper comes forward to say that the eggshell has encountered financial problems, and the tenant can choose to return the rent. As long as he applies for the termination process on the eggshell app, he can return the rent in full. Xiaozhang didn’t want to be bothered by this matter any more, so he accepted the proposal and moved out of his original residence after the application process.
“Later, the app did show that the refund was successful, but the money was not put into the related bank card.” It was not until recently that the eggshell was exposed to the risk of bankruptcy that Xiao Zhang realized the seriousness of the problem and quickly contacted the housekeeper at that time. But the housekeeper has been unable to contact, he made all the phone calls that can be made on the eggshell, and all of them were sunk into the sea, and there was no news.
The reporter tried to contact customer service consultation on the eggshell app. The customer service was always answered by the robot. When making a complaint and suggestion call, the phone was immediately hung up. Finally, the reporter tried to find the rental phone number of the nearby houses on the app, and found that no matter where the housekeeper looked at the house, they were all connected to the same telephone number from Beijing.
After the call was finally connected, the reporter said that he wanted to rent the house listed above, but just said a word, he was hung up on the opposite side. After dialing again, after the reporter repeatedly expressed the demand for renting a house, the other party repeatedly told the reporter that if there was a dispute, he should find the corresponding complaint channel. When the other party finally concluded that the reporter was not a complaint, he agreed to arrange a housekeeper to take charge of the house, and told that there was a special person to contact in the follow-up. But in the next three days, the reporter did not receive any relevant phone calls.
For listed companies, capital chain fracture, business stagnation and trust crisis are fatal. Different from the previous two years of ofo bankruptcy deposit, most of the direct losses of the users started at 10000 yuan, and the follow-up problems caused by the lack of housing have emerged in endlessly.
“Now that the contract is terminated, there is no evidence to protect the rights. I really regret moving out. I can only wait for the turning point to appear. Although I hate eggshells, I pray that they will not go bankrupt. ” Xiao Zhang said to reporters helplessly.
Infighting and fighting among the victims
What is worrying is that the eggshell thunder storm, the tenant and the landlord are both unjust, both victims, but become each other’s enemies.
“I wake up from nightmares every day. I’m afraid I’ll be homeless when I open my eyes.” It is reported that Mr. Chen’s situation is more difficult. He pays users annually and has seven months to mature. With the deposit, there are more than 20000 eggshells. But since the beginning of the month, the landlord did not receive the rent and issued an order to move out within three days. He said that the form of the eggshell apartment is not clear now, and it will only put him in a more embarrassing situation if he withdraws the rent rashly.
“The landlord does not have the right to drive people out, because what the landlord signs with the eggshell is not a lease contract, but an authorization contract. Why let the tenant who has already paid the rent to move out
After understanding, the reason given by the landlord is that the contract signed with the eggshell clearly states that if the eggshell is overdue for 15 days and no rent is given to the landlord, the landlord can unilaterally terminate the contract and take back the house.

The new culture business consulting Beijing State consulting law firm on relevant legal issues, Lawyer Wang Yahui thinks: the landlord entrusts the eggshell to rent the house, and the eggshell is the agent of the landlord. The tenant gives the rent to the eggshell as if it were handed over to the landlord. In addition, the landlord and eggshell commission contract is automatically terminated, which will not affect the lease contract between the tenant and the eggshell. Therefore, if the shell does not transfer the rent to the landlord, it belongs to the shell violating the entrustment contract between the two parties, and it is not related to the tenant. The landlord should go to the shell to pursue responsibility and cannot catch up with the person on the door.
The law provides for this, but the reality is that most tenants are still expelled by landlords. Mr. Chen called the police for many times, and the police said that they were economic disputes and needed to be resolved by both sides. But police also acknowledged Mr. Chen’s right to live and said that Mr. Chen had the right to continue living until the matter was resolved.
“It’s a day to live. I have broken the electronic lock. I have already removed it. I also found the account number to pay by myself to the Hydropower Bureau. But it’s really hard for the landlord to come to the gate at 6 a.m. every day to knock gongs.” Mr. Chen said he really didn’t want to be affected by the mess any more. At present, he has negotiated with the landlord and lost half of both parties.
And the owner representative Ms. Li also appealed to reporters to their own difficulties. “People are meat-rich, and I understand the situation of tenants. Public opinion is also on the side of tenants, and they think they have no money and are poor after graduation. But not all landlords are worried about their clothes and food. I also have a large number of children to support. The pressure on life is not less than that of young people.”
Before, Ms. Li’s two bedroom apartment in Hangzhou was entrusted to rent eggshell apartment. The shell has not been rent for Ms. Li for more than a month. In the face of nearly 5000 yuan of loss in a month, Ms. Li said she could not bear it for too long. “This house was originally bought with my wife when we were married. We moved to the grandma to squeeze in order to earn some rent and subsidize the household. Now that my daughter is born, she needs money everywhere. I don’t want to drive the children out of the house in a cold day. I will lose more than 10000 if I consume them. It is impossible. ”
Ms. Li once offered to bear half the losses with the tenant, but the tenant thought that if she paid the rent, she should continue to live and refused the proposal. What the tenant is worried about is that once the contract is terminated, their rights will be more difficult to protect, and will not move away without any conclusion.
The bank does not believe in tears, and the rent loan must be returned
“I had no rent before, even the deposit, moved directly. Someone reminded me that I paid rent loan every month, and I was stupid at once.”
The rent loan in Miss Wang’s mouth is a business offered by the micro bank to the eggshell apartment. When the tenant is unable to pay the rent fully, he / she can apply for the rent loan from the eggshell apartment and pay it in installments on a monthly basis. It is reported that Miss Wang did not know the operation process of the rent loan at that time was that the eggshell apartment first borrowed a full year rent from the bank in her name, and then asked Miss Wang to repay it on schedule.
So Miss Wang has applied for rent refund, but she still defaults unilaterally. The money of Weizhong bank has been borrowed, and the money needs to be returned by her.
“I really want to cry and tear free now. I hear that if the rent loan is not up, I will report the letter, but if there is a problem with the eggshell, the landlord can not keep people out of the way, I am forced to move away. Why can’t the house let me pay back?”
In this case, the customer service of micro bank has also started to lose its connection, and the rental loan business has been offline. Only one announcement was given, which means that if the tenant can still live, it will not be moved. If it has been moved, the credit collection will not be affected before March 31 next year, but it will not be necessary after that.
In this regard, Lawyer Wang Yahui of the state consulting law firm believes that the loan is signed by the tenant voluntarily. Like the ordinary loan, it is not related to whether the house can be used, and it is indeed necessary for the tenant to continue to fulfill the obligation of repayment.
But many tenants said they didn’t know that the eggshells had borrowed all the money, and were not clearly informed of the risks before signing the loan agreement, hoping to resort to law. As of the release, rent lending still has no new solutions, and many tenants are still trying to continue to protect their rights in various ways.
Industry insiders have long anticipated the eggshell crisis
“Eggshell apartments are typically rented at high prices and rented out at low prices. If the market is good, this model will have a continuous stream of funds, but the vacancy rate of the housing is required by this mode. Once multiple sets of vacant housing sources occur, the loss will expand. In addition, the impact of the epidemic this year, the thunderstorm of eggshell apartment will be expected. ”
A well-known real estate company intermediary Liu said to reporters. It is disclosed that the net loss of eggshell apartments is 270Million yuan, 1.37 billion yuan and 3.43 billion yuan respectively from 2017 to 2019, which is increasing year by year. Moreover, the loss will be more serious due to the impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year. Liu said he heard that eggshells were in talks with many real estate companies, but no one wanted to take the “hot potato”.
“Eggshell apartments are still losing money so far and have not got a more successful profit model. Many enterprises are difficult to turn losses into profits even if they take over. Now business is difficult to do, and everyone is very cautious.”
As of the time of the draft, thousands of tenants, landlords and housekeepers without receiving the salary still went on the long way of safeguarding rights and shouting, some resorted to law and filed an appeal; some people were posting Douban and Weibo for attention; some organized shift to go to eggshell companies to stay in the camp
The group of rights has cooled down, as people have begun to be numb about the experiences of some new members. It is not clear that before the official channel notice is issued, the priority of the tenant is to fight with the landlord to fight bravely and stay as much as possible for one day; and the landlord also in “conspiracy” to persuade the old tenant to leave without breaking the law.
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