“Civil war” occurred in eggshell rights group: landlords were kicked out of the group, tenants were pasted to change locks


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(edited by Chang Ningning)
Source: Micro story
Power failure, water cut-off and possible homelessness at any time are the daily life faced by hundreds of thousands of eggshell apartment tenants.
No one knows how long this life will last.
Seeing that eggshell has not come up with a solution, eggshell tenants and landlords scattered all over the country spontaneously set up a rights protection group to discuss how to deal with the landlord’s taking over the house and taking back the rent from the eggshell.
In the long process of safeguarding rights, although the thunder of long-term rental apartments has exploded, no one has put forward a reasonable solution, and the voice of the rights group has also derived different voices and “factions”.
This issue of micro story tells the story of the eggshell rights group
Some people advocate staying in the house and fighting with the landlord until the last moment;
Some people found the signs of eggshell explosion early and successfully terminated the contract with eggshell, but still did not receive the promised rent refund;
Some landlords are forced to take over their houses, so they are regarded by the tenants as the “villains” and kicked out by the owners
In the whole incident, tenants, landlords, and even the service provider of rent loan, Weizhong bank, have been using various ways to solve the problem, but the party directly responsible for the incident, eggshell apartment, has never given a solution.
Some tenants concluded that “this generation of young people have encountered small yellow cars, P2P explosion, and now they do not trust Internet companies.”.
Here is a true story about them:
Chang Ning Ning
Home from work, suddenly homeless
“I was kicked out by the landlord.”.
At 8:00 p.m. on November 18, Lee received a text message from his friend, along with a picture.
The picture is a seal posted on the door of the house, which shows that all tenants living in the house will be cut off water and electricity due to arrears of rent and water and electricity charges of the eggshell apartment.
Picture wechat pictures sent by friends to Lee
“There is no sign at all. When I came back from work, I found a note posted at the door and asked me to move away immediately.” after a few seconds, the other party sent a voice with a crying voice.
Lee remembers that his friend moved into the eggshell apartment last week.
It was a rent of 1400 yuan for a large single room in Songgang, Shenzhen. My friend paid 16800 yuan for the whole year in the form of rent loan.
“The eggshell is really finished,” Lee’s first reaction after seeing the message was that it was a big deal.
Lee is also an eggshell tenant. After graduating from University, Lee stayed in Shenzhen until September to find a sales job with an Internet company earning 4000 yuan a month.
In order to save rent, he chose eggshells from many platforms. The last tenant who sublet to him also specially said that it was close to the company and had lived for half a year without any problems, “big brand, trustworthy”.
As a result, his apartment was cut off on November 4th.
At first, he thought it was the landlord who failed to pay the network fees, so he had to wait for the news from the landlord and work overtime until midnight to rub against the network. However, the network at home has not been renewed.
After seeing the news from his friend, Lee searched eggshell apartment on Weibo for the first time, and found that eggshell apartment has become a hot search.
In addition to Shenzhen, eggshell apartments in other cities all over the country have experienced similar situations
As of the 21st, 220 million people have read about eggshell apartment and more than 110000 discussions have been held
Official seal “eggshell explosion”
Now Lee is a member of eggshell’s Shenzhen mutual aid group.
There are 327 members in the group. They are suffixed by different situations, such as “owing rent to the landlord”, “not returning to cash”, “being warned by the landlord” and “house collection”.
Most of the topics discussed in the group were “to protect the rights of the headquarters and the landlord to change the lock”. Many people also posted the screenshots of other intermediaries who took advantage of the opportunity to bid up the market price and called for resistance.
Figure | an intermediary in Beijing takes the opportunity to raise prices
Lee’s friends in Beijing are basking in the first snow in their circle of friends on November 21.
But for nearly 100000 eggshell tenants who are going to be homeless, they are more concerned about where they are going this winter?
Many tenants have already had the situation of power grid, water and power failure. Many people also claim that they may be driven away by landlords and become homeless.
Lee is now scared every day after work for fear that he will come home and see a sticker at the door.
Because the “sticker” has not yet appeared on the door, Lee’s suffix in the group is “temporarily lucky”. But he didn’t know how long the luck could last. “I’m afraid I’ll be homeless if I go to work.”.
Lee is very sad. Shenzhen is his first stop in the workplace, and eggshell is his first home in a foreign country. However, it is too difficult for him to grow up independently.
“It’s not that eggshell is the industry giant, ranking second. Why is it so vulnerable?” in the process of rights protection, Lee felt very puzzled.
Vulnerable “second in the industry”
Time back to January 17, 2020.
On that day, eggshell was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the second long-term rental apartment successfully listed in the United States, and the first Chinese capital stock to land on the NYSE in 2020.
At this time, the fraud of Ruixing coffee had not yet burst out, and zhonggai stock was still the favorite of capital. Eggshell finally raised 149 million US dollars with 13.5 US dollars per share, and the founder’s value soared by 10 billion yuan.
On the Internet, there are public opinions and news about eggshells, and even some people assert that the successful listing of eggshells will lead to a wave of listing of long-term apartments.
Figure news headlines on the day of eggshell launch
According to the official introduction, eggshell was established in 2015. In five years, it has developed from a team of 11 people and 2000 houses to an industry giant with more than 2000 employees and 407000 houses in 13 cities across the country.
In other words, during the period of the fastest growth, eggshells could add more than 8000 houses per month.
Figure | the number of employees is estimated from the insured number of eggshell parent company

But the debate about whether eggshell growth is healthy continues.
Trading losses for growth is a major challenge facing long-term apartments.
The rapid expansion of such means as smashing money marketing, capital support, high price monopoly house collection, low price sublease, and 15 day decoration and renting are recognized as “models” in the field of long-term rental apartments.
This mode requires a lot of housing and cash flow turnover, and needs to constantly borrow new debt to repay old debt to maintain its operation. Once the capital chain is tight, it will directly explode.
According to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to 2019, there were 69 parents renting apartment institutions with broken capital chain.
Among them, 53 parents rent apartments in 2019 alone.
Fig. | list of thunderstorm long rental apartments in August September 2020
The explosion does not appear overnight. Generally, there will be some “signs” before it happens.
These are concentrated in the long-term rental apartments with thunderstorms from August to September this year. If funds are tight, they can be withdrawn four months ago.
In April this year, due to the epidemic situation, the long-term rental apartments once collectively called on the landlords to “reduce the rent caused by the epidemic”.
However, as soon as the smart landlord and the tenant checked the account, they found that many apartments did not reduce the rent of the tenants as promised, and the news that the long-term rental apartment was about to explode in a collective way was noisy.
Most people thought that the free and eggshell “giant” with relatively sufficient funds would be stronger and even bring about the “survival of the fittest” in the long-term rental industry.
As a result, just 10 months after the eggshell went public, a screenshot about “eggshell investors’ donation fled, and the eggshell book only had 200 yuan” spread wildly on the social network, and then “eggshell storm” was searched by the top platforms.
On November 6, CCTV2 news officially sealed the eggshell storm. At this time, it was less than 10 months after the eggshell listing.
The thunder exploded, and the second in the industry collapsed.
The thunder came in August
Wang, one of the tenants, had been aware of the eggshell three months ago.
Wang had been renting an eggshell apartment in Daxing District of Beijing for a year before the explosion.
When selecting housing resources, he compared several well-known intermediary companies in Beijing, chose eggshells with higher cost performance, and rented a master bedroom with balcony in Daxing at a price of more than 2000 yuan.
Wang’s rental will expire in June 2020. At that time, eggshell was carrying out the activity of “rent loan” to renew the rent for one year, and return two months’ rent, and also send six-month service coupons.
Wang calculates that if the eggshell apartment is allocated 20000 yuan at a time through the micro banks, it can stay for 12 months. On average, it can save more than 300 yuan per month, so he chooses the rent loan mode to renew the lease.
But from the end of August, Wang found that the apartment was disconnected, and the housekeeper told him that it would not be solved until September 15.
He had a bad premonition, “won’t it be a problem?”
But looking at the cash back bill and the lower rent, Wang decided to wait and see for a while.
On September 15, Wang’s apartment was still disconnected from the Internet, and the housekeeper changed his mind to say that October was coming.
To this end, Wang successively called 12315, Dongcheng District Market Management Bureau, and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, and even went to eggshell headquarters to complain about the network problem. He also received a “complaint form” to complain about the problem that the network was not coming.
I didn’t expect that at the end of October, not only did the network fail to come, but also cleaning didn’t come.
But he still has a glimmer of hope: if the landlord receives the rent, the house will continue to live.
Many houses in Wang’s community were rented to eggshells. If the eggshells were “thunderstruck”, a large number of owners suffered heavy losses. After learning about the situation, the neighborhood committee quickly contacted the landlord for Wang.
The landlord made it clear that he had not received the rent from the eggshell.
However, according to the agreement between the landlord and the eggshell, the landlord could not accept the house unconditionally until 15 days after the rent was paid. Therefore, the landlord and Wang negotiated to take over the house in 15 days.
November 6, 15 days, landlord door stickers. The next day, Wang went to the eggshell headquarters in Beijing with a “levy” to handle the case. At the same time, Wang quickly moved away from the eggshell.
On the next day after the transaction, his app showed 3000 yuan of cash to be withdrawn. The pop-up window prompted him to pay within 14 working days, which used to be within 3 days.
“If the withdrawal fails, I will go to the headquarters again.” Wang entered a new waiting period.
“Go? Or is it boiling? ”
But most of the tenants are not as lucky as Wang.
Lee had just paid his quarterly deposit the week before the eggshell was announced by CCTV officials.
After hearing the news of the explosion of eggshell thunder, he once wanted to move away, but on second thought, Ji Fu, including the deposit, had to be more than 10000 yuan. If he moved away, he would not come back.
Ten thousand yuan, about two months’ salary for Lee, joined the rights group to learn how to protect the rights of “social people”.
After joining the rights protection group, they found that there were not only tenants but also landlords in the group. However, most of the rights defenders were as surprised and bewildered by the thunderstorm as he was
Some people only know that they are going to be homeless when they come home from work and find the “notice” on the door to move out within the time limit;
Some people carry a thousand yuan of water and electricity charges in arrears;
In addition, from time to time, videos such as “landlord clearance” and a long queue waiting for rent to be withdrawn in front of eggshell Shenzhen Office burst out from time to time, which made Lee feel “old terror”.
Members of the group began to “save themselves.”.
Many tenants found that the landlord stickers can handle no responsibility, full refund, have begun to contact the landlord.
Some people actively share the experience of consulting lawyers and gather friends to call the management department.
The tenants who are involved in the rent loan are the most active part of the rights protection group and also have the biggest loss. They hoped that they could stop paying back the loan after handling the responsibility free.
However, Weizhong bank, which provides rental loans for eggshell apartments, immediately said that they could only help the tenants to keep credit protection until March next year, and the loans could not be released. After March, the tenants would have to continue to repay.
Then the tenants split into two groups.
Those who are about to pay the rent claim that the deposit will be “returned to the original”, and at the same time communicate directly with the landlord.

Zhao ran was supposed to pay 2400 yuan rent on the 18th. After the thunder burst, she simply negotiated with the landlord who posted the door-to-door stickers. She renewed the rent at 2200 yuan for one year, and was free of rent for 15 days. Each of them gave a step back.
Lee is one of a group of tenants who have already paid their rents annually and quarterly in advance. Their rents can’t be returned. At the same time, landlords have begun to “change locks” and cut off water and electricity. Lee is one of them.
Lee and his roommate agree that if the landlord changes the lock, he will remove the lock, and if the landlord throws something, he will call the police, “the purpose is one, either refund the money or let live.”.
Figure | rights protection template in tenant protection group
At this point, the landlords and tenants in the group of rights protection are separated.
In this group, which was originally set up to denounce eggshells, everyone began to “clean up” the landlords.
The unloved victim: eggshell landlord
In this group of rights protection, the landlord is considered to be the one who combines with eggshell to do evil. No one even cares. They suffer losses.
As more and more landlords come to collect their houses, the relationship between the tenants and the landlords is becoming increasingly anxious. The group began to discuss how to unite to deal with the landlords.
Someone made an expression bag to laugh at the landlord
One day, some people in the group sent a video of “landlords calling the police to protect their rights” and published “rude landlords” remarks, saying that “it is safe to make no compensation for the eviction of tenants”.
The landlord Chaoning jumps out to argue with other tenants. After saying that the landlord is also a victim, the loss is huge and we can’t target the landlord, Chaoning is kicked out of the group by the group leader.
She was aggrieved and aggrieved. “It is clear that the loss of the landlord is much greater than that of the tenant.”.
Photo | screenshot of chaoningfa’s rights group
She made an account:
From 2018, Chaoning will rent the 150 flat houses in Tongzhou to eggshells at the price of 6800 yuan.
According to the rules of eggshell, the first signing industry mainly gives the eggshell a rent free period of 4-6 months from the signing period of three years, and then gives 1 month rent free period every year.
In addition, the landlord also gives the eggshell nearly 1000 yuan of property insurance every year to ensure the safety of the furniture in the apartment, “the rent is almost the same as the market.”.
After the eggshell accident, Chaoning not only did not receive the rent, but also was owed 5000 yuan in water and electricity charges (the arrears of water and electricity were not stopped during the epidemic period). If calculated according to the eggshell contract, the eggshell would have to pay 100000 yuan to itself.
Other landlords also confirmed what Chao Ning said. Some landlords said that they had just passed the rent-free period of this year when they met the eggshell thunder storm. They had no rent for 30 + 22 days (15 days in arrears and 7 restricted days for moving out), and they also owed a huge amount of water and electricity charges.
There are many landlords relying on rent to support the mortgage, once the thunder, “we can not help ourselves.”.
Chao Ning said that he forced to take over the house because he did not trust the eggshell.
As early as April, she was in arrears with her rent. At that time, eggshell called on the landlord to “voluntarily reduce rent” during the epidemic period, and Chaoning refused the request.
As a result, the eggshell still did not give her the rent on time. She was refused that the epidemic fund was tight and asked if she could reduce the rent.
At that time, the news of “eggshell” explosion spread. Chaoning calculated the sales commission of eggshell (for the house with 15 bills or less, the base salary + 35% of the rent Commission; if the price was more than 15, 40-45% of the rent), the eggshell would inevitably continue to lose money.
Chao Ning and several other landlords with similar problems went to eggshell headquarters in April to protect their rights. “There are no people in the whole office area.”.
However, on the 15th day after the deadline, the eggshell charged the rent and Chaoning gave up.
In October, the thunder really hit Chaoning.
After the rent was overdue, Chaoning went to eggshell headquarters again. As a result, the acquaintance who introduced him to sign the eggshell contract at the beginning of the meeting asked Chaoning to turn off the recording and say, “please take the house, eggshell hasn’t paid me wages for a month and a half.”.
Therefore, Chaoning and the tenants reached an agreement: they sent the refund notice, and the tenants were not responsible for it, and then they took the house and rented it to the tenants at the price of 200 yuan lower than the eggshell.
Unexpectedly, when she came to collect the house, one of the tenants went back on his word and called the police. At the same time, he also shot a video of “the landlord forcibly changed the lock” and sent it to the rights protection group.
This video ignited the anger accumulated by the tenants for several weeks, and moved all the anger to the landlord. Chao Ning was angry, but he argued with others that he was also a victim, and was later dismissed.
“This youth is too miserable”
After being kicked out of the group, Chaoning changed some of his ideas.
“Big cities have large population mobility and low trust. After all, it can be seen from this explosion that landlords and tenants are naturally opposite,” Chao Ning said. The housing rental industry still needs an intermediary, “but it needs a reliable intermediary, which is too difficult.”.
After ten years of “Beipiao”, Wang also believes that the intermediary needs to exist. “After all, it’s very difficult to find a house when you’re not familiar with your place.”.
Now, Wang is waiting for the eggshell refund to arrive.
Lee, on the other hand, prepared for the worst. After being evicted by the landlord, “I live in the company.”.
“It’s really hard to stay in a big city,” Lee said in a recent exchange with his colleagues. “If you can’t afford the high price of housing, you’ll have to fall into the pit of renting, and no one can avoid it.”.
It’s too young to be rent by ray.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)