Xinhua review: let “5g + industrial Internet” give more impetus to high quality development “+”


Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, November 20 (Xinhua): let “5g + industrial Internet” give more impetus to high quality development “+”
Xinhua reporter Zhang Xinxin
With one touch of the Internet, consumers can follow up the situation of production line in an empty space; click on the screen to set the route, and driverless cars gallop on the road 2020 China 5g + industrial Internet Conference opened in Wuhan on the 20th, with a number of black technologies appearing, attracting people’s attention.
The seemingly cool operation has been launched in many fields of manufacturing in China. The clothing people wear, the vehicles they drive, and the operation of factories, mines and ports have all changed due to the injection of technology.
5g and industrial Internet, one is related to the foundation of digital economy, the other represents the upgrading of the real economy, both of which are of great significance to economic and social development. Making good use of 5g and industrial Internet will not only accelerate the process of Digital China and new industrialization, but also create new opportunities and inject new momentum into high-quality development.
Some people may ask what kind of chemical reaction does “5g + industrial Internet” produce? In fact, you and I have witnessed the “double 11” just now.
Many brands realize “instant sale and production” by pre-sale products and then listing, which relies on data analysis and flexible manufacturing of 100 million class flow; when placing orders in the morning and receiving goods in the morning, many “balance payers” change into “consignees” in seconds, which has the credit of big data allocation; “5g + smart port” can greatly reduce labor costs, and “5g + digital factory” can greatly increase per capita output value
5g ultra large bandwidth can accommodate a large number of devices entering the cloud on the network, and the ultra-low delay ensures the millisecond transmission of massive data. The integration with the industrial Internet not only conforms to the direction of the deep integration of information technology and the real economy, but also gives more places and small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity of digital upgrading and overtaking on corners, opening up a new track for development.
At present, China has built and opened more than 690000 5g base stations, and “5g + industrial Internet” has entered an important stage of transformation from the initial stage to the rapid development period. Especially at present, the uncertainty of the external environment is increasing, and the internal transformation and upgrading contradictions are relatively large. It is urgent to make good use of “5g + industrial Internet”, so that technology can better enable thousands of industries and build a foundation for the high-quality development of China’s economy.
Among them, we should not only guide and support enterprises to make great efforts in the original innovation and break through the key core technologies, but also accelerate the construction of benchmarking network, consolidate the industrial foundation, and more importantly, promote the cloud application of key industrial equipment and enterprises, so that the application can be closely combined with the actual needs of industrial transformation and upgrading.
At the same time, the government should be more active, improve the supporting policies suitable for industrial development, promote data sharing and connectivity, and do a good job in orderly guidance.
Making good use of “5g + industrial Internet”, seizing the great opportunity of the deep integration of new generation information technology and real economy, further optimizing supply capacity, guiding and meeting consumption upgrading, China’s economic development will certainly expand more space.