IPhone 12 is green, but not necessarily a quality issue


The four models of iPhone 12 have been on sale for some time. As users have started using them, many problems have sprung up. One of the most serious is the green screen phenomenon. Recently, many iPhone 12 users have reported that the mobile phone will appear yellow, green, light leakage, flashing screen, yin and Yang screen and other problems. Among them, the problem of green screen has been reflected by a large number of users, and even some users said that even if it is a new machine, there is still such a situation. Some users said that Apple officials didn’t think it was a quality problem and refused to replace them.
This time, the number of users who got the green screen is absolutely large. Ray technology has won several small partners, especially in some dark gray background (for example, shake the interface of wechat), the green screen is particularly obvious, which can even affect the daily use experience.
What is the green screen like?
Some users may not know exactly what the green screen of iPhone 12 looks like and whether it will really affect the actual experience. Xiaolei here uses a set of real-time photos to prove that:
The most serious pan green one
The iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro performed normally
IPhone 12 pro and oppo find x2 Pro
It can be seen that under dark light environment, one iPhone 12 turns green seriously, while the other several iPhones perform better. However, compared with oppo find x2 pro, it can still be seen that the greenish condition is. Regardless of whether it will affect the actual experience or not, at least from the comparison chart, the iPhone is slightly inferior.
Apple officials have naturally noticed this problem. Apple’s customer service channel said that it has been checking and dealing with this problem. At present, it is preliminarily judged that the problem is caused by system and software problems, rather than hardware failure, which will be repaired in the new system. In fact, this is not the first time that this phenomenon has occurred on the iPhone. As early as March this year, some iPhone 11 users said that there would be a temporary green screen, but there were not many large-scale rollovers like the iPhone 12.
Why is there a green screen?
Xiao Lei would like to briefly introduce why this year’s iPhone 12 will have a large-scale green screen problem. In fact, green screen is a very common phenomenon in OLED screen. The main reason is that each independent display pixel in the OLED screen releases different voltage when it is powered on, so the brightness is different, which eventually leads to uneven color display of the whole screen. At the same time, because the three primary colors (red, green and blue) have the highest luminous efficiency, it is easy to appear green screen in some low brightness cases.
At present, some people think that the iPhone The main culprit of the green screen phenomenon is Samsung’s E3 luminous material (there are also some LG screens, but the supply is small). This material is a screen material commonly used by most high-end flagship mobile phones. Compared with the previous E2, E3 is better in contrast, blue light and power consumption, and can greatly alleviate the user’s eye fatigue. But it also has some disadvantages, that is, poor stability, it is easy to appear green screen, burning screen and so on after a long time of use.
In fact, this theory also has a certain basis. The previous generation of iPhone 11 pro with OLED screen and iPhone 11 Pro Max chose M9 luminescent material with higher cost and level, which is the second best product under Samsung (the best is the M10, which is not sold by Samsung). Although the M9 screen may also have a green screen, the probability is at least much lower than that of E3 in the middle of positioning. At the same time, it is stronger in terms of maximum brightness and comprehensive experience. The only drawback is that the cost is higher.
Graph source network
E3 light-emitting materials have not been overturned before. As early as one plus eight pro, large-scale green screens have appeared. Of course, this is not because Yijia does not want to get better screen materials, but because Samsung’s M9 luminescent materials are only sold to apple, and other manufacturers have no ability to fight for the purchase rights of these screens.
The picture shows one plus eight pro
Although there have been many green screens in Android products in the past two years, almost none of them will have a large-scale green screen like the iPhone 12. In fact, this has something to do with the mechanism of IOS. According to the test conditions of netizens, we should first increase the screen brightness of iPhone 12, and then enter the shaking interface of wechat to observe. Under the dark gray background, it is easy for iPhone 12 to have a green screen.
In fact, this operation can hardly be triggered in our daily life. It is totally illogical to turn up the brightness and watch some dark gray background. Secondly, IOS defines dark mode (i.e. dark mode) as pure black, and when you shake the interface is dark gray, it is easy to have green edges. On the contrary, Android uses dark gray as the main color. Therefore, under the same interface, the probability of Android turning green is much less than that of iPhone. If you really want to test whether your iPhone 12 has won a prize, you can use this pure black picture to test. If the screen still turns green, you can only “Congratulations”.
What should consumers do?
In view of this large-scale mobile phone green screen phenomenon, the solution given by domestic manufacturers is: there is no reason to change the phone until the green screen is not changed. This remedial measure greatly improves the user’s good impression of the brand, and also makes the whole event have a perfect ending.
Another simple way is to solve this problem through official Ota. This year, many Android flagship have also encountered this problem. Subsequently, through official modification of screen parameters, reduction of green light threshold, and re calibration, the green screen is much better. The results of Apple’s official customer service response also suggested that the situation would be solved by updating the firmware.

Of course, Xiao Lei still suggests giving priority to official exchange. If you buy iPhone 12 on tmall, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms, and there is a green screen phenomenon, you can replace or return the iPhone 12 through the platform’s “seven day no reason to return and exchange” policy. If it’s more than seven days, go to the apple store nearby and ask if it’s possible to return or exchange the product. For those iPhone 12 users who have purchased it for some time, the only way is to wait for the official response.
It can be said that each generation of iPhones has its own big and small problems, among which the most famous are the iPhone 4’s “death grip” and the iPhone 6S’s “down frequency gate”. Apple officials have not given a good answer and solution to these two issues. Perhaps the decline of Apple’s domestic market share is closely related to these two events. Of course, the most important reason is that the progress of domestic mobile phones is too fast, and in many ways, it is far ahead of the iPhone.
If Apple still does not act this time, Xiaolei thinks it will further damage the relationship between apple and fruit powder. In fact, it is not just Apple. For any mobile phone manufacturer, they should attach great importance to the relationship between themselves and users. If the problems of the most basic products can not be solved, it will inevitably lead to some users losing trust in the brand, and the trust will disappear. What else is the sales increase?
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)