Can you confirm the other party’s location by inputting the mobile phone number? Someone paid 198 yuan and found that


Source: CCTV finance and Economics
Recently, many location-based apps, under the banner of “you can determine the location of the other party as long as you input your mobile phone number”, make profits by allowing consumers to recharge to buy member services. However, many consumers say the feature is not so magical.
Enter the mobile phone number to know the whereabouts of the other party
“Black technology” or deception?
While browsing a short video platform, Mr. Zhang was attracted by an advertisement. “Enter the mobile phone number of a family member or friend and you can locate it with one click,” the ad said. Not only can you update your opponent’s position in real time, but you can also view his tracks. ”
It happened that Mr. Zhang lost contact with a business friend, so he downloaded the software and added the mobile phone number, hoping to find each other. At this point, the software prompts to pay membership fees to provide services. However, after Mr. Zhang paid 198 yuan, the software again prompted: the other party has not yet registered. Originally, this software needs the other party to download and agree to use their own location information to locate.
Mr. Zhang: because I can’t reach him, I need to find a software to locate him. If he sends me a message, do I need to spend that money?
Mr. Zhang said that he had carefully checked the software tutorial before paying, and there was no mention of the need for the other party to download the software. At present, Mr. Zhang has complained to the relevant departments and asked for a refund. On relevant websites, there are many complaints about positioning app, and most people’s experiences are similar to those of Mr. Zhang.
“Detective” app is illegal
Trigonometric positioning principle to detect position
According to the introduction of the public security department, it is illegal to obtain other people’s positioning information and seek profits. Nanjing Police once cracked a related case, and criminals used an app to implement positioning without the other party’s knowledge.
A year ago, Mr. Chen, who was doing business in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, was surrounded by unknown people, and he did not know how his whereabouts were obtained by the other party. Police investigation found that the people surrounding Mr. Chen used an app called “detective”. Once Mr. Chen logs in to a dating software, the “detective” app can get his location information.
Police believe that the act has been suspected of infringing on citizens’ personal information. Nanjing police immediately launched an investigation, rushed to Qinghai and arrested Wu, the developer of the “spy” app.
Sun Fanyi, a police officer of yijiangmen police station of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province: the users of this app include debt collection companies, so-called investigation companies, as well as individual citizens. It mainly checks the dynamic track.
According to experts, the app uses a mathematical principle to obtain other people’s location information – “triangle positioning”. When a user logs in to a dating software, the “detective” app uses two or more detectors to detect the location of the detected person at different locations, and then uses the trigonometric geometry principle to determine the location information of the target.
Although the “detective” app has been banned, it has attracted more than 4000 users in two years, with a profit of more than 400000 yuan. Nine users were arrested by Nanjing Police for frequently using the software to locate other people’s information illegally.