Baidu’s “counterattack” after being awarded 64.5 million yuan: suing infringement and claiming 90 million yuan


Sina science and technology news on November 19 evening news, following the siweituxin announcement to sue Baidu for infringement, it was found that the compensation was 64.5 million yuan in the first instance, and then Baidu company also sued for infringement of four-dimensional digital map on the ground of copyright infringement and unfair competition, and claimed 90 million yuan.
For a time, Siwei tuxin and Baidu map fell into the “plagiarism” of luoshengmen.
According to the siweituxin announcement, the company previously sued Baidu for using the company’s map data and providing vehicle service beyond the contract, and recently received the civil judgment of Beijing Intellectual Property Court.
According to the judgment, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court ruled that the defendant Baidu immediately stopped infringing the copyright of the related graphic works of the plaintiff, such as Baidu map, on the website version of “Baidu map”; it made a public apology to the plaintiff, eliminated the influence, and compensated the plaintiff for the economic loss of 64.5 million yuan. The plaintiff’s other claims were rejected. This judgment is the result of the first trial, and there is the possibility that the defendant will appeal against the judgment.
Baidu claimed that the “Tuba” and “Tuba navigation” of Siwei tuxin used the copyright map works of the plaintiff without the permission of Baidu company. Baidu believes that the defendant’s behavior not only constitutes copyright infringement, but also seriously damages the market competition environment, which has constituted unfair competition.
At present, the case is under further trial. (Xuemei)