Who pushed bitcoin to $18000?


By Wang Tiao Tiao
Bitcoin broke the $18000 mark on Wednesday, and is expected to break through the record high of $20000 set in December 2017 in the near future. So far this year, bitcoin has soared 150%, which gradually focuses people’s attention on bitcoin.
With Paypal and other electronic payment giants announcing their support for encrypted currencies to become the means of payment, the liquidity of the US stock market has tightened, and investors are no longer tempted to join the bitcoin Carnival Party to hedge against the US stock bubble.
The size of CME bitcoin futures open position is as high as 976 million US dollars
In addition, many funds have launched bitcoin this year, which means that the number of people using bitcoin is increasing. But the real driving force behind the price of cryptocurrency is a group of super rich people who are converting their assets into cryptocurrency.
Pliego is one of Mexico’s third richest and billionaires. He tweeted on Tuesday that he had invested 10% of his liquid assets in the world’s largest cryptocurrency, becoming one of bitcoin’s richest supporters to date.
Cryptocurrency bull Mike Novogratz is more enthusiastic, saying earlier in an interview that as bitcoin continues to replace gold, bitcoin could rise to $60000 next year.
Even movie stars are attracted to bitcoin – Maisie Williams, who plays Arya stark in a game of thrones, conducted a social media poll this week asking if it was still a good time to buy bitcoin. Mike Novogratz replied: Yes, buy it!
Grayscale, the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset manager, announced on Wednesday that its assets under management had reached a record $10.4 billion as bitcoin prices soared and capital inflows continued to rise. Grayscale’s assets under management rose 76% from $5.9 billion at the end of the third quarter. The assets of its bitcoin fund have grown 85% since the end of the third quarter to nearly $9 billion.
Too crazy market will inevitably lead to doubt.
For example, Dario, founder of Bridgewater fund on Tuesday, questioned the utility of bitcoin as a wealth storage tool, adding:
“I may miss some information about bitcoin, so I want to be corrected. My view on the problem of bitcoin becoming an effective currency is very simple. As a repository of wealth, it’s not very good because it’s volatile. And bitcoin has a low correlation with the price of things I need to buy, which means it doesn’t protect my purchasing power. ”
Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan, who mocked bitcoin in 2017, called it “fraud” and warned that any employee who traded bitcoin would be fired. A few months later, he changed his mind and said that he regretted calling bitcoin a fraud. Now, he said he was “not interested in bitcoin”, but “always supported blockchain”, and said that he was not interested in bitcoin The relevant regulatory system will soon be introduced.