Vivo Shi Yujian: mobile phone will still be the largest carrier in the next five years to build a digital bridge for users


Shi Yujian, senior vice president of vivo
According to Sina digital news on the morning of November 19, vivo held the VDC vivo developer conference in Shenzhen today. Shi Yujian, senior vice president of vivo, gave an opening speech on the theme of “all things are committed to human and digital world”.
The theme of this year’s vivo developer conference is “primordial things”. For vivo, not only the terminal but also the surrounding ecology such as IOT will return to the original.
Vivo saw that with the change of the market and the progress of smart phone technology, it has a new thinking on the cognition of digital time. What kind of benefits vivo brings to the relevant parties has also been reconsidered.
Shi Yu insisted that vivo always adheres to its own values and takes integrity, team, consumer orientation, learning, innovation and quality as its core. Starting from this year, vivo’s strategic goal is to create products and services that appeal to consumers, and to create better pleasure by building users’ bridges through scientific and technological design. In terms of brands, vivo, iqoo and nex are its terminal brands, which respectively represent: vivo is the joy of humanity, the joy of iqoo exploration, and the joy of nex’s achievements.
Vivo believes that in the next 3-5 years, mobile phones will still be the largest carrier in the digital world, so it will continue to make efforts to create a better mobile experience, and cooperate with smart home ecommerce and Internet of vehicles ecommerce.
Provide a fair, reasonable, reciprocal and mutually beneficial cooperation platform for partners
For developers, Shi Yujian said that vivo will provide a fair, reasonable, peer-to-peer and mutually beneficial cooperation platform. It has shared some data. In the past, vivo applications had 360 million + monthly live users, daily distribution reached 890 million +, content video monthly live users 120 million +, browser monthly live users 240 million +, service quick app monthly Live Live 1.5 billion, and monthly fast app usage level 1 billion +. Based on the OS, app store, etc., we will provide better products for users and work with developers to create a more extreme user experience.
Ecological construction achievements of vivo
Long term strategic direction: to become a bridge between people and digital world
This is vivo’s plan for the future, and it also emphasizes consumer orientation. Vivo hopes that high-quality products and services can be recognized by consumers and the industry at the same time.
Vivo’s three brand propositions
For example, the concept of “a new digital world” of originos, a new system released by vivo yesterday, is also in line with the theme of today’s conference, which also opens the prelude to the vivo developer conference.