State Post Office responds to information leakage: it has always been clear and attaches importance to the protection of personal information


Original title: exclusive state post office responds to information leakage: always has a clear attitude and attaches importance to personal information protection
Beijing News shell finance and economics news (reporter Cheng Zijiao) the new Beijing News shell finance and economics exclusive report Yuantong a number of “insiders” paid to rent employee accounts, divulging citizens’ information attracted public attention. On November 18, the State Post Office responded that “it has always attached great importance to the protection of personal information, and its attitude towards information leakage and other issues has always been very clear, and all policies and statements made before shall prevail.”.
From November 16 to 17, the five “insiders” of Yuantong express, which was exclusively reported by shell finance of Beijing News, caused the public to pay attention to information disclosure and personal information protection.
According to Handan police, the suspect rented the internal employee system account of a logistics company at the cost of 500 yuan per day, and then logged into the system account to enter the company’s logistics system, export the express information, sort out the stolen express information, and sell it to the high incidence areas of Telecom fraud in China and Southeast Asia by means of wechat and QQ. Shell financial reporters from informed sources confirmed that the above-mentioned company is Yuantong.
“This case, once again sounded the alarm of information security risk.” Yuantong said in a follow-up response that the suspects were arrested in September and firmly cooperated in cracking down on illegal sales and use of express user information.
According to the official website of the State Post Office, the State Post Office has carried out special actions for many times to crack down on the leakage of delivery service information, and said that for the delivery enterprises, it is necessary to further improve the measures and fully implement the main responsibility of the information security guarantee of the delivery enterprises. First, we should comprehensively carry out self-examination, systematically sort out and improve the internal control system, personnel management, post responsibility setting, transfer and management of delivery detail list, computer use and information system management, etc.; second, we should improve the management system and strictly manage the delivery detail list. We should not store a large number of blank delivery details in the hands of customers (especially e-commerce) at the same time Third, we should improve the ability of technical defense, increase investment in capital and science and technology, and improve the information level and information security technology support ability of the enterprise.