I love my family is negotiating to take over the eggshell apartment


Source: Economic Watch
Chen Yueqin, a reporter from the Economic Observer network, has learned that in the recent week, I love my family, including the chairman and President Xie Yong, and other senior executives to discuss taking over the eggshell apartment. At present, I love my family is accounting for the financial cost, and the specific takeover plan has not been finalized.
A person close to the negotiation disclosed that the eggshell apartment was short of funds recently. Invited by the relevant departments in Beijing, many parents, including free and Xiangyu, rented apartments to discuss taking over the eggshell. However, the free side had little interest in eggshell and did not participate in further in-depth negotiations.
According to market share, it is also the largest decentralized long-term rental apartment in China. Xiangyu is a long-term rental apartment brand of my family. At present, the main negotiation party is Xiangyu under my family.
According to the source, the main concern for the buyer is that taking over the eggshell apartment needs to cover the eggshell loss account, pay the landlord, and the tenant has to continue to live in the house, which is equivalent to taking over the next debt package. “After financial cost accounting, this account is not fair, unless there is any other way to make it even.”
A person from the urban housing and construction system in the Yangtze River Delta judged that it was more likely that I love my family to serve eggshells. “From the analysis of the business situation, I love my family as the only long-term rental enterprise in the whole industry that has not lost money.” The source revealed that there is no new profit point, the receiving party is also worried.
In addition, the probability that the government will pay for the loopholes is very small. At present, the Countermeasures of the regulatory authorities are mainly to negotiate with the landlords to reduce the rent, extend the lease term, and negotiate with the tenants to increase the rent to offset the rental period.
As for how to deal with the enterprise and how to recover the loss of the eggshell, the people close to the negotiation disclosed that the Beijing housing and Urban Rural Development Commission is considering conditions to allow relevant housing resources to increase income through cutting off. Partition is often referred to as “n + 1” in the field of long-term apartments. “If n + 1, this account can be even, but the regulatory authorities only made oral promises, not written guarantees.”
Affected by the rumor that I love my family’s eggshell apartment, on November 17, the stock prices of eggshell apartment and I love my family once soared. By the end of November 17 (Beijing time: November 18), eggshell apartment quoted price was 2.40 US dollars per share, up 75.18% from the previous trading day, and the transaction volume surged to 144 million US dollars. However, I love my family’s trading limit.
Economic observation network on the acceptance of eggshells and I love my family to verify, its external responsible person said that he did not know, Xie Yong hung up after the interview.