Oppo future technology conference 2020: scroll screen exploring new forms of mobile phones in the future


On the afternoon of November 17, Sina Digital News reported that the oppo inno day 2020, with the theme of “leap forward to good”, was officially held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, oppo founder and CEO Chen Mingyong delivered a keynote speech entitled “leap forward to good”, announcing oppo’s new slogan “science and technology as human beings, to improve the world”. Subsequently, oppo x 2021 scroll screen concept machine, oppo ar glass 2021 concept products and oppo cybereal ar application were released.
Oppo future technology conference 2020
At the beginning of the conference, oppo founder and CEO Chen Mingyong delivered a keynote speech entitled “leap to goodness”. Firstly, he introduced oppo’s competitive view of “only for the better, not for winning”, and announced oppo’s new slogan “science and technology for human beings, to improve the world”, and finally announced oppo’s “3 + N + X” science and technology transition strategy.
Chen Mingyong
Liu Chang
Novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnostic assistant research platform was introduced to Liu Chang, vice president and Research Institute of OPPO. The OPPO’s new technology center for pneumonia diagnosis was first introduced and the technology transition strategy of 3+N+X was analyzed in detail. “3” refers to three ecology. It corresponds to hardware basic technical capability, software engineering technical capability and service capability respectively; n refers to the track valued by oppo, including machine learning, AR and cloud, etc.; X refers to oppo’s ability to build differentiation, including vooc flash charging, etc. Finally, Liu Chang announced that the 50W super flash “biscuit” charger will be put on sale on December 12.
Followed by the release of concept products, oppo ar glass 2021, the second ar glasses product of oppo, appeared first.
OPPO AR Glass 2021
Oppo ar glass 2021 adopts a brand-new “split design”. The whole machine is more compact and light, with a reduction of nearly 75% compared with the previous generation. The official said that wearing it for a long time will not have obvious heavy feeling. In terms of connection, oppo ar glass 2021 uses C to C wired connection and uses mobile phone as host computer to provide computing power. Taking oppo find x2 Pro as an example, using snapdragon 865 processor, the computing performance of CPU and GPU is improved by more than 40%.
Oppo ar glass 2021 carries the industry’s mainstream birdbath optical solution. Compared with the previous generation of images, the contrast and brightness uniformity of oppo ar glass 2021 are improved by 53%, 98%, 40% and 40% respectively. When viewing, the light is refracted from 0.71 inch OLED screen to the human eye, which has the effect of viewing 90 inch screen from 3 meters away. At the same time, it is equipped with 94 square millimeter large amplitude loudspeaker and semi open rear cavity acoustic design.
The interaction mode of AR devices is also the most concerned problem of users. Oppo ar glass 2021 provides three modes of “mobile phone interaction”, “gesture interaction & spatial positioning” and “voice interaction”. It is worth mentioning that “gesture interaction & spatial positioning”, through the combination of the hardware of binocular fish eye camera and the software of multi-point modeling of hand, it realizes the millisecond level detection and tracking of hands. At the same time, the built-in TOF lens, binocular fish eye camera and IMU can form a spatial positioning system.
In addition to hardware, the more important thing for AR devices is the matching ecological applications. Oppo cooperates with iqiyi and Jingdong to adapt various applications such as AR viewing, AR games, ar home and AR shooting for oppo ar glass 2021. Oppo plans to officially launch the AR Developer Program in 2021 to help developers create cross platform and user level AR applications.
Together with oppo ar glass 2021, oppo cyberreal, a terminal ar application based on full-time space computing, is also released. Based on the digital physical world model established on the oppo cloud, as well as network data information such as mobile phone IMU, GPS, Wi Fi and Bluetooth, and mobile phone slam and AI scene recognition algorithm, oppo cybereal can realize high-precision full-time positioning and scene recognition.
OPPO CybeReal
On the application level, oppo cybereal can achieve a more intuitive navigation experience than mobile navigation in the future, even in indoor scenes such as parking lots and shopping malls. In addition, the technology support based on full-time high-precision positioning and AI landscape also enables oppo cyberreal to have functional capabilities such as virtual paradise, commodity display and store visual marketing.
Next, we return to the topic of mobile phone, bringing oppo x 2021, the latest achievement of oppo in exploring the form of mobile terminal.
OPPO X 2021
Oppo x 2021 brings an innovative scroll screen design, which adopts flexible OLED material. The screen can be steplessly adjusted between the minimum 6.7 inches and the maximum 7.4 inches. It can meet the needs of screen expansion and bring the “no crease” effect different from the folding screen.
In order to make the screen unfold and retract in a more smooth way, oppo has designed the “roll motor” power scheme: the constant force is output by two driving motors built in the fuselage, which is directly used for the screen expansion and retraction, so that the screen is evenly stressed in the movement process, and can effectively prevent the screen from being damaged when suddenly stressed.
The screen can be infinitely adjusted between minimum 6.7 inches and maximum 7.4 inches

In oppo x 2021, a new dynamic area framework stacking technology is adopted, which not only improves the screen strength, but also does not increase the bending resilience of the screen. The thinnest lamination is only 0.1 mm. On the movable side of the fuselage structure, a pulley bearing with a diameter of about 6.8mm is built in, and the screen will always move along the central axis. 6.8mm is closer to the bending diameter of OLED flexible screen after being stressed, which can ensure that the flexible screen almost does not produce creases after bending, and the pulley can ensure the screen to be smooth in the bending process.
In addition to ensuring smooth unfolding and folding, the smoothness of the screen is also the key to the experience. For this reason, oppo has designed a dual matrix embedded clutch structure, that is, two supporting plates with structure similar to comb are designed inside the fuselage: when the screen is closed, the two supporting plates can be seamlessly spliced into the same plane; when the screen is unfolded, one side of the support plate slides out synchronously, and the left and right brackets support the unfolded screen together to keep the screen smooth.
In order to protect the screen, oppo x 2021 is also equipped with “dynamic frame”. In the process of screen size change, the sliding outer frame and back glass battery cover plate will move with the screen.
Concept products released at oppo future technology conference 2020
At the end of the press conference, Liu Chang said that the three concept products released by oppo future technology conference 2020 may meet with consumers in the future.