Li Bin personally said: Weilai is determined not to reduce the price to come back because he has done the right thing


Sina science and technology news on the evening of November 17, Li Bin, founder of Weilai, admitted at the 2020 CEO annual meeting of Lenovo venture capital that Weilai could “come back alive” because it insisted on doing the right thing, and even in the “darkest moment” that received the most doubts and experienced the most blows, it did not shake at all.
“We have a market value of more than a century old automobile brand, but later on, our sales volume is less than 2% of its. There is still a long way to go. We are still a very, very young company.” Li Bin said that a young start-up company is bound to encounter difficulties and can not go smoothly.
Li Bin frankly said that last year was the most difficult period in Weilai, and he felt what “true friendship in adversity” is when he was tested. Before he founded Weilai, he talked about the things he had considered for several years. Why did he want to do this company? Where to start? What should be my business model and my technology entry point? After thinking clearly, he founded Weilai.
Weilai’s goal is very clear — adhere to the brand positioning of high-end intelligent electric vehicles. “Even if some people question that we are” burning too much money “, we should adhere to this rational choice.” Li Bin said that in terms of the 100000 to 200000 entry-level domestic automobile market, BYD, great wall, Geely and other brands have absolute competitive advantages. For a start-up company, the competition will be too fierce, whether in terms of scale, cost or the integration ability of vertical supply chain.
However, in the high-end automobile fields represented by Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, Weilai has a competitive advantage, because these 100 year old automobile brands are no longer in the era of founders’ helm, and have entered the professional manager mode. Secondly, high end intelligent electric vehicles have more tax advantages, such as consumption tax, purchase tax and license plate advantages of first tier cities. Even after being hit by the price cut of Tesla Model 3, subsequent orders from Weilai still reached a new high, Li said.
Li Bin believes that Weilai and Tesla do not belong to the same market segment competition. “In the Chinese market, Tesla’s sales volume is mainly driven by the entry-level model 3 with a unit price of 300000 yuan. The unit price of Weilai automobile after optional is more than 400000 yuan, and the average unit price is 150000 higher than that of Tesla.”
Li Bin promised that Weilai would not reduce the price. Because the price reduction will hit users, the residual value of the car they buy will also drop. “Sticking to the high-end brand positioning is something we have done right.”
He also said that Weilai’s second insistence is R & D investment, because R & D is to invest in the future. If we do not invest in R & D now, we will not be competitive in the future. In 2016, Weilai’s R & D expenditure was 1.5 billion yuan, in 2017 it was 2.6 billion yuan, and in 2019, Weilai also invested more than 4 billion yuan in R & D. At present, Weilai has nearly 3000 R & D personnel, accounting for a very high proportion of the total staff.
The third thing Weilai insists on is to create a high level of user experience. Weilai has invested a lot of money and energy in power service innovation, such as power station replacement, mobile charging vehicle, overcharge pile, 20kW fast charging pile, etc. Now, every 18 seconds, there is a car to complete the power change. Weilai also built an electric drive room close to the power station to help families who are inconvenient to install charging piles to solve the problem of using third-party charging piles.
In addition, Weilai also has one button power up service, similar to the take out mode. If users have charging needs, they can apply for “one button power up” on the app. After the order is reached, the staff will drive the car away for charging and return it after charging. So far, the platform has completed more than 400000 orders.
Recently, weilaigang released a 100 degree battery pack with the same size and interface as the previous battery pack, and the software can switch automatically. In 2018, Weilai es8 can only drive 355 km with a battery pack. After replacing the 100 degree battery pack, it can drive 500 km at a time, and the new car can reach more than 600 km. Weilai also proposed to buy a car rental battery service, separate the car and battery, to achieve rechargeable, replaceable and upgradable. If you usually use a 70 degree battery pack, you can rent a 100 degree battery pack at the replacement station when you are away from home, and then change it back when you finish your trip. (Zi Jian)