it is all up with? Every time, Huawei will fight back!


Source: An Jian, chairman of the political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee
Author: Chang’an Jun
Original title: the trend is gone? Every time, he will fight back!
Huawei 5g flagship model mate 40 is coming! More exciting than this long-awaited new mobile phone is Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer CEO, at the press conference on October 30
“A lot of people have asked me if the business can continue, and I tell you that no matter how difficult it is, we will continue to do so.”
A word goes straight to hot search.
Huawei has not abandoned itself in sanctions or failed in blockade. Huawei, pushed to the forefront of the Sino US game, is still emerging as the “most powerful Huawei mate” in history. At present, the booking volume has exceeded the supply capacity, and it is working overtime recently.
“If someone turns out the lighthouse, how can we sail?” The answer to this question raised by Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, may be in three words——
The first word: self improvement
At the Huawei Conference on the 30th, mate 40’s “poplar color matching” was very popular.
This is a metaphor that belongs to the Chinese people: in the vast sea and Gobi, only Populus euphratica stands aloof, overlooks all fields, and looks down on the heaven and earth. It will not die for a thousand years to live, not to fall down for a thousand years, but not to be rotten for a thousand years. “A kind of life, standing or falling, whether living or dead, makes people can not ignore its existence.”.
Do not rely on heaven to eat, do not rely on people’s charity, with self-improvement, the body into a moving landscape. “Color matching of Populus euphratica” is a vision, a blessing, and a realism of Huawei. The United States has been increasing its pressure and increasing its sanctions against Huawei, squeezing Huawei’s living space. However, in the face of a round of sanctions, Huawei firmly grasps even a glimmer of vitality and hope, and seeks a breakthrough through this.
I still remember that on May 19, last year, in the face of the “list of entities” that the United States had banned the sale of chips, Huawei Hisilicon’s sentence that “all the spare tires we have built will be turned into” positive “overnight, which brought the passion and excitement to the Chinese people; and I also remember that Huawei’s” home “has at least 700 mathematicians, 800 physicists and 120 chemists…” One year later, when Ren Zhengfei said frankly that “trump is the first credit”, you and I would smile out of the screen. Huawei did not die, but its global revenue increased by 19.1% year on year.
“We have no way but to win.”. The U.S. sanctions have brought huge difficulties to Huawei, but also brought greater impetus to innovate, expand the market and seek alternative solutions. Today, mate 40 is not only praised for her “Populus euphratica color matching” appearance, but also the “Chinese core” beating in her chest, which is far better than that of the same generation of products: Huawei’s Kirin 9000 chip, which adopts the world’s top 5-nanometer technology, integrates up to 15.3 billion crystal tubes, and improves CPU performance by 50%
In the face of fierce international competition, and against the background of unilateralism and protectionism, it is difficult to get rid of the encirclement if we are complacent without charity and pity. Huawei’s example tells us that self-improvement is both spirit and action——
Strive to create history and work hard to achieve the future.
The second word: opening wider
Kirin 9000 or a “top notch”? This is one of the most discussed topics among netizens after Huawei’s press conference.
Since last year, the United States has implemented three rounds of sanctions against Huawei, including export control, technology blockade and patent blockade, which have blocked Huawei’s access to foreign chips step by step. Some netizens said that this is the United States with the strength of the whole country to suppress a Chinese private enterprise.
Kirin 9000 is a product of self-study and OEM. It is designed by Huawei and processed overseas. As the 5-nanometer technology used in chip manufacturing belongs to the United States, under the latest round of sanctions in the United States, overseas OEM enterprises can no longer produce chips for Huawei without authorization. Once the stock is exhausted, the mate 40 carrying Kirin 9000 will be out of print. At present, the domestic chip manufacturing process can not meet the design requirements of Huawei’s 5nm, and Huawei has begun to enter the chip manufacturing industry.
But from the beginning to master the cutting-edge technology, production of qualified products, it is not easy! The gap of a few years may decide life and death. Huawei’s response may be found in the previous “Huawei consumer Developer Conference”. At this conference, Huawei released its operating system Hongmeng 2.0, which contained plans to help developers, such as harmony 2.0’s comprehensive open source and sea going plan, which fully demonstrated its confidence and boldness towards opening up.
In this open ecological platform, global developers and small enterprises can fully release their creativity and embrace the new digital world brought about by 5g and qiaozhilian, instead of just falling behind several “giants”. The value of openness lies in the sharing of dividends and opportunities. The significance of openness lies in loosening the shackles and making each other more creative and vital through cooperation.
At present, Meng Wanzhou’s lawsuit in Canada is still in dispute. The United States continues to ban Huawei, and there are voices around the world to “block Huawei.”. In the face of such a dangerous external environment, Huawei did not fall into irresistible anger, did not have Tang Jike’s German style rampage, but with the sincerity of common development, opened the door, “more friends, less enemies.”.
Why should we open up and expand it? As Huawei has told us, openness is not only a gesture, but also a kind of wisdom that needs courage——
A flame can be suddenly extinguished, but “no one can extinguish the stars”.
The third word: eclecticism
“A cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe, and a bucket of paste adheres to the wisdom of the world.” This is the concept Huawei has repeatedly stressed.
Being suppressed by the United States and being feared by competitors has fully demonstrated Huawei’s position in the “pyramid top” of the telecommunications industry. Huawei is even nicknamed “King” by netizens. But even the king at the top of the pyramid, without development, is only a dead end. For how to develop the future, Huawei gives unexpected and reasonable answers——

“Blow up the tip of the pyramid and absorb the energy of the universe in an open way.”
The tide of globalization is unstoppable and the trend of integration has not changed. In a rapidly changing world, the spirit of self-reliance must be possessed, and the vision and ability to accommodate and keep up with the general trend of the times are also indispensable. If you just look at the sky and build a car behind closed doors, the future is not bright.
Huawei’s recruitment of “gifted teenagers” with a salary of one million a year has attracted public attention. This kind of domineering spirit of “making the best of the world’s talents” is one side of the “coin”, and the other side is “drinking more coffee with capable people”. In the spark of thinking, we can perceive the direction of development. In 2018, in the cooperation between Huawei and Turkish mathematician EDAR Alekan, Professor alekane published a paper on polarization code. Based on this paper, Huawei developed 5g communication technology, which occupied a powerful position in the 5g technology standard war.
Learn modern enterprise management from western countries, recruit outstanding talents from the world, focus on integrating into the culture of all over the world, open up markets, support scientists in the same direction to carry out scientific research projects, and actively participate in various international industry and standard exhibition organizations What we see is a full range of Eclecticism:
Whether it is management, talent, scientific and technological innovation or market development, consensus is formed in communication, cooperation is established under consensus, and win-win results are sought in cooperation.
If you study alone and have no friends, you will be ignorant. Huawei uses facts to tell us that compatibility is not only accumulating strength, but also creating opportunities, and the most important thing is the Chinese people’s unyielding courage!
Throughout the long history, no one understands the pain of being strangled.