After the suspension of the listing of ants, Jing Xiandong held a high-level meeting overnight to re list or postpone it for about half a year


Original title: just now! Ant announced: refund of the application for Hong Kong public offering! Jing Xiandong held a high-level meeting overnight: re listing or delaying about half a year
In the morning of November 14, ant group issued an announcement on the Hong Kong stock exchange, suspending the listing of H shares and returning the application funds for public offering in Hong Kong.
The refund of the applied share money is as follows:
The application proceeds for the Hong Kong public offering (together with 1.0% brokerage commission, 0.0027% SFC transaction levy and 0.005% SEHK transaction fee) will be refunded in two batches without interest:
(i) Send a white form e-refund instruction / refund check / Refund (“first batch return”) on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 for all or part of the rejected application (determined by the company’s preliminary drawing and allocation); and;
(II) send white form e-refund instructions / send refund cheques / Refund (“second batch return”) for all applications (only for the part not returned under the first batch of returns) on Friday, November 6, 2020.
For applicants who apply through the white form eIPO service and pay the applied shares in a single bank account, the refund will be sent to the payment account of the application in the form of an electronic refund instruction on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, or in the case of a second batch, on Friday, November 6, 2020. For applicants who apply through the white form eIPO service and pay their shares in multiple bank accounts, the refund will be sent to the address shown on the white form eIPO application by ordinary post on November 4, 2020 (Wednesday) in the case of the first batch of returns or by ordinary post on November 6, 2020 (Friday) in the case of the second batch return.
The refund (without interest) of applicants who apply for e-subscription instructions to HKSCC through the central clearing system is expected to be deposited in their designated bank account or their broker or trustee’s designated bank account on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, in the case of the first batch of returns, or on Friday, 6 November 2020, in the case of the second batch.
An applicant who applies through a Designated CCASS participant (other than the CCASS investor account holder) should inquire about the refund amount to be paid to the Designated CCASS participant (if the application is made by sending an e-subscription instruction to HKSCC).
Applicants who apply for an e-subscription instruction through CCASS as investor account holders of CCASS may also apply through the “clearinghouse” telephone system and the Internet system of the central clearing system (CCASS) on November 4, 2020 (Wednesday) in the case of the first batch of returns, or on Friday, November 6, 2020 (Friday, November 6, 2020) To inquire about the refund amount to be paid. Immediately after the refund has been deposited into those bank accounts, HKSCC will also provide an activity statement to the CCASS investor account holders setting out (in the case of CCASS investor account holders applying for electronic subscription instructions to HKSCC) the amount of refund deposited into their respective designated bank accounts.
According to Tencent News “front line”, on the evening of November 3, ant group suspended the listing of A-shares and H-shares, announcing that Jing Xiandong, executive chairman of ant group, called the group’s internal senior executives to hold an emergency meeting that night. A person close to the ant group revealed that those who attended the emergency meeting were “high P” above P9 level of ant group. According to past materials, the P9 level of Ali system is often M4 level of senior experts or directors. It was mentioned at the meeting that after the “postponement”, it was conservatively estimated that the time for the re listing of ants would be delayed by about half a year.
According to Sina Technology, people close to ant group said that Jing Xiandong was relatively optimistic at the meeting. Jing Xiandong explained to the participants that the supervision is mainly to solicit opinions, and the ants need to meet the specific requirements involved in the consultation as soon as possible. Jing Xiandong also said on the same night that the ant IPO’s new funds will be returned to investors, including strategic investors and retail investors who invest through Alipay. When ant group re applies for listing, it carries out “new” again.
In response to the impact of the ant group’s suspension of listing on the planned participation battle and the new development fund, Alipay customer service replied to relevant questions, because the ant group was postponed in the A+H listing plan, the part of the fund’s central plan to participate in the strategic investment in the ant market was postponed accordingly. At present, all the funds have been set up and the operation of the funds will not be affected. If there is any subsequent update, the fund company and ant group will disclose it through the announcement.
Yesterday evening, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority responded that ants had suspended listing on both sides: as an international financial center, the flow of capital in and out of Hong Kong was normal. Over the years, the HKMA has established a strong buffer and earthquake resistance capability in the financial and banking system. The banking system is very stable and has abundant liquidity. The spokesman added that he was confident and able to maintain the stability of Hong Kong’s monetary and financial system.
According to CCTV news, a spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR government said on the 3rd that ant group had informed the Hong Kong stock exchange of its decision not to proceed with the listing plan of Hong Kong shares in Hong Kong, and had issued an announcement explaining the reasons. A spokesman for the SAR government said that the Hong Kong stock exchange had experience in handling IPO decisions after the expiration of the subscription period in the past, and the Hong Kong regulatory authorities would ensure that the arrangements for refund of the application proceeds in an orderly manner. The spokesman said that there was no systemic risk involved and the stability of Hong Kong’s financial system and the orderly operation of the market would not be affected.