Are you 5g today? 4G package is hard to find, why operators “confuse operation”


“When 5g becomes a new favorite, 4G can only be described as” humble. ” A netizen make complaints about social media.
“Customer service called me to recommend 5g packages. I asked her why they are so expensive. She said that there are no 4G packages now and they are all making 5g packages, so the fees will be higher.” Another netizen said. On Weibo, the topic of “being 5g” was once hot searched, with more than 80 million readers.
Recently, many media reports have reported that 5g packages are highlighted in apps and other channels of major operators. It is difficult to find the entry of 4G packages and even the packages are off the shelves. Some reports also point out that once users choose to upgrade to 5g packages, they may not be able to apply for 4G packages. Netizens’ Tucao also reflects that some operators make complaints about consumers when they are marketing and dealing with business.
After experiencing the experience of shell finance reporter of Beijing News, it is found that 5g packages are pushed high and 4G packages are hard to find in operators’ apps. However, in the customer service telephone channel, the staff still said that they could handle low-cost 4G packages, and for users who have handled 5g packages, they can change back to 4G at any time as long as there is no contract period limit.
According to legal sources, if operators deliberately mislead or force the promotion of 5g packages, it may infringe on consumers’ right to know and their right to choose. Consumers can protect their legitimate rights and interests through negotiation or legal means.
Customer service said that 5g packages can be returned to 4G, but 4G packages are “invisible” in the app
As for the above problems reflected on the Internet, shell finance reporter of Beijing news confirmed the three major operators on November 2, but as of the time of publication, the three major operators had not responded. In view of the problem that 5g packages may not be returned to 4G, customer service of the three major operators all said that as long as there is no contract period and other restrictions, 5g users can return 4G packages. “As long as the packages we are selling can be handled normally.” China Telecom Customer Service emphasizes.
When the reporter said that he wanted to choose a low-cost package, China Mobile customer service recommended 19 yuan monthly package, China Unicom customer service recommended 39 yuan and 49 yuan monthly package, and China Telecom customer service also recommended dozens of Yuan low-cost package. The “4G package off the shelf” may not be a common phenomenon. However, shell financial reporters found that 4G packages are “invisible” in operators’ apps.
After opening the apps of the three major operators, the words “5g zone” and “5g package” have entered our eyes. However, it is difficult to find the obvious “4G package” window on the package processing page. Users who want to change 4G packages in the app will inevitably fall into the embarrassing situation of “nowhere to start”. In addition, in the operator app, the complete 4G package gradient chart is more difficult to see, and users also lack convenient comparison methods when choosing.
What is quite intriguing is that when a reporter enters the “5g smart selection package” column of China mobile app with a try, the package actually includes 58 yuan, 79 yuan and other packages that are 4G in nature, but it has the name of “5g” in the form – that is, by filling the “5g” menu with “5g”, the operator creates a “5g only” package for users Choose “impression, thus guiding users to choose 5g package.
As we all know, 5g packages have a high initial tariff level. When users change packages in the app, if they can’t find a package clearly marked as “4G”, it will make people feel uncomfortable and even feel “coerced”. This point was deeply experienced by shell finance reporter of Beijing News in the process of experience, and many users expressed the same feelings in the interview.
Many netizens said that the operator’s customer service staff told them on the phone that “there is no 4G package”, or that it is a variety of fancy to promote 5g package, so that they are overwhelmed.
Are you “5g”? Operators’ confusion operation may be caused by 5g promotion impulse
In fact, operators are vigorously promoting 5g packages, even before 5g is officially put into commercial use. At that time, the three major operators carried out 5g booking activities in their own apps, and users who participated in the appointment could enjoy a variety of discounts if they handled 5g packages within a certain period after the start of business.
After 5g was officially put into commercial use on November 1 last year, operators have been vigorously promoting their 5g packages in various channels including app and business hall. In November last year, when the “carrying number to network” service was put into trial operation, when the Beijing News reporter visited the business hall at the end of the month to investigate the service development, they saw that there were a lot of 5g package publicity materials in the business halls of the three operators. At the Beijing Dajiaoting business hall of China Telecom, the staff learned that the reporter was going to carry the number and began to recommend 5g packages enthusiastically, saying that 5g packages are more affordable than 4G packages. After the reporter asked to see the 4G package, the staff showed the details of the 4G package. It can be seen that the promotion of 5g package is a more priority task for staff.
5g package displayed on the large screen in the business hall of China Telecom.
According to the latest data released by the three major operators, as of the first three quarters of this year, China Mobile has more than 110 million 5g subscribers, and China Telecom has nearly 65 million 5g subscribers. However, the number of 5g package users of operators is often much higher than that announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the same period. Many insiders of operators admit that this is due to the different statistical caliber adopted. As for the specific caliber, no one can say clearly. Among them, the number of users who only have 5g mobile phones but do not have 5g packages or only do packages without 5g mobile phones are counted as 5g users, which is difficult for outsiders to distinguish.
Many people in the industry have pointed out that what really disgusts users is the various inducement and misleading behaviors of operators and their staff in recommending packages and other services, as well as the opaque and uneasy consumption caused by these behaviors. Due to the limited cognition of ordinary users on communication technology, it is not ruled out that staff use this information gap to influence users’ choice under the pressure of assessment, and even force users to upgrade.

This method may be “effective” for a time, but the long-term result is that users do not trust operators. In the process of 5g promotion, many users oppose 4G package to 5g package, even “talk about 5g color change”, for fear that they will “be 5g”, which is the embodiment of the negative effect of these practices.
Mandatory upgrade and other behaviors will be under the supervision of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The number of 4G packages will be reduced or has nothing to do with 5g
The Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT), as a regulatory department, has also noticed the damage to users’ rights and interests and the industry environment caused by “action deformation” in the process of promoting 5g. “In order to better promote the development of 5g, there is market competition among operating enterprises. In this regard, the Ministry of industry and information technology has never intervened in it. But one thing is that some operating enterprises still have some evaluation indicators for their subordinates. When the bottom is pushed, they sometimes deform to the edges and corners, such as compulsory (upgrade), etc., which are not approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology In July this year, Wen Ku, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the Department of information and communications development, said at a press conference.
Wen Ku stressed at the news conference that “the Ministry of industry and information technology will strengthen supervision and inspection, especially investigate and deal with such violations of the legitimate rights and interests of users by upgrading user packages and bundling sales without the consent of users.”
These behaviors have caused obvious damage to the credibility of operators and even the attraction of 5g packages. For example, when the number of 4G packages is reduced and cheap packages are no longer supported, the first reaction of many users is to make way for 5g packages. In response to these doubts, Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, told the Beijing News shell finance reporter that the reason may not be that the operators want to push 5g packages, but that the regulatory authorities and the headquarters of the three major operators have requirements for the number of voltage drop packages.
With the decrease of the number of packages, the packages that are more “low price” and “preferential” in the eyes of consumers will naturally become the / >
“In the past, an operator could have more than 1000 packages at the same time in a province. Users were dazzled by too many packages and various complicated billing methods, and the masses complained a lot. Therefore, the regulatory authorities required operators to reduce the number of packages.” Fu Liang said, “when operators vigorously promote 5g, in order to ensure the decline in the number of packages as a whole, taking the older 4G packages off the shelves has become a choice.”
Legal advice: compulsory upgrade of 5g and prohibition of returning 4G are illegal. Users can protect their rights through multiple channels
Chen Wenming, director and chief lawyer of Zhejiang Xiaode law firm, said that if the operator forbids users to unsubscribe from 5g package without clearly explaining and informing consumers, such behavior is obviously illegal. First of all, it is suspected of infringing on consumers’ right of independent consumption, which is contrary to the “principle of equality”, “principle of fairness” and “principle of good faith” in the “contract law”, and should be regarded as invalid.
In addition, according to Article 40 of the telecommunication regulations, telecom operators are not allowed to “restrict the use of their designated services in any way” in telecommunication services. If the operator staff force users to upgrade 5g packages, it is obviously in violation of this rule.
However, Lawyer Chen Wenming also pointed out that if the two sides clearly agreed on the minimum monthly consumption and service period when the consumer handled 5g package in the communication company, and the communication company made a special notice, the agreement was effective. If the consumer requests to cancel the package, the contract should be changed after the contract expires or the original contract is terminated. If the problem of liquidated damages is involved, the change can only be handled after the normal payment of liquidated damages.
“It is not unreasonable for the three operators to vigorously promote 5g package business, but if they conceal the harsh conditions attached in the promotion process, such as stipulating that the contract period of 1-2 years is not allowed to replace or cancel the package, or only go to the business hall to cancel, it violates the consumers’ right to know and choose.” Fang Weiran, a lawyer from Beijing Long’an law firm, said that only when operators fully disclose the additional conditions can they respect consumers’ right to know and consumers can exercise their right to choose independently.
Both legal experts said that if consumers encounter disputes on consumers’ rights and interests, such as the prohibition of cancellation and change of communication packages, they can be settled through the following ways: negotiate and settle with the operators; request the consumer association or other mediation organizations established according to law for mediation; complain to the relevant administrative departments; apply to arbitration institutions for arbitration according to the arbitration agreement reached with the operators; and; Bring a lawsuit to the people’s court.
According to industry insiders, in such disputes, the “relevant administrative department” that users can complain about operators refers to the Ministry of industry and information technology. If users suffer from the above-mentioned infringement, they can visit the website of the telecommunications user complaint acceptance center of the Ministry of industry and information technology to make complaints. The center has a good reputation in handling complaints and urging operators to rectify.
Shell finance reporter of Beijing News promises Editor Li Weijia proofread Liu Baoqing